Will M3 have self opening/ closing doors?

Will M3 have self opening/ closing doors?

If the M3 is going to be built with the same self driving hardware as the MS and MX now has, does that mean it will have auto open close doors to let occupants in and out as per the self driving video released yesterday?

jamilworm | 21. Oktober 2016

I doubt it.

flomomor | 21. Oktober 2016

I don't think so, to expensive...

ColoDriver | 21. Oktober 2016

I certainly hope not. I'd like the Model 3 to be simple and reliable.

But with a heated steering wheel, because we're not animals raised in a barn :-)

jordanrichard | 21. Oktober 2016

If they do, it will be part of an upgraded package. Though with that said, auto opening doors is only available on the MX.

Mike83 | 21. Oktober 2016

Who knows?

PeterPlt | 21. Oktober 2016

Not likely. As CD said, keep it simple.

Options could easily become Big Sky country... Lots of room for specific options, like M3Plaid, heated/vented seats, heated steering wheel, etc...

dd.micsol | 21. Oktober 2016

No. Insider info. I asked this about 4 months ago to an employee.

JeffreyR | 21. Oktober 2016

Model ≡ needs to be easy to manufacture. I doubt that at this price point it would be a make-or-break deal.

JHB10 | 23. Oktober 2016

It might need it for use in the driver-less tesla version of Uber.
What if the passenger gets out and leaves the door open...
I suppose it can reverse and brake hard to close the door

Calibrotha2000 | 23. Oktober 2016

The S doesn't have them and the X only has them as the ungraded interior package so it's not a standard feature on any of the cars so it's probably gonna be a no

David N | 23. Oktober 2016


David N | 23. Oktober 2016


andy.connor.e | 23. Oktober 2016

I sure hope not. I dont want it. Really i like the idea of full autonomousy, but i dont need unnecessary features like that. Besides every system that runs inside the car is using battery which is less range. So please the less the better if thats the choice we want.

jamilworm | 23. Oktober 2016

@Johan I hadn't thought of that. Maybe the vehicle will blast a loud audio message through the speakers saying "Can anybody please close my door?!?!"

CC396 | 24. Oktober 2016

Will be awesome if they do!

alphacompton | 25. Oktober 2016

I'm really torn on this idea. I can't see myself doing the ride sharing without automatic closing doors but I also don't want to pay for the feature or risk complexity of manufacturing either.

Badbot | 25. Oktober 2016

well no ride sharing for you, I'm sure the doors are manual.

DTsea | 25. Oktober 2016

hope not

Haggy | 26. Oktober 2016

Elon made it clear that ease of manufacture is a goal. Another is affordability. Given the delays for the Model X, the last thing I would think Tesla would want to do is anything tricky for the Model 3. Tesla could make it an option, but I doubt it would sell. On the Model X it makes sense to have it because the whole point of the vehicle is to go beyond where other vehicles went before. It's built into the price of a very expensive vehicle and Tesla wasn't looking to make a Model S with a different shape.

How much would you pay for such a feature? Granted it would be nice to have if you approach the car with full hands, but I've lived with having to open doors on my own and can't remember the last time I said to myself that I wished the door would have opened on its own. As far as a door that can close itself after I leave the car, I wouldn't pay for the option.

As a former minivan owner who had a vehicle with two doors that opened and closed remotely, as well as a hatch that opened and closed remotely, I don't recall ever having wished that the front door would do the same.

Realure | 26. Oktober 2016

I wish our Model X didn't have the feature. Hate it in daily use. Pushing a button to open the door doesn't work well and pulling a handle to close it is bad too. Poor interface.

andy.connor.e | 27. Oktober 2016

I hope not. Really unnecessary, and only poses the potential for problems. If this is a necessity, i think you have bigger problems then opening your car door.

davidvbennett | 27. Oktober 2016

Having just sold my Full Fat Range Rover, heated steering wheel is a must, after all I live in Cheshire, England !!