When choosing your seats consider this

When choosing your seats consider this

If you are detail oriented and would be slightly bothered by the creasing - that seems to happen quickly - on the Model X's leather seats; get the white seats. Yes Elon said it although many will be looking at their own configuration of colours / headliner but this component may be of greater importance to some people.

Can anyone weigh in on how the textile seats perform surrounding creasing on the seat (where you sit) around the edge just before it goes down the sides?

My assumption is the synthetic materials handle it best.

nrelia | 15. Januar 2017

went with the white :-)

jRoGville | 16. Januar 2017

I would have gone with the white if I could have gotten a light headliner, but it's not offered and I couldn't get past that.

burdogg | 16. Januar 2017

jRoGville - yeah, the white seats and light headliner would clash really bad as the seats are really white, and the headliner is a cream :)

COrich | 16. Januar 2017

All leather seats will show wrinkling over time. I have leather seats in my VW Tiguan and synthetic seats in my VW Passat (this is the vehicle that will be replaced with my X, when it arrives). The leather is more comfortable, especially when hot (even though it is black). I ordered my X with the black leather seats and black headliner.