EPA Pruitt defrocked

EPA Pruitt defrocked

Mike83 | 23. April 2018

Change is very very hard for those embedded in the past. An article about the fear of old whites made a lot of sense; I believe it was in the Atlantic. Time changes all things; new people come to power and the old go away.
I choose to enjoy change. It's like the saying; I getting old but it beats the alternative.

Mike83 | 24. April 2018

Russian trolls taking over

Tesla-David | 24. April 2018

Yes, something needs to be done, as they have now taken over the Tesla-Energy forum as well. There needs to be a forum moderator who can quickly eliminate these obvious troll posts.

Mike83 | 24. April 2018

I was reading how Solar, wind and batteries are making fossil fuels obsolete. Perry must be trying to make up some garbage to keep supporting coal and suh to please his bosses and not the American people.

Tesla-David | 25. April 2018

The trolls have completely taken over the forum now. We need some serious help!

Yes @Mike83,k couldn't agree more. I signed my PW2 contract/design/plan two days ago, so things are finally moving forward to get my PW2 installation, which will give me the opportunity to be a microgrid.

Mike83 | 25. April 2018

Congrats @Tesla-David. My goal someday is also to be our own microgrid. I like the app for the Tesla system.

Tesla-David | 28. April 2018


Mike83 | 30. April 2018

Ocean acidification already affecting shellfish industry. You won't find any truth now from Pruitt's EPA funded by fossil fuel industry.

Mike83 | 30. April 2018

Even a Republican becomes a whistleblower. Trump hires shady people it seems.

Tesla-David | 01. Mai 2018

Ocean acidification is a big deal. You might be interested in this news clip from Seattle. A around the World Yacht race is actually doing measurements of ocean acidification to document the changes.

Some great news, Tesla-Energy informed me yesterday, that they anticipate doing my PW2 install next month. I can't wait to get this done. ;0)

Mike83 | 01. Mai 2018

Fantastic Tesla-David. Tesla Energy is doing it. Great to hear some very smart people are doing the acidity measurements. I am not sure but I believe MBARI is using submersibles to measure various parameters in the Pacific. T is one and possibly pH and some other data.
is one link.
Hopefully America will come to it's senses on the federal level.

Tesla-David | 02. Mai 2018


Tesla-David | 03. Mai 2018


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JiveMiguel | 07. Mai 2018

EPA Pruitt is a skunk.

(Greetings from Costa Rica!)

SCCRENDO | 07. Mai 2018

@JiveMiguel. Greta country you live in. One of the most environmentally friendly. Kudos to Costa Rica

Tesla-David | 08. Mai 2018


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Mike83 | 11. Mai 2018

Distortions brought to you by fossil duel appointees.

Mike83 | 14. Mai 2018
Mike83 | 22. Mai 2018
Our tax dollars pay for hiding facts from us. Is this a new dictatorship?

Tesla-David | 22. Mai 2018

I remember when I thought Annie Gorsuch, the mother of our new worthless Supreme Court pick by Drumpf, was the worst EPA administrator ever, but Pruitt beats her by a million miles. He is a criminal in the way he has dodged his responsibility to protect the health of American citizens by upholding water, air quality standards. He is beyond disgusting and I would love to see him held criminally liable for what he is doing to the environment. May hell have a special place for scumbags like him.

BTW, here is one of my favorite Horsey cartoons, which I know @Mike83 has referred to many times.,+frogs+slowly+cooking+in...

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2018

LOL. These criminal types are already living in a self created hell on earth and they want everyone to join them I guess. Misery loves company.

SCCRENDO | 22. Mai 2018

While these crooks are democratically elected and/or nominated this is a sad failure of democracy. the voting public is too stupid to understand that they have created a Frankenstein

rxlawdude | 22. Mai 2018

" Is this a new dictatorship?"

No, but it's starting to smell like 1933 Germany.

Tesla-David | 23. Mai 2018

@rxlawdude, yes I couldn't agree more! Here is more evidence as EPA under scumbag Pruitt is now prohibiting media coverage of EPA sponsored Water Pollution Conference. Unbelievable and unacceptable!

sosmerc | 23. Mai 2018

How can this guy survive? This is disgusting and sure reflects how far down the drain we are going. Trump coined the phrase "drain the swamp"......yet he is the one plugging up the drain.

Tesla-David | 31. Mai 2018

Way to go California, keep the lawsuits coming against Pruitt, an incredible worthless scumbag who deserves to be put in prison for his failure to uphold EPA's mission and his unholy alliance with Big Oil.

stevenmaifert | 05. Juli 2018

Haters rejoice. He resigned today.

Mike83 | 05. Juli 2018

I hope he pays back all money he took.

Tesla-David | 05. Juli 2018

Yes this worthless scumbag is gone but the second in command is not likely to be any better, and nothing much will improve as long as drmpf is POTUS.

Tesla-David | 05. Juli 2018

Yes this worthless scumbag is gone but the second in command is not likely to be any better, and nothing much will improve as long as drmpf is POTUS.

finman100 | 05. Juli 2018

one down, so very many to go.

rxlawdude | 05. Juli 2018

Change debunked to defrocked.

Mike83 | 05. Juli 2018


Tesla2018 | 05. Juli 2018

Now Rex Tillerson can be appointed head of the EPA. He might want to buy some Boring Tunnel machines to drill for oil in National Parks and sell it to the Russians.

Tesla-David | 05. Juli 2018

Thanks, I like the change! ;0)

SCCRENDO | 05. Juli 2018

Get rid of all the clowns including Trump and Pence. We need a new circus in town

Mike83 | 06. Juli 2018

The Swamp creatures led by Trump now don't mind if you get leukemia as they are blocking warnings on Formaldehyde. This stuff is too crazy to make up.
Now the coal guys don't mind about mercury since the fox is guarding NOT the hen house.

SamO | 06. Juli 2018

Regulatory capture without much concern for optics.

Much of what is transpiring will be overturned in court. EPA actions cannot pass the rational basis test.

NKYTA | 06. Juli 2018

The problem is, the number two, now head, is a former energy lobbyist (and coal), and anyone could be better at keeping their head down than Pruitt.

Keep shining the light on what is going on, journalists. Please.

Madatgascar | 07. Juli 2018


Shesmyne2 | 07. Juli 2018

Elect a clown.
Expect a circus.

Still Grinning ;-)

Mike83 | 11. Juli 2018

Not all farmers are afraid to discuss Climate Change.

SO | 14. Juli 2018

Maybe Pence could take over. His family has a similar track record on environmental destruction.

SCCRENDO | 14. Juli 2018

Pence is a real bad ass. And in fact is more right wing than Trump. But at least you know what you are getting with him. Who knows how much integrity he has but he cannot be as bad as Trump. In addition Trump is likely treasonous and Mafia like thug who is destroying our justice system. So he needs to go and needs to be brought to justice.

Mike83 | 19. Juli 2018

Good analysis of why republicans vote against meaningful legislation but reward those who pay them, perhaps the Russians do also. They are making contributions even more secret. Not a pretty picture.

Mike83 | 03. August 2018

So as Climate Disruption continues the Trump admin. continues to ignore evidence and reward those doing the damages. Very disappointing.

Tesla-David | 03. August 2018

Thanks@Mike83, scary news especially for those unfortunate souls living on low lying islands, who may have to migrate soon due to flooding. Climate Diruption is happening now, this is not something that is a future-worry. Only complete idiots continue to ignore the reality that is happening. For me we are approaching a all hands on deck moment. Clear and forceful action to bring our carbon emissions down is required NOW.

RedShift | 04. August 2018

Look what the shit for brains did now:

Reversing the pesticide ban that kills bees.

Trump and his supporters are despicable morons.