Dutch look to ban sales of all gasoline and diesel cars beginning 2025

Dutch look to ban sales of all gasoline and diesel cars beginning 2025

The parliament of The Netherlands has passed a motion which would require that all new cars sold by 2025 will have to be electrified in some way, rather than fueled solely by gasoline or diesel.

The Dutch government hasn't yet banned gas and diesel-powered cars, however, and the motion does allow for hybrid cars to be sold beyond 2025.

I expect more Tesla owner from Dutch in the near future.

bb0tin | 19. April 2016

Only the lower house, i.e. House of Representatives, has passed the motion, not parliament. The senate needs to pass it as well.

dachuyn | 19. April 2016

Does anyone know the upToDate total Model 3's orders?

bj | 19. April 2016

You've used the word "banned" in the headline, which is past tense, meaning the decision has been made and implemented, which is wrong. Even the headline in the article you linked to says the Dutch "look to ban" which is not the same thing!

Much more needs to happen before this becomes real, but it is the first tangible sign of the end of the ICE age at a political level.

warren_tran | 19. April 2016

Typo on my title. But all sign showing the world are beginning to recognize the need for EV vehicles.

EmperorTytus | 19. April 2016

Go ahead and fix the title.

cephellow | 19. April 2016

Good link, have seen it before, please fix the title and make it accurate this time.