New pictures - Matte balck/Grey

New pictures - Matte balck/Grey

PhillyGal | 05. April 2016

The matte gray/silver was stunning in person... This I don't care for but maybe people will want it. We have quite a while before we make color selections :)

Keoni5 | 05. April 2016

Man I would absolutely love to see it in person like that, I wonder if that is actually paint or if it's wrapped.

starke49 | 05. April 2016


carlgo | 05. April 2016

This looks very interesting, and the matt effect in other colors could be very attractive.

edowney31 | 05. April 2016

Is it just me, or does it look like there in no glass on the trunk when open? Part of the prototype? Have they not figured out how to make that seam yet?


yongliangzhu68 | 05. April 2016
Tropopause | 05. April 2016

I like the nose more each day!

andrew.zanella | 05. April 2016

I have a silver BMW 335i now so wanted a different colour (possibly red or blue) but the Tesla in silver looks amazing too. Ugh! Decisions decisions!

adias.angel | 05. April 2016

Normally I like the metallic colors but I would buy that!

kylerichardson40 | 05. April 2016

Great find thanks for the share, going matte 100%

yongliangzhu68 | 05. April 2016

@kylerichardson40: Keep in mind it is not a Tesla color. Musk said it might be considered. Remember Tesla can only do about 10 colors. Tesla already has 2 blacks and a Midnight Silver. In order for Matte Black to be offered one other color must go. Probably can't remove Solid Black since that would only leave 1 standard color. So what color to remove?

Red Sage ca us | 05. April 2016

It looks really good. Not for me. But absolutely stealthy.

I'm fairly certain this is a painted car, not wrapped. But, from some angles that showed test rides during the Model ☰ Reveal Part I, it seemed that it attracted quite a few fingerprints. Especially around the trunk lid.

sridharaemalla | 05. April 2016

Nose looks really good in these pics compared to the reveal....

eric.whang | 05. April 2016

Car looks great in these screenshots.

jamilworm | 05. April 2016

I don't care about the matte so much, but I just love those wheels!

Ross1 | 05. April 2016

Could they delete Sig Red?
Is it being used currently?

brando | 05. April 2016

How about a no paint option?
Get your own paint job or wrap or leave it bare.

yongliangzhu68 | 06. April 2016

@brando: The cars are not solid aluminum bodies like the DeLorean. They are (probably assorted colors) plastic, steal and aluminum. Do you know how but ugly/unfinished that would look at delivery? No way Tesla or any car manufacture would want a 'unfinished' car on public roads image in the press.

Also steal will start to rust unless treated.

martinmitchell | 06. April 2016

I love it.
My wife says it looks like a blackboard.

bravosarah | 06. April 2016

@wj Would they be able to keep all colours and provide the option of a matte top coat instead of clear?

That way all colours could be ordered as matte, and they would not have to remove any current colour.

staze | 06. April 2016

Loved the matte finish as well. However, look at some of the test drive videos and it showed a significant amount of fingerprints on the exterior.

Also, did anyone notice that the door handles on the matte were different than the other two models shown? Those had "J" shaped handles and this model has the straight handles similar to the Model S.

yongliangzhu68 | 06. April 2016

Matte black is still a color and would have to replace a color or add a booth. Also factory matte black usually has a clear coat finish.

MarlonBrown | 06. April 2016

You can say whatever want. The car looks is authentic. I like that front nose by the way, not sure what people are talking about. Proportional car, very similar to what I expected actually. Back trunk space mayu not be too big given the priority for passenger space, but people need to remember there is additional space in the front trunk. Not sure I would go with matte black color like that, too exotic and I would get tired of it. Based on what I see so far, I would get a red one or silver. Thanks for posting.

Red Sage ca us | 06. April 2016

FYI... The DeLorean DMC-12 had a stainless steel body.

wj is correct that a combination aluminum/steel/plastic body would look absolutely horrid in an unfinished state.

larrytq | 06. April 2016

This is me! Matt hides dirt for so long . This with some more conventional wheels will be what I get.

hcwhy | 06. April 2016

To each his own..... doesn't work for me....matte finish or blacked out wheels. Wheels look like an old cop car or taxi. and the matte finish looks like someone's in the middle of a back yard repair job. But if it makes you happy, it makes me happy.

staze | 06. April 2016

Check out this video of test rides in the matte. The finish doesn't seem to stay very clean.