Interior quality - hope Tesla can pull it off

Interior quality - hope Tesla can pull it off

Love the price of Model 3, but worried that interior will be all cheap plastics. Only advise I can give Tesla is that a cheap but tasteful interior is much better than an interior that tries to look expensive, but is cheap to the touch.

MarlonBrown | 14. April 2016

Based on the video it did not appear it is cheap. Tesla seats for example have improved and it looks very close to BMW or Benz now. In the Model S still there is need for improvement in the door plastics, main console, carpet. I suggested the sane: Tesla could increase price by $3k but deliver Benz like interior craftsmanship.

Haggy | 14. April 2016

The sane will more likely include a deluxe interior package as an option. | 14. April 2016

The prototypes did not seem to have any 'cheap' plastics. Most of the plastic parts are made at Fremont, CA with high-quality presses.In three years with an S I've never noticed any outgassing that is typically of the cheap plastics often used in lower quality cars (i.e. no oily film on the windows over time). I've also not noticed any plastic seams, often another sign of poor design and./or manufacturing that is often visible on cheap cars.

The prototypes also had wood finishes on the dashboard. These may be optional, but might be standard too. You'll have better answers in a year or two!

carlk | 14. April 2016

It will have the $35K car interior. Next question.

topher | 25. April 2016

From the cars shown, the interior is vastly simpler than almost any other car. With what they save from making it 6 parts instead of 200, they can add a bit of polish. That said, fake wood grain under thick plastic finish that passes for luxury in high priced cars never did it for me.

Thank you kindly.