Anyone regret not reserving more than 1 model 3?

Anyone regret not reserving more than 1 model 3?

When I made my reservation it was in the store the morning before the reveal and something told me to reserve a second one just because but it seemed the guy in the story was strongly against that and talked me out of it. Now I kick myself because I could have used the second Model 3 and rented it out on Turo and probably had it pay for itself due to the wait list. Anyone else now regret not reserving a second model 3?

makobill | 28. September 2016

Nope - I'm holding out for the Model Y to see what's next.

bmalloy0 | 28. September 2016

I can barely afford the one, so no :P

PhillyGal | 28. September 2016


I have a moral opposition to ticket scalping (and stub hub, but don't get me started) and I feel like this would be the same thing. I can't physically drive two Model 3s - nor am I in the position to buy one for a relative so I don't regret only having one reservation.

I probably could have made two, gotten them early (existing owner) and sold one at a profit when I first got it. It's just not my thing.

PhillyGal | 28. September 2016

*When I say feel like "this" would be the same thing, I'm talking about selling at a profit.

As for renting it out, that's interesting because you're probably gaining Tesla more customers that way. People will fall in love.

ColoDriver | 28. September 2016

I do regret not reserving two, or more correctly, not making two reservations: one for me and one for my girlfriend. A few weeks after the unveiling when more pictures appeared she said "I should get one." Sure, just get in line behind a few hundred thousand other people.

If she's nice I might let her drive mine.

Calibrotha2000 | 28. September 2016

Yeah I hear stories of model S owners currently paying for thier car just by renting it out for 5-7 days a week. I live by the airport so it would of been ideal for people flying in to the airport to be able to rent a Model 3 on Turo during thier trip and in essence the car would basically pay for itself and potentially the other Model 3. Especially since it's gonna be about a good year after its release or longer to even get through the reservation inventory. Also could have reserved the other....took order on the first and tried renting that and then if it seemed like a good idea, go ahead and configure the second. Sigh-lol

makobill | 28. September 2016

Maybe I'm paranoid, but renting my Model 3 out to people I don't know seems a recipe for disaster. You are one moron away from an 'autopilot abuser' lawsuit and vehicle abuse for everyone wanting to 'see what it will do'. I like people, but I also understand human nature. I have rental properties where I screen tenants for rent - I just think the risk is too big on a 'performance vehicle' and an 'autopilot pioneer'...

NomoDinos | 28. September 2016

Yeah, really nice idea, but like Makobill, I would worry about autopilot misuse... unless, of course, the 3 has level 5 autonomy by then :)

andy.connor.e | 28. September 2016

What is the Model Y supposed to be???

makobill | 28. September 2016

@andy.connor.e - Believe its a smaller SUV built on the Model 3 footprint for the 'budget line' if I can call it that.

Mireille and Conan | 28. September 2016

Reserved two - super happy :D

ldorie | 28. September 2016

Reserved 2 and hoping to turn on reservation into a Model Y reservation

Pkalhan | 28. September 2016

I have no regrets of reserving just the 1.

akgolf | 28. September 2016

I'll be happy with just the one.

KP in NPT | 28. September 2016

1 is fine since we currently have an S. The 3 will replace our 2nd car (ICE). I can see trading the S for a Y down the road since we prefer smaller cars. But we do love our roomy S and all it's cargo space.

Frank99 | 28. September 2016

I regret reserving only one. If I had to do it over, I'd reserve one for me, and one for my wife. It'd resolve the problem where every time I try to drive her car, the gas gauge is on 'E'.

And, based on when I expect to get mine, the timing would be perfect for passing our cars down to our teenagers.

KP in NPT | 28. September 2016

Not too late, Frank99! You'll just wait a bit. But you'll have 2 - personally I think many more reservations will come in after reveal II so better to get in line now if you'll want one down the road.

JeffreyR | 28. September 2016

And if you buy your 1st M3 then you are an owner and get to jump the line. Maybe.

Frank99 | 28. September 2016

I expect that Reveal 2 will add about 50% to M3 reservations (up to 550,000). When the Model 3 starts shipping in quantity, and reviews start hitting Road and Track / Car and Driver, reservations will climb by 50% again (up to 800,000). But, by the time 373,000 model 3's are shipped, Tesla should be at a 500,000 unit / year build rate allowing them to clear the new reservation backlog in another year or so (and making the Model 3 the best-selling car in the US). Reserving now seems like it might shave a year off delivery time, if you believe the Tesla plan, getting me a second model 3 in 2018 rather than 2019.

I don't know if that's the right answer. Maybe I'll wait until 2019 and see what's available at that point.

tommy | 04. Oktober 2016

NO regrets. I figured Tesla will eventually come out with an entire line of cars, trucks, and real suv's. I will be the first to buy an all electric dually comparable to Chevy 3500 HD.

dd.micsol | 05. Oktober 2016


alphacompton | 18. Oktober 2016

I accidentally reserved more than one. (It was a few hours before the reveal too), it was due to my automatic credit card fraud protection. I resolved it right away and they said to place the order again which I did, not knowing the first order went through as well. Unfortunately I can barely afford one so I had to cancel my second order.

Haggy | 19. Oktober 2016

If you can afford two, then just buy a Model S and leave it at that.

noihaisa | 19. Oktober 2016

I'm really really stretching myself to afford one :D Two are way out of budget xD

dd.micsol | 19. Oktober 2016

No, I want one early release and one later on version 2. I'll honestly probably get 3. I need one more for a family member.

Calibrotha2000 | 19. Oktober 2016

I think with the announcement today I would have had one as a personal car on the "tesla network" and the other as a 100% fleet/turo car that literally was used to fund them both. Sigh

malavolti | 20. Oktober 2016

Luckily reserved 2.... One on the 31st of March at 8am, the second on the 14th of April.

D.Lew | 21. Oktober 2016

my wife at the last minute told me to order 2 and i was so excited I did it and though I have had some serious anxiety moments since then thinking about if I can afford two (one is a little bit of a stretch) but now that I've heard about the Tesla driving network or whatever its called i might be able to afford both with some creativity...what do you guys think?

Calibrotha2000 | 21. Oktober 2016

D.Lew even without the network you could list one of the cars on TURO and alternate which one you have for rent week to week and I guarantee that would probably net you enough income to pay for at least one and a half monthly payments. You could easily make 700-1000 a month renting out your model 3 because for at least the first year it's gonna be the must rent car due to limited availability and then you can even option up one and leave one semi basic and if you make enough then hopefully that affords you the funds for full autonomy when it's legalized and boom now you have two cars to put in the Tesla network to keep the income flowing

greg | 23. Oktober 2016

I reserved two - and before the M3 reveal - I reserved as soon as I possibly could online, without going to a Tesla store. I couldn't go to a store as the nearest one of those was over 2000km [1300+ miles for US folks] away in Sydney, Australia.

I reserved one M3 for me, and one for my wife. I told her what I'd done after I did it..

I figured when I did its no big deal, since I can cancel at any time, so we could decide down the track to only actually take 1. It is after all only a reservation - not an irrevocable order. At the time it wasn't clear if you could even order more than 1, and if you could what the limit was. But the website let me select two from the drop down list so thats what I picked.

You can trade in a M3 reservation for a MS or MX order at any time as well.

I recall Musk said at [or just after] the M3 reveal that you reserved 2 and don't own any Teslas, you will get your first M3 reservation as soon as possible [still according to your place in the queue] and after the Tesla [and SpaceX?] staff and existing Tesla owners get one.

The second reservation will be able to configure/order much further down the track at some stage. I assume thats on the basis that you already have one and so its only fair for others who reserved one after you to get their one before you get your second one [to a point I guess].

Lastly, I figured before I reserved that Tesla could use the deposit money for many useful purposes in the meantime. And it also reserving two seemed like an easy way to help boost M3 numbers.

Although given the very poor website performance I experienced prior to the reveal when I was reserving mine, I suspected then that M3 was a runaway hit already and Musk hadn't even gone on stage.

And just the other day [prior to the most recent Full Autonomy announcement] my wife asked me if we will ever need two M3s?

Now that full autonomy is coming, then maybe we will just leave the second one permanently in the Tesla Network and never actually drive it ourselves. I expect if we did that it will earn enough to cover its costs, and maybe help pay a bit off the first M3 we bought.

Certainly not interested in selling either the first or second Tesla for a profit.
I'd either put one or both into the Tesla Network or not take up the option to make a firm order for that reservation.

But all thats 2 years away from now, down here we drive on the left, so we're really at the back of the queue anyway [US and European deliveries will be first], and so many things can happen before then so who knows when I will get my first M3.

Calibrotha2000 | 23. Oktober 2016

Hahahah great post Greg

D.Lew | 24. Oktober 2016

Calibrotha2000 and greg +1 for both of you. At first I was afraid that id have to cancel but now I'm getting more and more assured that i can make it work (and my wife is always right) with as you guys say the newness of the vehicle, the desirability of the brand, and my awesome place in line to get the car should be great and if i can get them in separate years, tax wise, that would work out great. thanks guys.

Calibrotha2000 | 24. Oktober 2016

You know what...I think Ima reserve another one just to do a survey on how long between reservations they allow the second to configure. Maybe it'll be good and the second reveal adds another 200k and now 2019 sounds like a win-lol

sp_tesla | 24. Oktober 2016

"Haggy | October 19, 2016
If you can afford two, then just buy a Model S and leave it at that."

How does that work for families that need two cars?

Red Sage ca us | 24. Oktober 2016

sp_tesla: Bicycles still exist and plenty of Americans remain in horrible shape.

Patkemp01 | 24. Oktober 2016

Here's an idea..... For those of us (non-owners) that stood in line on 3/31 and theoretically should have their M3 fairly early in the production run, reserve your second car now and by the time your first one is delivered you become an owner and your second reservation should move to the front of the line!!! Hahaha

sp_tesla | 25. Oktober 2016

Are you a Haggy puppet?

Realure | 26. Oktober 2016

I have two M3 reserved and own a MS. Does that get me both M3s early or just one?

bgbythsea | 29. Oktober 2016

I'm wondering if I could piggy-back a 2nd reservation on my first one? I'm on the West Coast of US, Just leased a "3" and placed my res fairly early April 5. Hmmmm.....