Tesla Continues To Rock the Automotive World

Tesla Continues To Rock the Automotive World

Tesla again rocks the automotive world - other automakers must be spinning.

The Model S outsells all other cars in its class while becoming the best selling BEV. The Model 3 reveal shatters reservations records for most other products, not to mention cars. All this spurs just about every other major automaker to try to throw a BEV into their lineup, with few able to move fast.

Now, just as automakers are coming to grips with committing to future BEV programs and finally showing renderings or concepts, Tesla surprises almost everyone with full autonomy in the near future. They are so far ahead of everyone else, it is shocking.

Personally I find the rate in which they've been able to accomplish all this truly amazing. In less than ten years, from Roadster to Model S to Level 5 Autonomy capable hardware in all cars, including the Model 3. Elon Musk laid out his first secret master plan for all to see, and by God I think he'll do it.

surichadha | 20. Oktober 2016

LOL - don't forget to wipe your mouth

KP in NPT | 20. Oktober 2016

I think it's past your bedtime. Don't forget to brush your teeth.

Bighorn | 20. Oktober 2016

Mom sends him to the local supercharger after dinner to save $5 to help pay off those gaudy rims.

surichadha | 20. Oktober 2016

Is that what Musk told you? Go on. Seriously, what do you do?

KP in NPT | 20. Oktober 2016

Sweet ride.

surichadha | 20. Oktober 2016

Andrew that's so cute

McLary | 20. Oktober 2016

They do not have level 5 hardware....lmfao! Idiots!

grega | 20. Oktober 2016

Wow. Strong negativity here to your post mp1156. Don't take it personally - at a certain point you realise that lots of negativity is some form of attack, like McLary posting in almost every thread with a quick negative comment.

I agree Tesla is pushing other car makers to move or become obsolete. Elon Musk has hooked into the great hope society had in the 80s of what it'd be like in 20 years, or 40 years, and is pushing that envelope.

He sets high expectations, and expects people to strive for them. He sets goals that might fail, and unfortunately he does fail at times, particularly in his timeframes - but he achieves things others haven't tried to, which is great. His method has lit a fire under the other car makers (and rockets, and solar, and Mars, and energy) and that's exciting for society.

In some areas I'm not sure that he's ahead of others. The self driving research being done in Europe and Japan is very extensive - and the ICE cars research will cross over to EV whenever they get to it. But Elon gets the public behind him, and the US also has a strong USA focus and that naturally moves him to the forefront too.

And none of that reduces the immense achievements that he has personally brought to several industries.

Getting others to change and improve their practices is also his goal. He wants 10 different companies to all work on Automated driving... because he knows if that happens then 8 of them will succeed. He wants people to be entrepreneurial and strive with success or failure, because the striving is good for us.

McLary | 20. Oktober 2016

Please name a single immense achievement that EM personally owns.

grega | 21. Oktober 2016

What's your criteria? Or can I supply mine?

KP in NPT | 21. Oktober 2016

I finally got McLary'ed!

I did say level 5 "capable" hardware - which if you believe EM's claims about being able to summon a car from across the country, is true.

yes yes other manufacturers have been working on full autonomy - but those were in test cars that none of us were going to drive. And their release to the public didn't seem to be coming in the near future. That we will be driving cars that are shadowing, gathering data, and will be updated to have what will eventually be full autonomy, in a year possibly, (the capability - not necessarily govt approval) is a different approach from other manufacturers.

SO | 21. Oktober 2016

@McLary - "Please name a single immense achievement that EM personally owns."

Changing the public perception of EVs and encouraging other manufacturers to bring more EVs to market is no small task.

Many people do not INVENT a said product that becomes successful. It is the repackaging and refining that helps change the world. The iPhone had nothing new in its "inventions" per se. But Steve did package it and refine it to change the smartphone business.

Elon didn't "invent" the rocket and we have had other space vehicles land (shuttle) after returning to earth. But Elon is doing this better than the Shuttle and over time, that will become more clear.

I do find it amazing how people are SO QUICK to discount something. Meanwhile....what have these naysayers accomplished that is better? Oh....I don't know...write a slamming post on a message board?

Mike83 | 21. Oktober 2016

McLary has done not one thing and is simply jealous. Bahwah.

Bighorn | 21. Oktober 2016

and this isn't the real Mclary.

Mike83 | 21. Oktober 2016

No. he seems very dense. Not even funny.

McLary | 21. Oktober 2016

By the answers and direction provided, it would seem you would elevate Paul Joseph Goebbels to a position as possibly the greatest man in modern history.

KP in NPT | 21. Oktober 2016

Yeah. He's way too chatty for the real Mclary. Lame hijacking his profile.

Ponyotoro | 21. Oktober 2016

It's probably the guy that demanded to be hired as Vice President of Tesla in one of Elon's press conferences a couple of years ago, which everyone in the room laughed at. Or Henrick Fisker or Martin Eberheart. I can see any one of those guys get on a Tesla forum and troll like a jealous child.

Bubba2000 | 21. Oktober 2016

I think a Model Y with normal doors, reasonably priced would outsell just about any SUV in its class. That is a global trend.

Tesla needs to price M3, MY at around $50+k at least initially so that it does have to cut corners on functionality, range, performance, etc. Will also reduce demand to manageable levels. Finance expansion and ultimately allow for lower cost versions.

Remnant | 22. Oktober 2016

@Bubba2000 (October 21, 2016)

<< I think a Model Y with normal doors, reasonably priced would outsell just about any SUV in its class. That is a global trend. >>

This is very plausible.

But, if we want better access to rows 2 & 3, would there be engineering objections against rear-hinged rear doors ("suicide" doors), with no B pillars and a mere strong crossbar behind the pano windshield?

Incidentally, the sun/moon roof has forever been a thoroughly unnecessary gadget that any reasonable driver can do without. In the 11 years of driving my sun-roofed HiHy, I don't think I used it more than five times. If you really wanted noise and wind while you drive, you could just get a convertible, couldn't you.

Red Sage ca us | 23. Oktober 2016

mp1156: It would be sweeter if those were SPINNERS!!!

bgbythsea | 25. Oktober 2016

@McLary "Please name a single immense achievement that EM personally owns."

A Model T

brando | 28. Oktober 2016

Elon is about making the best at the lowest cost to the buyer and keeping his company profitable.
Very few auto makers get near the 25% margins that Tesla has been able to achieve.

please read

And then do a Google search on something like
vehicle gross margins

and see what you learn. Please let us know anything you find worth while.

McLary | 28. Oktober 2016

I will be impressed when Tesla actually earns a profit from operations. The margin you refer to is a Tesla invention designed to give Elon more free stock options. It has nothing to do with operating as a profitable company.

Ross1 | 28. Oktober 2016

Twins and triplets is pretty good.

McLary | 28. Oktober 2016

At least that is an answer Ross.