Secretary of State

Secretary of State

In 2011, U.S. sanctions delayed Exxon's $500 billion oil deal with Russia to drill in Russia and the Arctic. This was the biggest oil deal in the history of the world. What will happen with Trump as president and Tillerson, the former CEO (2006-2016) of Exxon as Secretary of State?

SCCRENDO | 17. Januar 2017

Who said we are not giving him a chance? Do we have any choice?. But that does not mean we have to worship him. We all hope the country and indeed the world does well under him. We do not wish to do badly over the next 4 years. However some of us are perhaps more pessimistic about him and his Republican cronies but let him feel free to prove us wrong
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J.T. | 17. Januar 2017

@RedShift Still no examples of a billionaire BEING BRIBED. Yes, I understand that it's possible to create a scenario where a billionaire's business interests might provide an opportunity for influence peddling but that isn't proof that it has been done or will be done.

@SCCRENDO I haven't defended him at all, I just point out the hypocrisy and toothlessness of your attacks. Let me show you how it's done if you want to show Trump to be an idiot.

Trump never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to do the right thing. His ill-conceived attack on John Lewis, on MLK's birthday weekend, no less, is a prime example. Sure, it was weak of John Lewis to announce his intention to boycott the inauguration because he felt Trump was an illegitimate President, but if Trump was smart enough to just leave it right there, Lewis would have looked like the poor sport. But, no, Trump couldn't resist attacking one of the leading voices for Civil Rights in our lifetime. And what did that attack do? It raised Lewis's profile to martyr status, without dying, by the way, and cemented Trump's reputation as a petulant child.

The guy is his own worst enemy I can only pray he doesn't become our worst enemy.

Drop mike . . .

El Mirio | 17. Januar 2017

@J.T., yep the president elect is able to unpresident himself at any given tweet, no outside help needed.

SCCRENDO | 17. Januar 2017

@JT. +100. About time.
And you really don't think this guy could be subject to bribes. It's possible that he could be more bribed by praise than money.

RedShift | 17. Januar 2017


Bribes, blackmail, we get it all. Let's see, I'm willing to give him a chance. Like others said, we don't have a choice.

SCCRENDO | 17. Januar 2017

@Redshift. As I posted above. The Congress and Senate have begun their job. Let's see how Trump reacts.

RedShift | 17. Januar 2017


Found one!

I admit it's not easy to bribe a billionaire in cash. You can bribe in kind easily though.

J.T. | 17. Januar 2017

@RedShift Well done. Time well spent digging that up, I'm sure.. :-)

brando | 17. Januar 2017

RedShift - great wikipedia article, good consolidation of information, thank you so much

One part missing is the pipeline conflicts, here is one article.

compchat | 17. Januar 2017

"@ RedShift | January 12, 2017

By that logic Islamic terrorists can become our BFFs now.


"Can't we all just get a long ?"

Oh by your logic I'm Rodney King too.

Enjoy. Two more days until DT takes charge.

RedShift | 17. Januar 2017


You bet!

My car is back today from final service from Tesla. Damn I missed my car. Abominable Chevy Malibu loaner.. its like it has steering wheel, play dough shaft, and front axle! *shudder*. Am I too spoilt? My light weight Axis wheels have brought the life back to my Tesla.

Remnant | 18. Januar 2017

@rxlawdude (January 15, 2017)

<< ... not [if] the GOP puts its grimy paws on the ACA ... They've done more harm to women in those states where they attempt to legislate THEIR morality upon all. Damn the First Amendment. >>

Your narcissistic, arrogant, and ignorant posts are disgusting examples of identity politics at its worst.

Unconditional abortion on demand is not a First Amendment issue!

Pregnant women and their doctors do not exercise their freedom of speech by killing the product of conception.

You would be well advised to get your grimy paws off the US Constitution.

SCCRENDO | 18. Januar 2017

@Remnant. Google Roe vs Wade. You are a narcissist who wants to impose you own religious values on society. Abortions are between a women and her physician not a bunch of male political hacks.

Remnant | 18. Januar 2017

@SCCRENDO (January 18, 2017)

<< [See Roe v. Wade 410 U.S. 113 (1973)] ... You are a narcissist who wants to impose you own religious values on society. >>

(1) There's no First Amendment issue in Roe v. Wade.

(2) There's no religious issue or link in my post.

The reality of your post does not belong with this Universe.

It seems you may have skipped on your meds again, @SCCRENDO ... !

rxlawdude | 18. Januar 2017

@Remnant, you truly are unhinged. Where did I say that "unconditional abortion on demand" was a Constitutional right? Nowhere. You're hallucinating from all that right-wing crap you consume.

Roe v Wade was based on the right to PRIVACY. And yes, that's not explicitly in the words of the Constitution, but that's why we have SCOTUS... to INTERPRET things like "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Identity politics? Really? I certainly don't identify with you or your rather nasty screed. If only there were twit filters here.

SCCRENDO | 19. Januar 2017

@Remnant. And which meds do you think I have skipped on? Those that block logical thought? Guess you should try skipping yours sometime. Spending some time learning learning some facts stimulates the mind. You should try it some time. You may even enjoy it.

REMNANT. Forgive me from being nosy but I am truly interested. Where do you get your information from? do you spend a lot of time watching TV which I suspect would be all Foxnews, Alex Jones. Do you read Breitbart. Ever watch or listen to BBC,MSNBC, PBS? What kind of books do you read? Do you have a college degree and if so was it in science or the liberal arts?

SCCRENDO | 19. Januar 2017

@Remnant. Forgive my typos but was having trouble with autocorrect on my ipad

rxlawdude | 19. Januar 2017

@SCCRENDO, I think it's anathema for remnant to have gotten a degree in LIBERAL arts. :-)

SCCRENDO | 19. Januar 2017

@rxlawdude. Sorry another typo. Meant alt-right arts.

compchat | 19. Januar 2017


I'm reading the biography of Ronda Rousey. What does that tell you ?

BTW she is a very coplex tough woman.

Silver2K | 20. Januar 2017

@scc has silveritis!

Remnant | 20. Januar 2017

@SCCRENDO (January 19, 2017)

<< And which meds do you think I have skipped on? Those that block logical thought? >>

LOL, of course not, it's crystal-clear you've overdosed on those.

brando | 20. Januar 2017

sccrendo +42 woman must make her choice and hopefully she can find a doctor to give good information and planned parenthood people to help her realize the consequences (does anyone think these are easy decisions?).
Those that don't like abortions - who would - should spend their efforts helping single moms.
Love single moms and stop hating single unfortunate pregnant women some were actually raped.

Being male means I never had to deal with such dilemmas.

Wake up America. The way we treat our young people does it surprise you we have a depopulation trend? And it seems only (feared?) immigrants that contribute to growing US population.

Be brave, do internet search on US birth rate.

SCCRENDO | 20. Januar 2017

@Brando. Thanks. The Trump regime victory has empowered these fools. Unfortunately we are going to hear from them for the next 4 years. May the next 4 pass quickly. Or alternatively can we get some good Democratic gains in 2018 to impeach the head clown

brando | 23. Januar 2017

sccrendo -

You may be new in town. The elites never get held accountable for most anything. Even NIxon was pardoned before he could be impeached. Everyone must know Iraq war was illegal invasion - not UN approved. Manning revealed many war crimes. CIA destroyed torture 40 tapes. Manning got jailed (not for war crimes, for blowing the whistle).

The CIA whistle blower
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/John_Kiriakou