Waze integration

Waze integration

Hello Tesla,
I strongly recommend considering Waze integration into the navigation system.
It is the best navigation service and driving with a cellphone seems very sad, but I've seen a few Model S drivers who does it.
I believe Tesla can work closely with Google in this area.
Thank you Tesla!

lionelboulnois48 | 20. Mai 2016

i m strongly agree with that proposition...

Red Sage ca us | 20. Mai 2016

Hey, look... It's another one of hundreds, maybe thousands of threads asking for 'WAZE Integration'... I should have known it wouldn't take long, after the proliferation of climate threads a while back... I really did sort of hope this wouldn't happen in the Model ☰ forum as well. So, I guess this thread is going to be around for the next several years, continually growing while Tesla Motors ignores it entirely.

SUN 2 DRV | 20. Mai 2016

Hey Red, user feedback is relevant including from new users. Tesla is free to do with the input as they choose, but if users continue to ask for it then maybe it's something Tesla will warm up to.

And frankly I agree. Tesla should improve the built in nav or make it feasible to use Waze on the touch screen.

Badbot | 20. Mai 2016

do not know what 'WAZE Integration' is but can I add a WAZOO adaptor?

trung | 21. Mai 2016

Tesla can't even integrate CarPlay or Android Auto. What makes you think that they can integrate Waze? Keep on dreaming.

SUN 2 DRV | 21. Mai 2016

trung: Of course Tesla could integrate CarPlay, AndroidAuto if they wanted to. It's just a matter of priorities. Tesla's original strategy was to provide third party APIs to enable development of in car apps. But they changed directions and indicated they now were more likely to support mirroring of apps running on your phone onto the main car display. And hopefully that includes touchscreen integration to support app interactivity.

So yes there are several ways that Tesla could integrate Waze, and yes I'm dreaming of the day they do that. :-) | 21. Mai 2016

While Waze might be nice, it's not clear that Google has any APIs, can license it or will license it. Considering that no company or product has access to Waze outside of Google's website, it could be a long while. We don't know what Google's long-term plans are with Waze so it is more likely entirely outside Tesla's control.

As a good short term solution, you can use (which works on the Tesla browser, but does not work in Chrome and perhaps a few other browsers).

Drdpharris | 21. Mai 2016

I think they are planning on APIs and more, but those w]are buried under other priorities.

SUN 2 DRV | 21. Mai 2016

TT: Don't forget that Sergey is a Tesla investor. So if there was a reasonable way to support the integration I think there's a good change Google would cooperate. And as I mentioned above a relatively straightforward way would be a Tesla app that mirrored the phone's touchscreen. Hope Tesla does that soon.

DefCracker | 21. Mai 2016

thank you joehuber for recognizing us new peeps. If there is no waze integration I can always still use my phone. I'd hate to lose my royalty status :)

albertgabriel | 21. Mai 2016

Yes WAZE would be indeed a wonderful addition

dcicala | 21. Mai 2016

Please include google integration. maybe even a possible updatable google maps app

bruceskarin | 21. Mai 2016

+1 for Waze, or something equivilant/better. With the autopilot, there is a great opportunity for Waze-like social reporting features and even collaborative traffic smoothing once the number of 3s on the road reach critical mass.

dave2084 | 21. Mai 2016

Waze is coming to Android auto soon, but currently CarPlay does not support navigation systems other than apple maps. Hoping for a change in iOS 11.

Waze does support Pioneer App Radio so there is hope.

As a Wazer for over 6 years, a beta tester for 5 and a senior community member I would encourage both Waze and Tesla to make a connection.

dave2084 | 22. Mai 2016

Correction to my previous post: I meant iOS 10 not iOS 11.

michel.a.chevrier | 26. Juli 2016

In the mean time can the actual Waze users go to the following site to ask Waze to include the info related to the charging stations in their product. The vote count is very low. Thanks

Hawkwind | 05. August 2016

+1 for Waze somehow being usable "on the big screen" with touchscreen integration instead of looking down at a phone

justinmk3 | 08. August 2016

I Disagree. Have you actually used Waze lately? What a mess. Late alerts, False alerts, Advertisements.

ero.kube | 04. September 2016

I also i m strongly agree with that proposition...
few false alerts are OK, if it saves me from 2hrs parking at highway due to truck crash or so.. waze, as far as I know, is one of the fastest in such situations.. or simply, something like waze..

SoFlaModel3 | 04. September 2016

Agree with justinmk3. I have tried Waze for two stints and each time I give up. It's cheesy and childish looking if you ask me. Drivers with Waze are probably less safe with it (unless their using their voice to dictate their observations).

With a nice large screen like we're going to have in the Tesla, I want a nice elegant navigation. If I need to know about speed traps, it's easy enough to have a radar/laser detector/jammer.

DustyBreeze | 04. September 2016

Waze is a creepy app that I don't want anywhere near my Tesla. I trust tesla with my personal information, I don't trust Google.

liftsrock | 05. September 2016

I do like Waze and hope that it will be an optional navigation app. It provides good info on road debris, vehicles on the side, and traffic jams. It did a nice job for me in Philadelphia recently, routing me around traffic jams. I don't care much about the tagging of police locations other than when they are on the side of the road, early notification helps so you can move over a lane on the highways. | 05. September 2016

Ignored in all this is if Waze is available to Tesla or any carmaker. Likely not yet, since no one has it. Google may have reasons unknown to not allow Waze to be used outside a browser. For example, they may be working to integrate it into the Google standard maps API. Keep in mind Waze was not created in Google, so Waze might not even have any APIs to connect to (making it difficult/impossible to integrate into the Tesla Google map). Perhaps a total redesign is going on to meet Goggle's standards. Of course with Google, we'll never know until something is released!

tamaramsilver | 25. September 2016

I'm a new owner and just adding my voice to the requests that Tesla allow Waze to work on their screens. I was so surprised that I still have to drive looking at my phone instead of that nice big screen.

sm.woods | 01. Oktober 2016

Another new owner, another cry for waze integration.... feel like we are insulting our car by still using the phone for any other route planning past finding chargers, but....

With the fact that google owns waze now, we wonder if the issue isn't disinterest by the mighty T, but instead restrictions that would be placed on its usage, restricting, or at least severely limiting, using other applications/services/api's in the vehicle concurrently, such as car play, that would be imposed by Google.

While we would give a metaphorical arm and leg combo for this, can't you see google putting rediculious demands on Tesla for letting them access it? Like demanding their other services be used exclusively as well? Next thing you know, you're getting google served adds on your car, and everyone is blaming Tesla for it?

dave.m.mcdonough | 02. Oktober 2016

Waze kinda blows. It's not professional enough for Tesla. Sorry guys.
Let me elaborate: I drive a lot for work, tried Waze solid for a good 6-8 months. Was rocking the sword and crown and everything.
I have to say that it's navigation was downright aggravating. In particular it's very loose GPS accuracy would have me on entirely wrong streets, and it's "shortcutting" did not take increased number of intersections plus stop signs into it's time estimation. If you are the type to blast through residential areas to avoid an extra 20 secs of traffic then by all means, but most of what it suggested is inappropriate for a commercial van or most through-traffic at all. A massively increased agitation level for little to no time saved. I have low opinion of the type of driver that can actually save time in this manner because it involves the rest of traffic learning just how impatient they are. Legitimately avoiding accidents is a different story, and the other navigation options do it well.
I brought my gripes to the forums in great detail, where they were dismissed by smug moderators and ignored by staff.
After they redesigned the GUI it became awful for the purpose of actually being able to glance at it and see where you were on a map. It was the last straw.
Really the only thing I liked were the road debris and cop alerts. Communicating with nearby wazers seemed fun but never really used unless a freeway stopped, then it was just a lot of complaining.
I was MUCH happier when I moved to google maps, did not look back.
Apple just pushed a big maps update but I have not tried it yet but I'll give it a chance. Currently I still prefer google maps to Apple's as well.

gregard | 15. Oktober 2016

Waze was acquired by Google a few years back. The real time data set of traffic they provide is unprecedented. An integration into this data, either branded as Google, Telsa or Waze is all the same to me, but I hope it happens one way or another.

daryl | 04. November 2016

Ya, waze would be awesome.

Stef.corazza | 10. Februar 2017

please waze asap. so much better. thanks!

MikeC2012 | 18. Mai 2017

Tesla navigation has been dramatically off on "Time to Destination" estimates vs. Waze and Google Maps. Not a little, but a lot. So while the screen makes the map easy to use, the navigation is almost unusable. Love literally everything else about our Model X. Please make the Navigation better. I don't care if it is Waze, Google or Tesla, but it should be best in class like everything else in this car!

dsvick | 18. Mai 2017


Despite what it says in other places, Tesla is probably not monitoring these forums, if they are it isn't on a regular basis. If you have comment or suggestion your best bet would be to send it directly to customer service so you know someone at Tesla actually saw it.

DTsea | 19. Mai 2017

Mikec2012, that is not my experience. I find the nav starts out slightly conservative on time and refines as i go. I am quite satisfied with it after 75000 mi in my model S.

stevenmaifert | 19. Mai 2017

The shortcomings in Tesla's onboard navigation system have been well documented on the forum over the years. They could surprise us, but at this point there is no reason to believe they will go with a different vendor for the M3. I don't expect that TBT Nav will be standard on a base M3, but will be part of an options package like it was in the beginning with MS. I took a pass on that in 2012 as there was nothing else in that options package that I absolutely had to have and have never regretted my decision. Entering a destination address and self navigating with the Google map on the touch screen is fairly easy. In the rare cases where I really needed voice commanded navigation, the Google Map app on my windshield mounted smartphone worked great. The latest version of that app allows you to cache a map area in advance so the nav will work even if the cell data service is spotty. The audio can be sent to the media center via Bluetooth if you need a little more volume.

socaldave | 19. Mai 2017

I can't believe people are plunking down tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of sticking a goofy looking mount to their windshields. Looking at just this very small sample, it appears Tesla has some work to do on their navigation system.