Elson Musk and Trump Advisory Council

Elson Musk and Trump Advisory Council

As a long-time Tesla supporter, participant in its referral program, and owner of an early Model S, I am wondering why Elon Musk is continuing to support Trump's business advisory council (aka Strategic and Policy Forum). Although the sentiment to be a close advisor may be well-intended, it seems to me to be an implicit endorsement of anti-environment, anti-science, and other anti-American stands that Trump has taken. Trump doesn't appear to take advice that is contrary to his personal view point, so I'm predicting he will not listen much to Mr. Musk, but is happy to use him as window dressing. I would like Elon Musk to reconsider his support of Trump. I will be reconsidering my support of Tesla.

Efontana | 04. Februar 2017

Carrying too much about what other people think limits contributions of the scientific sort. Probably limits them of the social political sort as well. A scientist who died in 1988 wrote a book: "What Do You Care What Other People Think?"

Elon straddles science and business. He needs to care a little bit, manage a little bit, but public puppets rarely accomplish much good. Not a fan of Uber ethics, so glad about the diminished influence there. Would be sad to see Elon attenuate his impact by leaving the conversation.

AlMc | 04. Februar 2017

@BozieB: I may be reading a different thread than you but most people here seem to be defending EM, as am I.

Haggy | 04. Februar 2017

If meeting with Trump means he supports Trump then participating in a forum with people like me means you support people like me. Since I disagree with you, it must mean you disagree with yourself. If there's anything wrong with the reasoning there, it's that meeting with Trump doesn't mean he supports Trump.

rxlawdude | 04. Februar 2017

@Haggy, I disagree. With whom, I don't know. :-)

carlk | 04. Februar 2017

Haggy Great point. I 100% support you even that I have no intention to meet you.

Madatgascar | 05. Februar 2017

Prediction: Trump will soon come to associate his appalling disapproval rating with the cadre of alt-right advisors he has surrounded himself with, and realize that if he ever wants to be re-elected, he needs to shake things up and tack toward the center. Elon will then be the smartest guy at the table, a way to associate himself with an American success story. Once they get to talking, Elon can be very persuasive. Don't discount the idea that he can yet do a lot of good. The strongest motivator for Trump is the desire to be validated as successful.

J.T. | 05. Februar 2017

@tbouquet >>>>>Trump will soon come to associate his appalling disapproval rating with the cadre of alt-right advisors he has surrounded himself with,

He is more likely to blame the "fake news" and "fake polls."

Remnant | 05. Februar 2017

@tbouquet (February 5, 2017)

<< ... if [Trump] ever wants to be re-elected, he needs to shake things up and tack toward the center. >>

Your "center" has drifted so much to the Left that no honest and patriotic American could support a "tack toward the center". Your Left has become a promoter of anarchy, violence, lawlessness, and tyranny.

The Donald has a hallowed duty to stay the course towards the restoration of the constitutional order in this country.

Whatever his personal flaws may have been in the past, he MUST now restore the Founding Fathers Republic as the defender of each Citizen's rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

SCCRENDO | 05. Februar 2017

@Remnant. Your understanding of math is appalling. If the center has moved to the left that this ultra right wing nonsense is far further from the center. So he should not stay the course but he needs to move a lot further left to get to the center

SCCRENDO | 05. Februar 2017

Hey Remnant. By the way your plea for Donald to restore constitutional order would require him to follow the constitution. Guess the judges have to teach him quite a bit about the constitution.
Setback for Trump: Appeals court rejects demand to resume travel ban -- for now

carlk | 05. Februar 2017


In the eyes of rest of developed world there is no left in the US. Democrats are considered mostly center right by the world standard. A good example is pretty much all other developed countries have single payer type universal medical care which not even the Democratic party is willing or able to push here in the US.

StevenGClinard | 06. Februar 2017


SCCRENDO | 06. Februar 2017

@Remnant. When you chose your next physician are you going with a local or foreign trained physician?

JoeAlvord | 06. Februar 2017

I traveled to Belgium for my new hip. Had the best hip resurfacer in the world and saved $25,000.

rxlawdude | 06. Februar 2017

@Joe, do you now suffer from a craving for waffles and chocolate? ;-)

SCCRENDO | 06. Februar 2017

@rxladude. Nah. Just wants a little boy to pee on him (Mannekin Pis for those who miss the humor).

hobowankenobi | 06. Februar 2017

Elon is where he needs to be make a difference. One should use all legitimate options to influence.

Stamping your feet and holding your breath until blue changes nothing.

We should all monitor Elon to be sure he stays in the driver’s seat, and brings as much positive change, as fast as possible. We should push (or push back) if/when Elon changes his tune, supports the wrong policy or regulation...NOT when he is seated at the table where positive influence can be demonstrated or evangelized.

Being angry at Elon for engaging with the Trump administration is a bit like being angry at Mother Teresa for living among the impoverished.

Was she there because she was advocating for or approving of poverty?

...Or because that's where she could do the most good to help those most in need?

FREE ENERGY | 06. Februar 2017

Dear friend, I "do not work for Trump." I try to give advice to move this in a more positive direction, "writes Musk.

hmishal | 06. Februar 2017

Some thoughts to consider:
More than 100 Silicon Valley companies are standing up against the refugee ban; not on the list: Tesla. Even though many other firms represented on the "Strategic and Policy Forum" are.
I have not seen other company CEO's on that Forum officially support Trump's cabinet picks, above all Rex Tillerson, a guy who spent his professional career on the opposite side of what Tesla stands for. Elon did.

So it is more than being on there and trying to talk sense into these people. He is doing more than others by actively supporting the cabinet and less than others by not signing the letter. Its a shame.

They will be using every trick in the book to limit the EPA, not supporting science, defund scientific research etc.etc...if you think that anyone on any advisory council will have impact on extremists like Steve Bannon - think again, do some research on him and others and ask yourself if you think that these folks will move the country in a direction that is good for alternative energy, renewables or the environment in general.

This is a capitalist society and we all have to vote with our money and purchases in the end. If i don't see changes in Elon's position and actions, my Model S will go away and the Model 3 order will be canceled and my money will go to a different electric vehicle.

SO | 06. Februar 2017

@hmishal - PLEASE cancel your Model 3 reservation right now! Please! Please! I can then hopefully get my Model 3 sooner.

Captain_Zap | 06. Februar 2017


You are incorrect. Tesla and SpaceX is on the list.

Bighorn | 06. Februar 2017

I need to start a sticky for my Wall of Idiots.

sosmerc | 06. Februar 2017

Kudos to Musk and his "teammates"....I think they are doing the right thing and I hope they will still be welcome to try and provide advice and counsel to the "chief". May he "grow and mature" on the job. And may they quickly move on to the rest of the important issues at hand.

bp | 07. Februar 2017

As long as Musk, on behalf of his companies not as an individual, takes public positions or actions that might benefit Tesla and/or SpaceX, the Tesla community should accept and support that, no matter who they supported in the recent elections.

But any position that appears to be motivated by political and not business reasons, unnecessarily risks alienating large portions of the Tesla community.

Musk's participation in the advisory meetings might help Tesla and SpaceX by providing an opportunity to directly impact the new administrations plans that could affect the companies, more effectively than hiring expensive lobbyists with less access.

However, Tesla and SpaceX don't appear to be significantly impacted by the temporary travel ban for 7 countries. Tesla doesn't have any stores, service centers, superchargers or destination chargers in those countries.

How does joining the other tech companies in opposing the temporary travel ban significantly benefit Tesla and SpaceX?

SCCRENDO | 07. Februar 2017

Elon Musk has now joined the lawsuit on behalf of Tesla and Space X
Elon Musk joins court fight against Trump travel ban

Captain_Zap | 07. Februar 2017

Already referenced last night in news article above.

RNEberun20 | 11. Februar 2017

No one likes seeing a national treasure like Elon associating with a turd like trump, but it is still a smart move. Maybe he can influence the orange imbecile, or at least hear the lunacy and anticipate the impacts his policies will have. Of course, the world would obviously be better off if trump were hit my a meteor or something, but rather than waiting for that lets support a man that we all adore and hope he can make a horrible situation less horrible.

Madatgascar | 11. Februar 2017

Elon will need to learn to think like Trump. If I had ten minutes with Trump, I could get him whipped into a frenzy about how the Chinese are trying to beat us in the race to dominate the electric car market of the future. They're spending state money to promote this!! Why can't we do that? We could divert that $26 billion border wall boondoggle money into Trump-developed vanity gigafactories, the biggest and the best in the world, you won't believe how big they are.

SCCRENDO | 11. Februar 2017

@tbouquet. Great ideas. However Trump has an agenda. His wall was a campaign promise. So whether he believes in it or not he will try get it done. I am sure Elon is smart enough to know how to deal with him. SpaceX gives him tremendous bargaining power. His goal is likely to try convince him of the important of climate change and to ensure that he can continue to produce Teslas and solar panels as cost efficiently as possible.

Madatgascar | 11. Februar 2017

And are you going to let the Chinese beat us to Mars, on your watch?

SCCRENDO | 11. Februar 2017

Does it really matter if the Chinese beat us to Mars. I prefer the science to succeed no matter who does it first. If we are first it is good for the ego. More chance of us not getting there first under an anti-science president.

Madatgascar | 12. Februar 2017

What I'm getting at is that Trump needs a vanity project. It's in his blood; it's why developers build stupidly tall towers with their name at the top. Right now it is the border wall, but that project is the epitome of throwing taxpayers' money down the toilet. Everyone knows drugs and illegal immigrants can go over, under, and around, the way they already do.

Elon's megaprojects have the potential to create a lot of lasting quality jobs, make America great again in aerospace and manufacturing, eventually turn a profit, and maybe even save the planet. Why wouldn't Trump want to take credit for some of that good stuff? And why wouldn't Elon let him? There's so much to choose from. A public/ private partnership on a few hyperloop projects would create better jobs and leave the country with something of value. Trump just needs someone to help him think big.

SCCRENDO | 12. Februar 2017

@tbouquet. I though government job creation was anti Republican. But would prefer my taxpayer money go towards clean jobs and useful jobs such as those that improve our infrastructure. Not to just create useless jobs for pipe dream projects. What started out as a poorly conceived wall that Mexico was going to pay for is now turning into a $25 billion boondoggle. Sure it will create construction jobs and new road infrastructure to service the wall. But wouldn't it be better to build highways and bridges we really need. Also where will the money come from. Either by expanding the deficit or cutting Medicare, Obamacare and Medicaid.

Madatgascar | 12. Februar 2017

Besides, China already beat us to it 500 years ago.

SCCRENDO | 12. Februar 2017

@tboquet. Also was probably purposeless but what a great tourist attraction. Perhaps Trump wants to make it a tourist attraction. Just got to let those tourists in.