When is the next Model 3 unveil?

When is the next Model 3 unveil?

Just wondering if there is an announcement at the end of the month or we still need to wait until next year for the next unveil of the Model 3

dsvick | 12. Juli 2016

No one here knows. However, if they are just wrapping up the final designs I would anticipate several months before there is anything to reveal. They need to build the prototypes, then figure out the options and how much they'll cost, and a few other things. They may tweet teasers between now and the next reveal but I wouldn't count on the full reveal until late this year or early next year.

D.Lew | 12. Juli 2016

Pencils down should be around now. Elon will come out with his Secret Master Plan version 2 some time this week. Elon has said that there will be a big Tesla announcement at the end of the year(ooohh mysterious). And finally the Model 3 reveal (part 2) will be nearer the production of the car itself. which I've interpreted to mean some time next year around June-ish but its Elon so who really knows, maybe not even himself.

Alpascual | 12. Juli 2016

Thanks D, can't wait to see what's new

D.Lew | 13. Juli 2016


Haggy | 13. Juli 2016

You can't have "pencils down" and submit specs to contractors and then build prototypes to see if you got things right, especially when bids are tied to that specific design. Things have to be far closer. That doesn't mean everything is ready for unveiling though. You can have a final plan for hardware when software is still being developed, and have crude displays that confirm that the car will be capable of what's needed even if what you have isn't presentable for an unveil.

D.Lew | 13. Juli 2016

Haggy your words make a lot of your context is very confusing to me. what are you talking about or better yet who are you talking to?

Haggy | 14. Juli 2016

It was meant as a general comment on the thread, but more specifically the notion that Tesla would first have to build prototypes and take it from there seemed to lack sufficient context and implied that "pencils down" means that we aren't nearly there yet and it would be a matter of first trying to implement what's in the plan. They wouldn't be prototypes at that point, but pre-production samples. There are different terms for cars made in pre-production stages and I'm not sure of all of them, but if the ones being built aren't to test a concept or aren't ones that a design will be based on, then prototype is the wrong word. I don't think dsvick literally meant prototype anyway.

dsvick | 15. Juli 2016

@Haggy - "I don't think dsvick literally meant prototype anyway"

No, no he didn't. Well, actually I did, but now that you put it the way you did in your post, prototype probably isn't the right word. More like mock ups or proof of concepts where they start to marry the final exterior and interior together. And it would, at least initially, probably not even be the entire vehicle either.

mikewolff1 | 15. Juli 2016

Elon said he wanted all suppliers to have their bids in by July 2016... So that should mean that By the end of the month all costs and final design should be done already!! Cars start building by July 2017 and deliveries start Oct. 2017... The next couple of months should be really exciting !!

JeffreyR | 16. Juli 2016

@mikewolff1 he also hedged that statement by admitting it was an "impossible task" but you have to start somewhere and hold folks accountable or things just slip. I agree with your "next couple of months" bit for sure though!

Haggy | 18. Juli 2016

Saying it's an impossible task is like saying it's impossible to do anything perfectly. If there are 5000 parts needed to build a car, and you have 4999 of them, then you can say that you don't have enough material to build a single car. If you have 140 of those parts and you need 5000, you can also say that you don't have enough material to build a single car. Either way, there will be a delay. But in the first instance, it will be much easier to get things sorted out. In the second, you won't be close. Musk is being realistic when he says it's an impossible task. That doesn't mean that you should expect substantial delays. If one part isn't ready, they will work with a secondary contractor. It might take some time, but this has nothing to do with the problems that Tesla faced with the Model S as their first car from scratch or the Model X with its overly complicated design and build process.

brando | 22. Juli 2016

From my memory

Prototype to show the idea
Engineering Prototype to narrow down to actual components or specs of components
(testing and crashing are done at this stage)
Production Prototype to get assembly details worked out

I believe Marc Tarpenning may mention/explain these prototypes as he tells the story of the founding of Tesla Motors. Every fan should watch this one.

https://youtu DOT be/hf15nMnayXk