Extended Service Agreement for a private used car purchase?

Extended Service Agreement for a private used car purchase?

Can a 2nd owner buy an ESA (aka extended warranty)? Or does the original owner have to buy it and transfer it? I thought it was the latter, but upon reading the Tesla FAQ, nothing says it has to be the first/original owner; it just says this:

"Owners (excluding 3rd party dealers and vehicles purchased from a 3rd party dealer) with Model S or X vehicles subject to the New Vehicle Limited Warranty which are still within the eligible purchase period can purchase the Extended Service Agreement."​

I'm looking at a car from a private party, he's the original owner, car is still under original factory warranty. Sounds like I could buy the ESA myself later if I choose to, before the eligibility period is up (shortly after the warranty is up) thus making the purchase from him less complicated.
Is this true?
The quote above specifically disallows "3rd party dealers" and states that "Owners" can buy the ESA within the eligibility period. A 2nd owner would not be a 3rd party dealer, IMO, but what do I know.

Tâm | 20. Februar 2017

I have the same understanding as yours.

That language is a change in the past which excluded CPO from Tesla and other 2nd owners to buy ESA on their own.

It sounds like owners from Tesla CPO and private parties excluding non-Tesla Dealers can buy ESA on their own.

seenhear | 21. Februar 2017

Also, I'm curious about the verbiage about "3rd party" dealers and cars. What if the original owner had purchased an ESA, then trades his car in to a non-Tesla dealership for something else (crazy as it might sound it happens). Is the ESA then null and void, or would it transfer to the new owner after the dealership sells it?

Tâm | 21. Februar 2017


That's what the language sounds like.

1) Owners from non-Tesla Dealers cannot purchase the ESA.

2) When a non-Tesla Dealer take possession of a Tesla, its ESA is not transferred to them, thus, the ESA is interrupted at that time and cannot be transferred to subsequent non-Tesla Dealers Customers.

rxlawdude | 21. Februar 2017

Tâm nailed it.

seenhear | 21. Februar 2017

Well, I agree with you both, but my Tesla Sales Rep just emailed me saying I could buy an ESA any time before the warranty is up, even for a car I'm considering from a 3rd party dealer. I emailed back asking him to double check this statement. I'll post back what he says.

Tâm | 21. Februar 2017


There's language and there's practice.

When in doubt, read each word of the language and assume the worse.

However, Tesla does have a history of being more generous than its language.

For example, it says very clearly that you have to pay $200 deductibles but many owners reported that they did not have to.

However, some owners do and it's hard to argue because the $200 deductible is right there in the contract.

It's the same way with reports that owners got free tows to a charging station when they ran out of fume.

However, other owners also reported that they had to pay for the tows because that's what it says in the manual.

seenhear | 22. Februar 2017

OK I just got confirmation from Tesla support and then again from Tesla Sales:

Currently there is no possible way to buy an ESA on a Tesla purchased from a 3rd party dealer, end of story.

For private party purchases from the original owner (so no 3rd party dealer ever held the car) the 2nd or subsequent owners can purchase an ESA at any time within the eligibility period (30 days or 1000mi after original warranty expires). So you no longer have to have the original owner buy the ESA and then transfer it to you.

This makes the value proposition of a Tesla sold by a non-Tesla dealer very different. They should be pricing their cars accordingly.

I wonder if any 3rd party extended warranty companies will insure a Tesla, and if so would they pay for work done at a Tesla service center...?

Tâm | 22. Februar 2017


Thanks for the clarification.

It's doubtful there's another company who is willing to provide good extended warranty to cover a Tesla because Tesla's components are just too expensive:

$4,000 for 17" screen display
$1,000 for back bumper chrome piece
$1,800 for a car handle

wamochi | August 6, 2015

$1,900 for your cabin heater...

and so on...

rxlawdude | 22. Februar 2017

@Tâm, it's a gamble to buy or not buy the ESA. I can only say that the MS manufactured in late '14 and newer seem to have fewer problems due to parts failure.

socaliguy81 | 27. Oktober 2018

I was told when I purchased my Model S CPO that I could extend the warranty for $4k when the CPO warranty ran out. I'm hoping this is the case still because I would not have purchased the vehicle otherwise.

akikiki | 27. Oktober 2018

Same comment in a different post. Did your CPO warranty come with the 50,000 mile or the up to 100,000 mile? Makes a difference.

Look under your Tesla account and see if they have offered it to you.

namx | 05. Mai 2019

I am in negotiation with a private seller (original owner) on a 2017 MS. Does this rule still apply--being able to buy the ESA as the second owner? Thanks.

rxlawdude | 05. Mai 2019

Last I looked, yes. But Tesla policies change faster than Michigan weather.

I'd check with Tesla to confirm.

KarchX | 03. Juni 2019

I was told by Tesla when I called 8 months ago to ask that I could purchase the ESA before the current one expired (I was under the assumption the first owner might have to do it). Today, when I tried to purchase it, I was told to look under Manage tab, and there I'd see available options for my X. There is no such tab. Online chat also confirmed, I don't have the option, saying maybe the person I bought it from was not the first owner--he was. But that I should go to the dealership and see if they would sell me one. I guess I'll do that. Bummer. Didn't see this issue coming.

p.c.mcavoy | 03. Juni 2019

@KarchX - The manage ‘Tab’ really isn’t a tab, but it’s a button once you log into your Tesla account on-line. Once your in the Tesla Account, you should have an image of your car with the VIN listed on the left side. There on the left with the VIN should be a big rectangular box/button that says manage. Click on that and it should take you all the details for that car. Scroll down and just above the My Documents section should a Section on Maintenance Plans and Service Agreements.

Try and see if that helps you find it in your online account.