I hope Tesla to provide us the numbers of each country's reservation.

I hope Tesla to provide us the numbers of each country's reservation.

Tesla 3 is the biggest issue of all people who are looking for a new car, and the numbers of reservation easily show the fame and trust of Tesla co.

But the main question is that how long will it be taken to get my reserved car. And the day will be totally different between the continents and countries.

So if possible, I just like to suggest Tesla to give us the reservation numbers of each countries.

It might helpful to predict the time I have to wait :>

jordanrichard | 07. April 2016

No, it won't predict your wait time. A reservation places you on the queue to actually configure/order your car. The further up the queue you are the sooner you will be able to "build"/configure your car.

When you will get your car is anybody's guess. Tesla has stated that they will be delivering by regions, starting with the West coast first. Within these regions, those that optioned/configured their car with the most options, will get their cars first.

Also, Tesla is very closed lipped about sales figures by regions of the world, so don't hold your breath to hear how many reservations were placed by country. As of this morning, there are 325,000 reservations on the queue and from what Elon said, that will be the last update/tally they will be announcing. though I suspect when they do their Q1 earnings call, they will give an updated tally.