Ludicrous mode

Ludicrous mode

I took a ride on a model s and was very impressed with the Ludicrous mode, if I was to pick one option it would be that, any idea on the cost for that option?

andy.connor.e | 03. Oktober 2016

Not for model 3. Nothing has been released about it yet.

Model S Ludicrous mode price is available if you just go build and customize a model S

jordanrichard | 03. Oktober 2016

Just to add to andy's post, if and when you do go to the MS page to see what the Ludicrous cost, keep in mind that is for the MS. There is no telling what they will charge for it on the Model 3.

jwalton314 | 03. Oktober 2016

Probably another $15,000 at the least. I'm just guessing though.

tedirelan | 03. Oktober 2016

Keep in mind that many Model S owners admit to only using it a little. Most of the time, you're just keeping up with the flow of traffic. Definitely get it if you xan, but just some food for thought.

Calibrotha2000 | 04. Oktober 2016

Remeber it's only available on the most expensive battery and duel motors so even if you were guessing like Jealton314 said you are probably looking at minimum 15k because you have to pay for the highest battery and duel motors before you even pay for the ludacris option.

Keep in mind by the time you pay for all that you are probably looking at a car that will go 3.8 or so off the line alteady which is still VERY FAST

carlgo2 | 04. Oktober 2016

I wonder if anyone will come up with an after mart ludicrous fuse thing.

tstolz | 05. Oktober 2016

My S85D does 0-60 in about 4 seconds. For perspective .. that's faster than a Ferrari Testerosa. I hardly ever use all of it because it's hard on the neck and things fly around. This level of power is useful when passing and for showing off ... but even when when passing I find people get miffed if you blow by them too fast so I hold back to be polite. Ludicrous would be fun, but I probably won't bother going much below 4s on our M3. For perspective I'm an old gear head to boot!

dd.micsol | 05. Oktober 2016

I won't be throwing my money away at L model. It's nearly useless.
So you wanna be cool once in a while. Get something that burns rubber makes noise and makes people look.
I'll stick with a model 3 d just because I live in snow territory. I don't care about P or L.
Not being picky but it is spelled dual and not duel. Duel is a battle where as dual means 2.
I'm hoping for 5 seconds just because I have dual motors. That's fast enough to pull out into fast traffic.
If I'm racing at Limerock-the Porsche 911 bi turbo comes out of the garage, but it's getting old racing anymore and too expensive.

inconel | 05. Oktober 2016

not to be picky but it is probably spelled "whereas" and not "where as" ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 05. Oktober 2016

tstolz: Yeah, but the Ferrari Testarossa was always much slower than it looked, and the F40 needed a pit crew to follow it around. (giantgrinface)

dd.micsol: If Ludicrous mode is 'nearly useless' then planet Earth is 'mostly harmless'. (smileyfacegrin)

makobill | 05. Oktober 2016

Ludicrous mode is just that IMO... Until they come out with the retractable wing option... ;>)

dd.micsol | 05. Oktober 2016

Red-yeah planet Earth is mostly harmless to everything around Earth. Yup. You got that right! *evil grin*
If you use lud in NYC you'll just kill people and crash into the next thing in front of you-autopilot won't even stop you.

Tcloutier5890 | 05. Oktober 2016

I think 4 seconds is the threshold where most people would say this is fast enough.

Red Sage ca us | 05. Oktober 2016

Zero-to-Poop-on-Yourself is more than fast enough.

Edgarbal | 06. Oktober 2016

Thanks for letting me see Ludicrous in a different perspective and yes that would be expensive.

Bill Korea | 07. Oktober 2016

Ludicrous mode used rarely. Off-road ability of the urban SUV used never. Which is worse, which is waste?

jdlamb42 | 08. Oktober 2016

I'm going to get it. The faces of all my friends and family and random women when it kicks in will be more than worth it.

gregcropper | 08. Oktober 2016

I've heard the Model ☰ will go from 0-lose your license quick enough.

Badbot | 09. Oktober 2016

LA declined to buy Model S patrol cars so you can just run away so as to keep your license.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 20. Oktober 2016

Aside from being boatloads of fun, a P90D(L) changes people's perspective as to what an electric car is like nothing before it. 911 Turbo S driver quote "This is the quickest car I've ever been in! Now I understand why you always wear that (Tesla) hat!"

Our S85 is a great car, but it has a more difficult time ripping people's preconceptions right out. Luda knocks their socks off every time.

brando | 28. Oktober 2016

Always thought my Saab 900 SPG turbo was fast enough. I thought it was near the limit of horse power for a front wheel drive car. Mine 165hp, they made 175hp/185hp tune up kits. Saab engineers said upper limit 225hp (not sure I'd feel safe, as 165hp could get twitchy in wet conditions). Not being a drag racer type, I looked up the 0-60 times ... 8.5 seconds per Car and Driver. Man, I can't actually imagine how fast cars are now days. 300hp 2 liter engines are offered by many and times easily near 6 seconds. Seems never too fast.