Windshield Distortion

Windshield Distortion

I just picked up my Model S 4 days ago. What an awesome car. I am wondering if anyone out there is seeing the distortion on the edges of the wind shield? when I am driving, the lane markers curve into the car as you pass them. It is really strange.

lilbean | 17. August 2016

Yes, I've seen that at the bottom of the windshield.

Silver2K | 17. August 2016

it's the Matrix...

trevorrichards4 | 17. August 2016

+1 lilbean

EVRider | 17. August 2016

I have a little distortion, especially near the bottom sides of the windshield, but I've stopped noticing it. You don't typically look through part of the windshield.

Tropopause | 17. August 2016

I never see it!

Silver2K | 17. August 2016

I have the same curve at the bottom of the windshield, it's normal as far as I know. My BMW M3 had the same thing.

neilhamrin | 17. August 2016

my 8/14 build 85 has less distortion than any other new car I've owned for decades. a 2001 330 bmw had two replacements none better than the one before. I have almost none.

dborn | 17. August 2016

Present in all Model S from day 1. Not noticeable.

bjackw | 17. August 2016

I've noticed it too.

buchholtz3 | 17. August 2016

I quit noticing it after day three.