Reservation Holders - Bumper sticker

Reservation Holders - Bumper sticker

Tesla should issue one of those to all reservation owners. It would be fantastic free advertising. :-)

karl | 08. Mai 2016

It would make the CEOs of other car companies think as the regularly saw vehicles driving round (particularly if it was one of their own cars) with one of these on the back.

finman100 | 09. Mai 2016

Love it! I'm in. Where to order one? Don't make me be creative and design my own on a website, haha.

I want the 'official' one. The original. The one to rule them all.

warren_tran | 09. Mai 2016

That's pretty cool.

chris | 10. Mai 2016

I have one of those stickers. You can order from Or check our on Instagram.

jordanrichard | 10. Mai 2016

Excellent idea!!!!

Psyclo | 10. Mai 2016

Ooooo, I need one of those on my car.

Red Sage ca us | 10. Mai 2016

Hmmm... Looks like someone may have done a Photoshop job on the logo I made a couple of years ago...

The actual logo uses different text for the word 'MODEL' and the '☰' emblem has thinner lines.

otto.olsen | 20. Mai 2016

I added an enigmatic number on my car.

SUN 2 DRV | 20. Mai 2016

Great idea. Where do we order them?

Maybe it'll be included in the Thank You gift pack..........

Stevewiley | 21. Mai 2016

Just ordered sticker to adorn the rear of my LEAF from Simon Spiess ,I will post picture when applied

Vixxfromcali | 21. Mai 2016

This would of been a great gift to give people waiting in line for their reservations. Still it would be a good way to advertise! Send them out Musk!

Frank99 | 22. Mai 2016
jordanrichard | 23. Mai 2016

Not that there is any real privacy issues involved with a RN, but perhaps simply saying "My next car will be a Tesla M≡" would make the point. Perhaps also something like "Going back to the future via M≡"

jefjes | 23. Mai 2016


Frank99 | 23. Mai 2016

$6 for mine.

PhillyGal | 23. Mai 2016

Frank - I love it!

Badbot | 23. Mai 2016

I hope they included the slash to put over 'my next" and the sticker "My Other" to put above the slash.

carlk | 23. Mai 2016

Not a bad idea. It would be fun to see what kind of cars prople who reserved 3 are driving.

Haggy | 26. Mai 2016

I've never seen a Tesla with a bumper sticker, with the exception of HOV decals. I'm not sure what message it would give if a Model S had such a sticker.

DefCracker | 27. Mai 2016

I tried to send an email to and it got rejected :(

Maxxer | 28. Mai 2016

I'm gonna put this sticker on my Corolla and My ironman logo on my Model 3

lafgoddess | 28. Mai 2016

@EVolution I'm going to put mine on my corolla too.

carlos | 29. Mai 2016

Way ahead of you guys, I have the license plate holder "My next car will be a" Model 3. You can find them on Ebay.

jordanrichard | 29. Mai 2016

Haggy, per Tesla, only 7% of the 373,000 reservation holders are existing Tesla owners. So that leaves potentially 346,890 people to place these stickers on their Corollas, Prius', Chevy Volts etc.

sthatip | 30. Mai 2016

I will be ordering one for my Corolla too.

R. Buehlmann | 30. Mai 2016

check this page

there you can create your own "enigmatic number" sticker. And a new design of "my next car is a tesla".

More stickers coming soon.

for all Forum users there are a coupon for get 15% off : teslaforum15 (expired 2016-06-03)

Badbot | 30. Mai 2016

for the s and x folks,

My other t☰sla will be a

artC | 01. Juni 2016

I sent you my $6 on 5/23 and still haven't received my bumper sticker. Did you ship it?