mytesla update

mytesla update

per TMC:

your mytesla page should now show a nice blue M≡

kkramer1990 | 20. Mai 2016

It does! But mine will be in black lol

SCCRENDO | 20. Mai 2016

Both of mine, reserved on March 31 and May 3, are blue. Own a grey Model S

Drdpharris | 20. Mai 2016

Blue here, too!

afestini | 20. Mai 2016

Guess how weird it was to look at different colors, deciding blue is probably my choice and then seeing this the next day.

Badbot | 20. Mai 2016

That's the blue I asked for!!! WooHoo

Badbot | 20. Mai 2016

If it makes it to the configuration page then we got something

Badbot | 20. Mai 2016

If it makes it to the configuration page then we got something

david.jones24 | 21. Mai 2016

Not my color, but cool to see a Model 3 up on the page.

biggestfan | 21. Mai 2016

So glad they put a picture on the MyTesla page. I really like the blue. Wouldn't it be cool if they let us play with changing the color and rims to get an idea of what we would like to order. I do like the blue though with the red calipers.

Who knew that even just a picture would make the page so much more exciting...

bj | 21. Mai 2016

Could this (another complete WAG) mean the exterior of the Model 3 is finalised? If Tesla put up a picture of something that is different to what you will receive (apart from colour), surely they'd be putting themselves at risk under consumer law?

Or maybe not...

mntlvr23 | 21. Mai 2016

I am glad that the my tesla page is not completely static. It would be hard to sign up.for a car in March 2016 and get absolutely no direct information from tesla until 2018. So the appearance of the car make me hopeful that we will continue to see more and get periodic bits of information through the months, which will help make the waiting easier. Thank you - to my tesla page.

JLB396401 | 21. Mai 2016

I have a ≡ reservation, and confirmation E-mail, but do not see the updated My Tesla page. To be fair, I just made a Tesla account in the last 15 minutes, so maybe they'll realize the E=mails are the same & update me after some time passes. If not, I will need to manually link my new My Tesla account with my existing reservation -- which I have no idea how to do.

nakedgravity | 21. Mai 2016

It sure will be fun when we can see what options will be available. Based on these comments, it sounds like I'll be the only person driving a silver 3. I'm hoping we have a choice in brake caliper color..

Bluesday Afternoon | 21. Mai 2016

With regard to the statement under the Blue Model S:

What's Next?

Your Model 3 was reserved on 3/31/2016. Deliveries will begin in late 2017. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ. We invite you to submit suggestions or feedback within our forums. Engage with other future owners to share your excitement or ideas. To withdraw your reservation, you may request a cancellation.


Notice the shoutout to the Tesla Forum! Another example of the advertising strategy, or non-advertising strategy, employed by Tesla.

They invited suggestions so here's mine::

1. Add a new tidbit each month on My Tesla about color choice, wheel selection, rotating display or anything! They could call it a Reservation Sneak Peek.

Anybody else? 8-)

janors72 | 21. Mai 2016

I'm with Simply Red on this. Letting small bits of info leak out or be released is huge in keeping the fire lit. Apple does it. Does anyone believe that all those leaked Apple pics and details on their next IPhone are not leaked by Apple themselves? Its genius marketing and keeps the customers interested and doesn't let them cool off. I'm not saying that TESLA should leak info to the press, but just officially release something on the website once a month or so.

SUN 2 DRV | 21. Mai 2016

bj: No risk under consumer law. You haven't ordered your car yet and Tesla hasn't legally committed to delivering anything to you yet. It'll turn into an actual order when you get to configure your car and a non refundable deposit. And even then they still have the right to change things and you'll have the right to cancel for cause.

jamilworm | 21. Mai 2016

Wait, your screens show a blue car? How did they know I wanted yellow-orange?

http://i1128.photobucket. com/albums/m495/jamilworm/mytesla.jpg

Drdpharris | 21. Mai 2016

@jamilworm --- Either they are psychic, or they read these forums (joking)

Drdpharris | 21. Mai 2016

BTW, textual emoticons seem to upset the filter.

liftsrock | 21. Mai 2016

I just wish that they would fix the page so that when you try to change your Username, you don't get the message, "Sorry, there was an error processing your request." I have sent messages to Support advising them of this error message and the fact that you cannot make any changes without getting this error message. I did get a phone call from someone at Tesla last week and I explained again the problem and she said that she would pass the message along to someone but the problem has not yet been resolved.

melinda.v | 21. Mai 2016

@Liftsrock - goes along with each time I login on my iPad or phone, it resets my username to my full email address.

millsdmb | 21. Mai 2016

also added a nifty cancellation form

Red Sage ca us | 21. Mai 2016

We're All Blue Stars In The Dope Show...

Dgilbert05 | 21. Mai 2016

New to Forum. Glad to know my color blue should be in the final line-up. Sounds like I will see a lot of blue on the road with me.

Tarla's Driver | 22. Mai 2016

I remember at the reveal event, the door handles were slightly different on each car. This photo indicates which variety is the current plan, so it does give us a little more information. I just hope my '97 Saturn makes it another year.

nexsuperne101 | 22. Mai 2016

I want mine in Pearl white, with grey turbine wheels, so will be good when the configurator becomes available.

acborgess | 22. Mai 2016

If you want to check out the model 3 in different colors check out the site model3config .com not my site but coodoes to who built it. Someone also mention above anout monthly updates etc mytesla, i agree. Google searching Tesla everyday is fun, but i want more!

jeffhre | 22. Mai 2016

Nice to see the update to the My Tesla Model 3 page. If it could now be adjusted to silver for the one on my individual page, even better, LOL!

pmonkelban | 22. Mai 2016

Would be awesome if the windows came tinted that dark, but I doubt that's going to happen.

liftsrock | 23. Mai 2016

@Melinda.v - It seems as though they may have fixed this problem. I did not fully test but now when I hit "Save" I no longer get the error message and my user name is now corrected. I'll check again and retest again later.

jimmyjthetoolman | 23. Mai 2016

I think it would be cool if they already know the colors available at launch to change the picture every couple weeks.
We have a long wait and it gives us Hope it will be here soon.

jamilworm | 24. Mai 2016

In case anyone is interested, I believe I have found a way that you can change the image that appears on your My Tesla page, at least if you use Chrome. I did it using the Stylebot extension in chrome, which allows you to edit and save CSS changes to any website. I would post a link but I am getting blocked. You can find it in the chrome web store.

Then using CSS you can sort of replace the image, as shown here: www.audenaerde. org/csstricks.html#imagereplacecss

So if you want to try it out follow these steps:
Well, I did write out steps but I am getting blocked. So you can see them in this google doc. com/document/d/1WqYDGtrJMUCW_o41BZXEo6uIRjG7bwBXtqfdllc0MGI/edit?usp=sharing

You can change the image url to whatever image you want there instead, so you can photoshop a new color and have it appear on your page. This could also be a good way to prank your friends and tell them your waiting in line gift was the ability to customize your color early.

I hope all that works, it would by much easier if the spam filter would let me just post regular links and text.

Badbot | 27. Mai 2016

try tiny url to sneak by the filter