EPA Pruitt defrocked

EPA Pruitt defrocked

Mike83 | 05. Oktober 2017

A big set back for America. Fossil fuel interests will have much to answer for.

Mike83 | 10. Oktober 2017

Regulations or Climate Disruption responsible for poor jobs report. Making America poor again.

NKYTA | 10. Oktober 2017

He hasn’t been debunked.

He is thrashing the best salmon ground in the most pristine of Alaska wilderness.

He is worse than his boss, and that is saying something.

For a gold mine twice the size of Manhattan.

Go camping dude.


SCCRENDO | 10. Oktober 2017

These guys hopefully will one day be charged with crimes against humanity

Mike83 | 11. Oktober 2017

I can't really say what I think of this weak man but here is a good story on his pathetic waste of tax payers monies enriching the fossil fuel greedy dimwits.

Tesla-David | 11. Oktober 2017

Pruitt is a complete scumbag and shill for the fossil fuel/coal lobby. My friends working at EPA are living a complete nightmare as are the rest of us as he dismantles the Clean Power Plan, and everything else that is in place to reduce U.S. carbon emissions. He cooked the books to hide the benefits of the Clean Power Plan. Disgusting!

At least Blankenship will still get to serve prison time for his careless disregard for miners safety.

NKYTA | 11. Oktober 2017
Tesla-David | 12. Oktober 2017

Agreed @NKYTA, I have been fighting this mining proposal for years. Thought we had won the battle, but with this disgusting administration that does not give a whit about protecting precious Salmon resources the battle continues. Hopefully, legal challenges can still stop this disgusting project.

Mike83 | 13. Oktober 2017

Another street person with no science appointed by the fossil fuel powers.

Mike83 | 17. Oktober 2017

Radiation is OK if you're from Oklahoma. More Cancer.

Mike83 | 01. November 2017
Tesla-David | 01. November 2017

Here is more sleeze regarding Scumbag Pruitt! He is beyond words disgusting in everything he is doing to destroy EPA.

Mike83 | 01. November 2017

These lawyers that the fossil fuel interest hires really gives lawyers a bad name.

Mike83 | 08. November 2017

I am sure the propaganda from Pruits' EDA will ignore these costs(BTW even the Defense Dept. understands)

Mike83 | 25. November 2017

The fossil fuel interests are doing more damage. I don't believe Americans voted for this.

Tesla-David | 26. November 2017

Wow, Pruit is a complete scumbag. His actions demonstrate his complete disregard for EPA's mission, to protect the environment and human health of U.S. citizens. The mainstream media is irresponsible in not highlighting his actions, and those of fellow scumbags Zinke and Perry.

Mike83 | 26. November 2017

I think more people supporting politics/fossil fuel lobbyists open themselves up to lawsuits as did the tobacco companies. Connecting the dots is pretty easy now. It may be a good thing as they have come out of the closet.

Mike83 | 26. November 2017
Mike83 | 21. Dezember 2017
Tesla-David | 29. Dezember 2017

Wow, Pruitt is beyond disgusting and shows his total disregard for EPA's mission with every appointment, especially this one. My EPA colleagues are depressed beyond belief at what is unfolding in front of our eyes. I absolutely despise Drumpf/Pruitt/Kinke/Perry, who are total losers and criminals for what they are doing to our planet.

Mike83 | 29. Dezember 2017

A list of Pruitts sneaky destruction of our government as makes his buddies money. I wonder what we haven't yet discovered.

Mike83 | 08. Februar 2018

Pruitt thinks pollution is good. Ask these coal miners as the EPA removes protections so the swamp can make more profits.

Tesla-David | 08. Februar 2018

Pruitt is a complete moron and idiot. Words can't describe what a complete buffoon he is in his misunderstanding around the science of Climate Change/Chaos and its impacts!

SCCRENDO | 08. Februar 2018

You guys beat me to it. He reads the same toilet paper as climate_change-denier_MItch and Brain_Remnant. On another thread Brain_Remnant suggested I plant more trees to solve the greenhouse gas problem from burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid.

Mike83 | 09. Februar 2018
Mike83 | 04. April 2018

Cities sueing fossil fuel companies directly and should include government appointees.

Tesla-David | 05. April 2018

Thanks @Mike83, bring on the lawsuits. Like the State AGs suing the Tobacco Institute/companies, I think courts inflecting serious monetary judgements against these scumbag companies for the damages they have done and continue to do will ultimately bring them to heel. I think Pruitt's days are numbered with all his recent ethical lapses, and look forward to seeing him terminated. Unfortunately Drumpf will only likely appoint someone equally bad to replace him. We need to terminate Drumpf, and also Pence. At least if the midterms turn out as I hope, the Dems can reduce further damage to our democracy.

Mike83 | 06. April 2018
Anyone remember the portrait of Dorian Gray
Art is revealing.

Tesla-David | 07. April 2018

Thanks @Mike83, the art depicted nails the subject manner spot on! Very sad to see EPA in the hands of a worthless scumbag like Pruitt, who deserves to be manacled and imprisoned for his blatant disregard for executing the mission of EPA and wasting taxpayer dollars for his security detail and lavish trips abroad.

sosmerc | 07. April 2018

@Tesla-David.......well said. I couldn't agree more.

Mike83 | 07. April 2018

Mr. Pruitt seems to be playing God and is bringing his religious beliefs into government; even the Pope and many religious groups don't think he knows what God wants.
But this is even worse; he has dozens of ETHICAL issues. It seems his religion is based on fossil fuel funding.

Mike83 | 16. April 2018

Now we are getting somewhere. The deceivers will be held accountable


Tesla-David | 16. April 2018

I can't wait to hear the outcome of these court cases. I am confident that they will be held liable for their willful misinformation campaigns to confuse the public and muddy the waters on the science/facts regarding AGW/Climate Change. I would love to see them do the perp walk but would be happy also to see them bankrupted for their lies.

SCCRENDO | 17. April 2018

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Mike83 | 17. April 2018

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Thiefs learn in the long run you can not gain anything by taking from others.

Mike83 | 17. April 2018

I really like this lawsuit. Climate disruption, wildfires and snow for water

Tesla-David | 17. April 2018

Great news @Mike83, keep the lawsuits coming! I think the dam has been breached and these scumbag companies destroying our precious Planet will be held accountable for their willful actions of misinformation and denial.

On another note, Tesla-Energy is moving forward with my 2-PW2 installation, and I should see the design/plan proposal soon. This news made my day.

RedShift | 17. April 2018

Lawsuits are the only way to stop obnoxious ignoramuses like Pruitt. Let him make a fool of himself, as long as he is neutered.

No thanks to jackass conservatives who keep screaming in his defense.

Mike83 | 18. April 2018

Remember who appointed this paranoid misfit.

RedShift | 18. April 2018

Oh, the MoronPresident (TM) has enough other problems already. He is in a ‘shitstormy’ right now.
Stumbling from meltdown to the next meltdown.

SCCRENDO | 18. April 2018

The closer Mueller and now lately the state of New York gets to the heart of Trumpland the more the outside world needs to fear the wrath of the US military. If the state of New York indicts Cohen or the Trump/Kushner family we can say goodbye to the whole Korean Peninsula and there could be a lot of Japanese damage.

Tesla-David | 19. April 2018

39 Senators and 131 Representatives signed letter demanding resignation or firing of scumbag Pruitt. Worthless piece of "Sh*t".

bigd | 19. April 2018

What a bunch of clowns here lol

SCCRENDO | 19. April 2018

There weren’t any before you got here. Have you bought a car yet or are you still just trolling the boards?

finman100 | 20. April 2018

elect a clown, appoint more clowns, expect a circus. wow. how anyone cannot see how stupid our current administration is...truly another low point for the US.

Mike83 | 20. April 2018

Ironic that those who put these swamp creatures in office are the ones most hurt economically.

RedShift | 20. April 2018

I remember vaguely that his base elected the current President for “draining the swamp”. I could be mistaken though, having rarely listened to him during the electoral process. I don’t even listen to him anymore. His tweets, his fulminations... put on permanent ignore. Much like I do to some his defenders here. :-)