Question about using Waze, Google Maps, and Waze

Question about using Waze, Google Maps, and Waze

I prefer Waze to the built-in nav here in the Bay Area when there is traffic. However, I often can't hear the audio from Waze (or Google or Apple Maps), which means I have to look at my phone, which of course is unsafe.

Yes, my iPhone 6+ is paired. But do I have to select it as the audio source in the audio panel in order to hear the map directions spoken aloud? That's the only way I have gotten it to work, but even then it doesn't always.

brec | 08. Juli 2016

Hmm. My usual audio source, always on (except when intentionally paused) is internet radio. My iPhone 6s is paired, and when I use Waze its audio interrupts the music.

So I don't have an answer; just inspiration. :)

(BTW, I haven't found a way to adjust the volume of Waze's audio interruptions; they're too loud.)=

SUN 2 DRV | 08. Juli 2016

I use Waze running on my iPhone in my MS. Waze voice guidance is given over the bluetooth connection and overrides the currently playing audio just like an incoming phone call. Can you hear incoming phone calls OK?

Note that there are a couple of iPhone settings required for this to work. The iPhone remembers what audio output you chose during your last phone call and uses the same one as the default for the next phone call. And that's what Waze inherits. So place a call from your iPhone (to anywhere) and be sure to select TESLA as the audio output device. From then on Waze should also output through your Tesla.

Waze has a Setting for audio output level, make sure that it high enough.

Also try using the left scroll wheel to adjust the volume when Waze is issuing guidance. It will adjust the bluetooth audio level independently of the music source level.

SUN 2 DRV | 08. Juli 2016

Brec: Just use the Tesla's left scroll wheel DURING the Waze guidance. Or use the Waze app's Setting pane to adjust the Waze output level relative to other audio coming from the phone, ie relative to a phone call or another music phone music app.

Copythat23 | 08. Juli 2016

Make sure your Waze sound settings are set to prefer Bluetooth! Or it won't work!

brec | 08. Juli 2016

@joehuber, DURING requires a quick reaction! I'll see if I can do it. In Waze's settings, do you mean the "App volume" slider? It was already set to 32/100, but I've moved it down to 12. (I'm not in the car at this writing.)

switters | 08. Juli 2016

Just did some experimenting. Here is what I learned:
- with Waze, I had "prefer Bluetooth" turned off; once I turned it on I could then hear the Waze directions *whether the radio was selected as the audio source or my phone was*.
- with Google and Apple Maps, I can only hear the driving instructions when my phone is selected as the audio source.

Is this expected? I wonder why I can hear Waze even with the radio on but not Google or Apple maps.

switters | 08. Juli 2016

Just came across an article on CNBC comparing Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps. The spam filter won't let me post it, but it's easy to find.

Three different drivers started out heading to the same destination and they each used a different nav option. They then timed how long the trip took overall, and how close the nav app's prediction was to the actual time.

Not particularly favorable for Apple Maps! Google Maps was best, Waze slightly behind. I wonder where the built-in Tesla nav would fall.

miyamky | 08. Juli 2016

In traffic, IMO, Google maps works the best at both time prediction and route choices. I drive in So Cal traffic and since I still don't have my HOV stickers I've used all but Apple Maps (I've long abandoned using it) and Google was the best. Without traffic, Tesla Garmin is fine but I do still compare against Google occasionally and Tesla/Garmin sometimes pick a route 1/2 minutes slower (no big deal for me). The reason I'm okay with Tesla/Garmin is that it doesn't require an Internet connection (except when the entire system fails as it did yesterday). It's always there as a backup. The Tesla Google display is easier to see so my phone stays in my pocket. There ARE flaws in how I use both but it's been working for me.

SUN 2 DRV | 09. Juli 2016

FWIW Adjusting the audio level DURING the spoken guidance is also how you set Tesla's navigation volume. Used to be on a separate slider but they fixed that a while back.

Pricee2 | 09. Juli 2016

Will this work with an Android phone? I can't find a "prefer Bluetooth" setting on my phone running Waze>

switters | 09. Juli 2016

Can anyone tell me whether they've been able to hear Google Maps audio directions through the Tesla interface when playing the radio (rather than when the phone is selected as the audio source)?

stevenmaifert | 10. Juli 2016

My wife and I are currently on a 3.5K mile X-country trip. I'm running split screen with the Google Map on the top and tesla dot waze dot com on the bottom. The Waze is info only, but we've found it useful for getting a heads up on road conditions, construction zones and police activity.

miyamky | 10. Juli 2016

@switters, I ran your test and if Slacker was playing, I did NOT hear the google maps voice.

coolboii | 15. April 2019

Not sure if the volume of Waze had to do with the Bluetooth connection, but I tend to use two navigation systems at once (Tesla's Google Maps & Waze). Waze is playing the alerts in low volume while I don't play music. But when I do, everything is fine other than Google Maps and Waze is competing with each other.