Can I see the Model 3 in person at Gigafactory-Reno?

Can I see the Model 3 in person at Gigafactory-Reno?

Hi there, I will be driving next week around the Tesla Sparks Nevada factory.
Is it right there is a Model 3 (red I think) on display outdoors and if so, is that a walk in or should I schedule a time to see it?

dsvick | 26. Oktober 2016

If it is still there keep in mind that:
The red one is only a mock up and it doesn't even run
The Gigafactory is an active construction site, you probably won't be able to get anywhere near it
Even if you can get close to the Gigafactory, odds are you won't be able touch the car

With all the being said, I doubt it is even there any longer, it was probably only there for that oen event and was then taken back.

JPPTM | 26. Oktober 2016

...and security won't let you near the factory without clearance. I would not recommend just driving to the gates.

Calibrotha2000 | 26. Oktober 2016

Also I think because the design is changing all model 3 pro types have been removed from the road or display. I've noticed all sightings in the wild have stopped since pencils down so yeah, doubt it's even there anymore

Shesmyne2 | 26. Oktober 2016

The straight answer is no. Not sure how far you'd get, but yes security is high.
I believe there is a high spot you can drive to to see the entire (current) structure, but is HIGH
Worst they can do is turn you around, right?

Still Grinning ;-)

dave.m.mcdonough | 27. Oktober 2016

I would LOVE to see the Gigafactory

vavrekw | 27. Oktober 2016

take a helicopter tour ;)

Shesmyne2 | 27. Oktober 2016

vavrekw-nope. Protected air space.

Still Grinning ;-)

Bighorn | 27. Oktober 2016

None of the above.

Badbot | 28. Oktober 2016


donaldnoel | 28. Oktober 2016

The Gigafactory is for making batteries not cars. I believe the car assembly plant is in California and that is where you might be able to see a Model 3 being made if they ever get that far.

Fredbob711 | 28. Oktober 2016

That's not at all protected airspace, maybe for drones, but if you're in an aircraft or helicopter you could fly over it and there's really nothing Tesla can do. As long as you obey the FAA rules for altitude (500 feet above lightly populated areas I believe would apply here).
There are even a couple non-controlled airports fairly close to the gigafactory (Tiger & Silver Springs)