1st TESLA meeting PORTUGAL

1st TESLA meeting PORTUGAL

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More photos will follow after the event.

Brian H | 09. Mai 2016

Try to get some in focus.

Bubba2000 | 09. Mai 2016

Looks like the picture of the Belem discovery monument, near Lisbon. Portugal will is expected to have 3 Supercharger locations (Porto, Lisbon Faro). The new socialist government is planning to install a couple of thousand Level 2, 3 chargers. The had made a similar effort a few years ago with the Leaf. Hardly anybody bought the cars and most of the chargers do not work. Unlike Norway, their per capita and tax policy does not support BEVs. Portugal a country of 10M people is tourist destination, but I think most tourists fly there in low cost flights.

I think that Scandinavia, Germany, Low Countries, Switzerland, UK have the incomes and public policy that is somewhat supportive of BEVs. Eventually, BEVs will be cheaper than the ICEs. I can envision the EU eventually promoting BEVs.