Model 3 Delivery

Model 3 Delivery

Just wondering whether anyone knows if in Texas Tesla delivers the vehicle to your home or to a showroom for pickup?

jordanrichard | 26. Oktober 2016

Well, someone form TX can tell you how they took delivery of their MS/MX, but come the time that the M≡ is ready to be delivered to the Mid West, things may have changed.

dd.micsol | 26. Oktober 2016

I had my s delivered to the local colege camus. Nice easy truck location.

jerkwater | 27. Oktober 2016

If I live in the east, can I arrange to take delivery at the plant in California. I would then like to drive it cross country and back to Toronto where I live

leskchan | 27. Oktober 2016


This has been discussed before. If you took delivery in CA, you will have to pay CA sales tax. May be import tax to Canada????

Red Sage ca us | 27. Oktober 2016

A US Tesla cannot be imported to Canada. There are specific regulatory differences that do not carry over. I would be surprised if a Canadian Customer could arrange for a pickup at Fremont, though. I expect it would end up being rather costly...

gregcropper | 28. Oktober 2016

Tesla could have these things deliver themselves. Even if the customer doesn't purchase the full autonomy package, it will still come with all the hardware necessary. Tesla could simply deactivate it once the vehicle has reached its destination for those who do not opt for autonomy. Tesla could mail the keys to the purchaser in advance of delivery.

Of course, in order for this to happen, Tesla would have to have installed either inductive chargers or snake chargers for the vehicles to reach their destinations independently.

akgolf | 28. Oktober 2016

And not count the miles driven to deliver the vehicle against the warranty.

lawrenceatanacio | 29. Oktober 2016

If you look at the "how ordering works" ( ) it says "Your Tesla will be custom built at our factory in California and delivered to your nearest service center for pickup. If you live more than 160 miles from the closest service center, your vehicle can be shipped directly to your home or business."