Countdown Timer to Assumed Model ≡ Launch Event

Countdown Timer to Assumed Model ≡ Launch Event

Let's assume that Model ≡ Launch Event will happen on Sunday, 12/31/2017 at 8PM PST.

Here's a countdown in weeks: That's 88 more

Here's a countdown in more comprehensible format thanks to Microfrost:

1 year, 8 months, 11 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes

bj | 21. April 2016

New Year's Eve? That's a bit pessimistic isn't it? I plump for October.

dsvick | 21. April 2016

I'm with bj, I'm thinking/hoping for September/October for the first ones to ship. What we really need is a countdown to the insanity that this place will turn into when the first person posts that they've been invited to configure. Not only will those first people have the popularity of lottery winners but there will be a million (or at least several hundred thousand) posts from other people asking when they'll get to configure.

I'm betting the first group of people get to configure in July of next year. That will give TM time to see what the demands are and to determine a production and shipping schedule.

Red Sage ca us | 21. April 2016

My hope was that earliest invites to configure would be April or May 2017, for first Deliveries in July 2017. Maybe for Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity employees...? But, since Elon continually states 'late 2017' I guess it would be on or after October 1, 2017 instead.

dsvick | 21. April 2016

@Red Sage - It all depends on how you, or rather Elon, defines "late". I'd love it if his definition means anytime after the middle of the year !!

Red Sage ca us | 21. April 2016

dsvick: +1! Precisely! So would we all!

topher | 22. April 2016

By 'late' he means, "I sure hope we have gotten to the point of it being as awesome as we want before 2018." If he knew what issues he is going to have trying to make his deadline, he wouldn't have most of them. He isn't defining late firmly in his mind, and just not telling us, he doesn't know.

Thank you kindly.

lph | 23. April 2016

Based on the past, its likely to be a Cinderella story.
Sure hope it does not loose its glass roof (shoe) when the time is up at midnight 12-31-2017.
But as you know, even if it does, all ends well.... because the Prince (public) is already smitten and will go to any length to find Ms 3 ;-)
Just sayin...

Tâm | 23. April 2016


When Elon said that Model X production would start in the third quarter of 2015, he kept his promise with the launch date on the very last day of that quarter.

A repeat of performance of beating the self-imposed deadline should be easily replicated for 2017.

Red Sage ca us | 25. April 2016

Well, there was ONE more day left in September 2015 when the first cars were Delivered on the 29th.