United States Post Office EV's

United States Post Office EV's

United States Postal Service is a perfect candidate for EV's. The vehicles could be charged overnight and ready to go for the day, no gasoline required.

I listened to Thom Hartman's show today and he went into how USPS EV's got killed.

freeewilly | 31. Mai 2016

It makes completely sense if post office uses EVs as delivery vehicle
They drive around the neighborhood so range is not a concern, they need the torque when they drop mails from one house to another, nothing is better than EVs for instant torque.

bryan.schmidty | 31. Mai 2016

Really, most companies in need of fleet vehicles could benefit from EVs. Any parcel service, taxi services, and even police precincts. Imagine a fleet of Model S highway patrol cars! :) Though now that I think about it, the police cars' lights and sirens put a considerable amount of energy drain on their current ICEs. It could reduce the EVs range significantly. This would make any sub-200-mile EV unsuitable for this I think. | 01. Juni 2016

Unfortunately, the USPS often has to take the lowest bid, no matter how crappy or costly in the long-term. I suspect it is mandated by congress :(

I think both FedEx and UPS currently have test EVs in their fleet. Likely makes a lot of sense.

EmpiricalAudio | 01. Juni 2016

Post Offices are the perfect place to ban idling of ICE cars. At least they can post signs asking to please not idle their cars.

flight505 | 01. Juni 2016

Some representatives and senators want to eliminate USPS.

Funny, when I get a shipment from FedEx, why does the USPS deliver? Because it's not profitable for FedEx. Same with UPS. FedEx and UPS may ship across country, but they don't carry the goods to my door from the shipping center in my area.

Ever heard of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006? Before then, USPS paid for retiree health benefits sanely - pay as you go. PAEA made USPS pre-fund future health care benefits in a way no other government entity had to. Incredibly, PAEA required USPS to pre-fund benefits for the next 75 years over a 10-year time, amounting to something like 5.5 billion dollars per year. WIthout these early and huge payments, USPS would be operating under a profit.

But, USPS is in the constitution to benefit us. USPS doesn't have to make a profit. We all benefit, and even prop up FedEx and UPS, huh?

The so-called "of the people by the people" legislators caved to special interests and did their best to make USPS look bad.

Did these same legislators cave to big oil and kill EV proposals for USPS? I get tired of researching all this stuff, reading laws and following what happened. I'm just so disappointed that legislators do not do what is right. | 02. Juni 2016

Legislators always do what they think is right, especially if you're a large donor or lobbyist telling them what is right. For the rest of us, we're screwed. | 02. Juni 2016

Interesting that FedEx has some EVs since 2010! Not sure where the program is today.

EmpiricalAudio | 02. Juni 2016

One benefit of USPS because its subsidized, is to force the rates of UPS and FEDEX to be reasonable. Ever notice that the foreign ship rates are off the charts compared to domestic?

Earl and Nagin ... | 02. Juni 2016

The USPS has had a long history with EVs. Their own website tells the official history:
I've heard from cynical folks that some of the approaches have been miserable failures though, mainly through poor contracting. One anecdote I recall was that they once went out for bids for an electric delivery vehicle and the vendor did an expensive schlock job modifying some ICE vehicle at huge cost but the door wouldn't quite open enough to get to the mail.