So what about a Google car, Apple is on another thread

So what about a Google car, Apple is on another thread

Looks like Google might be closer to a car than Apple..?

After all, it was Google prepared to bail Tesla in that moment of need.

And one of the founders has a Founders Model X. So they like the electric modelling.

Would we be stuck with that bubble thing or is Google gearing up to 'use' other manufacturers' cars?

carlk | 05. April 2016

Everyone is talking Apple buying Tesla buy we forgot that Google is actually the one that almost bought Tesla. It's still more likely for Google than Apple to buy Tesla because of good personal chemistry between the top guys.

mrdaniel | 05. April 2016

You get one free in exchange for clicking ads during your commute. Guess Model 3 has a lot of pressure from the competition.

jamilworm | 05. April 2016

I think it is almost certain that google would not take ownership of designing an entire car. I think they would focus on car-related software like complete driver-less point to point travel. Even with phones the Nexus, even though it has the google name on it, is partially designed and completely manufactured outside of google.

Chunky Jr. | 05. April 2016

I see those google cars driving around town all the time. I'm sure something like this would be really interesting for Uber if it could autonomously drive people around.

Red Sage ca us | 05. April 2016

I'd like it if I were visiting a city that was unknown to me, and a car like this could respond to the voice command, "Take me on the scenic loop."

Ross1 | 06. April 2016

Incidentally, are those Google cars electric?
Who makes them?

yongliangzhu68 | 06. April 2016

@ Ross: They are electric and Google 'makes' them. They are experimental/show and don't even come close to meeting NHTSA minimum standards for road use. Google uses modified Toyota Prius and Lexus RX450h for actual on public roads self driving tests.

yongliangzhu68 | 06. April 2016

@ jamilworm: I agree, Google has never been great at implementing hardware and so far has only demonstrated an interest as offering it as a car operating system. Ideally Google would love to see it an Android for cars allowing Google to gather data from ALL (are as many as will use it) manufactures/drivers.

carlk | 06. April 2016

Most people outside of the Silicon Valley may not aware but Google, even it has about the same market cap as Apple, is considered a forward thinking and risk taking company while Apple is viewed as just another big conservative company not quite fit the Silicon Valley mode. Young engineers would jump from Apple to Google but not the other way around because of what they believe more growth potential, both professionally and career-wise. The Apple "graveyard" name did not come for no reason. Strange as it sounds when it comes to Facebook it usually become the first choice for many of those people.

Another thing is Google is still run by its young and visionary founders just like Tesla. Larry Page and Elon are also good buddies. Elon was reported to crush in Page's apartment when he was in the Bay Area. I can't imagine Elon be able to work with the corporate types as well at Apple. Not to mention Cook will always worry about Elon pulling a Jobs/Next on him. Elon will have no problem to work with the Google guys but it is a moot point. Tesla will have no problem to prosper on its own now. It does not have any technology needs it can not develop on its own. Its only need is capitals but as it stand now this will not be an issue to get infusion from the capital market if it wants. That said I think it's all good if Google is to put $10~$20 billion into Tesla to accelerate its growth. It's better to have Google to be a minority, or even majority, owner than the Wall Street.

carlgo | 06. April 2016

If I was a hot commodity in the tech world I would rather work for Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, hyper loop or Musks satellite company than on bettering the Twittering experience at Apple or at Google gathering data on people so as to sell them more crap... both companies are full of it, think what they do is magical, and would demand that they should have a large say in how Tesla is run.

Ankit Mishra | 06. April 2016

I agree too. No company is comparable to Spacex or Tesla. These two companies are putting every other endeavor to shame. They are showing us how we have been "getting by" in our life when we could have worked to make things better. Elon should avoid any contamination to his companies, they are two of very few bright spots of humanity.
Google is also a great company. It has been selling ads, but it has been doing stuff for humanity also. I consider it below Elon's companies because it's not as aggressive as them.

Ross1 | 06. April 2016

Thanks, but I can see this thread getting in to Google Bashing. I guess no one here is quite as successful.
That being said , what about a Google Car?

mrdaniel | 06. April 2016

Google is working with Ford.

Tesla and Uber are executing. Even GM is executing with its Lyft partnership and Sidecar and Cruise acquisitions. Google is experimenting, not executing. Experimenting is great, but unlike all of the parent companies I mentioned they have no product.

It's not clear what their plan is, and recently they have been disgraced with their decisions to shut down a Nest product leaving customers in the dark and selling one of their recently acquired robotics companies. Maybe tomorrow they will have a product, but its been years and there are no signs of it. Google still makes almost all of their money from their ad network, which is 13 years old.

mrdaniel | 06. April 2016

Also, here's one of my favorite videos on a Google owned ad supported product where Peter Thiel dominates Eric Schmidt:

ahsu217 | 06. April 2016

Both are great IT companies, but none of them have Car manufacturing experience.
Tesla took over Fremont and worked hard to earn its reputation and manufacturing skills.
Faraday, Apple, and Google will surely have many high-tech products, but when everything goes into one product, it takes practices to make a great car even if they are going to be autonomous.

carlk | 06. April 2016

Kind of strange that someone put Faraday in the same sentence as Apple and Google.