The feeling you have when you're a reservation holder.

The feeling you have when you're a reservation holder.

When I receive an e-mail from Tesla I feel like President Obama is contacting me to give me news on an important national subject.

cornellio | 10. April 2016

If Elon called me on the phone I might feel that good. But email... eh. I work in IT so email is a soul crushing medium. It's nice getting that good news though.

Red Sage ca us | 10. April 2016


Tropopause | 10. April 2016

"you're" not "your" :)

jbunn | 10. April 2016

I was a reservation holder for the S several years before delivery. My car is now over 3 years old.

But I got a thrill when I got that email too. It never gets old.

Maxxer | 11. April 2016

Did you get your gift in the mail? I've never been so eager to come back at home and get a package from tesla

Mike83 | 11. April 2016


Shesmyne2 | 11. April 2016

Yep. That Rock Star feeling is back!
Wait till you get the car!!

Still Grinning;-)

george210 | 11. April 2016

I am extremely psyched to have received my Moldel. 3 RN. Heck, I brag about it quite often!!

MarlonBrown | 12. April 2016

Take it easy EVolution.