Is it metallic?

Is it metallic?

What color was the red model 3 at the unveil ,matte red or metallic red ?

david.jones24 | 03. Mai 2016

Not sure, but I love that color. I'm torn between it and black.

Darryl | 03. Mai 2016

I think it was the same as used on the X, which is the red multi-coat (not the signature red). Of course it even cost more than the Tesla metallic paint.

Red Sage ca us | 04. Mai 2016

It could have been the stage lights, but it seemed to be something Tesla Motors has not offered before. Almost a metallic candy apple, but neither as dark as Signature RED, nor as bright as today's Multicoat RED.

And in the promotional overhead exterior shot it loses the sort of metal flake appearance seen under the bright lights, and eludes a sort of constant metallic sheen instead.

It does look very nice... Basically a RED version of the Deep BLUE Metallic. But I'd personally prefer the Multicoat RED Tesla uses today.