Wish Tesla develop more mods for there EVs

Wish Tesla develop more mods for there EVs

I think some of us lived in tropical areas and will never ever want to add "sub zero driving package". Some of us (including me) would want something like "water resistance package", "water submerging package" for those who lived in potentially flooded area or "Inferno driving package" in extreme hot weather.

i think shielding against water and heat shouldn't be too hard for Elon Musk and his engineer, right?

I won't ask them to make their EV to be able to transform to submarine (I wonder if they could) but with some official mod that make sure that when we happen to drive into flooded area (maybe 1-1.2 m water lever) our Tesla will be safe and sound.

SamO | 13. September 2016

You can already drive the Tesla (for short periods) on deep water. The car floats and can be navigated using steering and propulsion from the drive wheels.

thitiroch | 13. September 2016

Interesting but it also said Tesla insurances might not cover the "swimming" Tesla. It will be much better to have an official feature that can turn it into a boat or a submarine.

brando | 14. September 2016

VW bugs always floated. Not sure how water proof the engines were. Perhaps some one on the Forum has experience with floating a VW bug?