"highest single-day sales of any product of any kind ever in world history"

"highest single-day sales of any product of any kind ever in world history"

I got my Model 3 reservation confirmation, and found this text interesting:

"In the first 24 hours Model 3 received over 180,000 reservations, setting the record for the highest single-day sales of any product of any kind ever in world history."

Does anyone really believe this? If so, I've got a rare iPhone 6s to sell you! It's invaluable, being one of only about three million that were sold on the day of release. (Source:

Tesla's communications team just steps in it, again and again.


Chunky Jr. | 07. April 2016

180,000 * $35,000 = $6.3B
3,000,000 * $750 = $2.25B

danej | 07. April 2016

Hmm. But no.

180,000 * $1,000 = $180M

But yes, I see now how they got there. Thanks for that!

bj | 08. April 2016

I was rather surprised to see this claim in the email. I can tell you it would never get though the legal department of the company I work for, that's for sure. And even if it was true, it's very hard to prove an absolute hence very risky ground to stand on.

I don't really want to nitpick the great work Tesla does, but they haven't sold anything yet. They have reservations. That's a very, very big difference in my book.

malcolm.hall1932 | 08. April 2016

All good fun but 180,000 * $42,000 (AV price) = $7.5b - 15% drop outs = $6.4b Still a record if my math is right :-)

yongliangzhu68 | 08. April 2016

Of course it is actually all about hype, headline linking and even fun. In reality Tesla has not SOLD a single M3.

RJT85 | 08. April 2016

@Malcolm.hall1932 - shouldn't that be "maths"? ;-) Got to set an example...

lolachampcar | 08. April 2016

Get used to it folks.
Tesla has stepped on the slippery slope of BS "marketing/communication" (700 hp P85D, 10.9 sec 1/4 P90D, etc.) and seems intent on doubling down on the stupidity at every opportunity. It seems childish in that the company/product is already stellar based on existing factual merits.

The haven't sold anything yet worked a lot better when we were waiting for MS and Tesla had "only" shipped the Roadster. Now with over 100K of their own ground up design having been shipped and with that product outselling entrenched lux players like the S Class, 7 Series and A8, the its just vaporware argument is getting shallow. Still true; they have not shipped 3 but getting shallow given their track record.

PBEndo | 08. April 2016

Alibaba IPO actually sold shares worth over $21 billion. Not sure if that counts as a product, but it is a more valid claim than Tesla selling refundable reservations and claiming final gross sales amounts that may/may not occur in the future.

jordanrichard | 08. April 2016

If Tesla ran everything through a legal department, many of the MS/MX features wouldn't exist like being able to enter an address into the nav system while moving, having a rear view camera on while moving forward, etc

OvrICE | 08. April 2016

+100 jordanrichard

malcolm.hall1932 | 08. April 2016

RJT85: Ah you Sussed me out - maths it is.
I think most people will see it as harmless, but very valid when you consider the impact it will have in the premier manufacturers boardrooms. They won't be as dismissive as some on this thread.

jordanrichard | 08. April 2016

You also have to consider that quite often what Tesla or for that fact any publicly traded company says, is meant to get the ears of the market. Since wall street is all about signs of future growth, stating the value of future sales sends a strong message. Hell, the price of gas has nothing to do with what it cost to make gas, but what the future price of oil is speculated to be. So Tesla isn't doing anything devious.

KP in NPT | 08. April 2016

Any company who did what Tesla just did would spin it the same way. Spin spin spin....