Unlimited energy for the vehicle

Unlimited energy for the vehicle

At the bottom of the car Miniature 8 or more Wind turbine When connected The faster the car gets, the more wind it will When the car reaches a certain speed Increased energy fill the depot
free energy

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leskchan | 06. April 2017

It doesn't work that way. Wind turbine has to "anti-aerodynamics" so that it "traps" wind pressure to spin the turbine. It becomes a negative in energy plus horrible drive handling.

Bighorn | 06. April 2017

how do you say perpetual motion in Turkish?

rxlawdude | 06. April 2017

@Big, 경상 운동

Bighorn | 06. April 2017

Nice try, k-pop:)

Remnant | 06. April 2017

@Kaan Önder (OP, April 6, 2017)

<< [We could get] Unlimited energy for the vehicle, [with] Wind turbines ... The faster the car [moves], the more wind [will produce free energy]. >>

Unfortunately, that energy would not be free, because it would necessarily be subtracted from the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

Anything that reduces the kinetic energy of a vehicle is a brake. Your wind turbines would slow the vehicle down.

reed_lewis | 07. April 2017

...we have not had one of these posts in a few weeks.

I miss them.

Goose | 07. April 2017

Queue: solar roof on car

Rocky_H | 07. April 2017

@Goose, That is a slightly different topic. These ideas about alternators or wind turbines on the vehicle are ridiculous perpetual motion machines, like hanging a magnet in front of the car to make it move forward. Those other ideas like solar panels on the car are at least having the right concept, that it is receiving energy from outside the system of the car, but just not understanding that the scale of energy input isn't enough to be useful.

ken.hixson | 07. April 2017

You're right Rocky but I would still like to see you and the magnet give it a try.

Kaan Önder | 08. April 2017

propeller If done well Aracın altındaki sekiz silindire yerleştirilirse If the propellers reach a certain level, they will not brake There must be an obstacle in front of the wind to brake Aerodynamics of the car I mentioned If there is high pressure under the car and This is useful if you use the pressure correctly and transfer it to the prop
It will be all kinds of braking but it will be worth it

Bighorn | 08. April 2017

Still false

lomunchi | 08. April 2017

Sorry, still physics. Whatever additional pressures were available to the turbine would have been created by the car. If you were to apply a wind turbine to pick up energy from outside the system (e.g. while the car is parked picking up the wind) you could add to the energy stored in the vehicle. The energy produced by the car moving cannot exceed or even be equal to (mechanical friction, resistance loses, storage inefficiencies) the energy expended in creating that energy.

Kaan Önder | 08. April 2017

I have 1 engine in my car, about 8 wind turbines Specially designed
With wind turbines 1 türbin 9 kilovatı üretir, 8x9 = 72 kWh üretir Araba 60 mil ve üzeri gain It does not have an effect below 60 mil Good for long road

Dramsey | 08. April 2017

@Kaan Önder,

"If the propellers reach a certain level, they will not brake". Wrong.

"There must be an obstacle in front of the wind to brake" Wrong.

"It will be all kinds of braking but it will be worth it". Wrong.

Look, Kaan, it's obvious you are ignorant of basic physics, or you wouldn't be defending a silly perpetual motion scheme like this.

GHammer | 08. April 2017

Brilliant! I wonder why nobody else has thought of something like this before, it's so simple.

Homebrook | 11. April 2017

I think Kaan may be a postmodern physicist.

reed_lewis | 12. April 2017

The only way this works is if there is a significant tailwind pushing the car forward. This way the car has 'free' energy to move in the direction you want to go. Other than that, forget about it. You cannot get free energy ever.

djharrington | 12. April 2017

It's cute how long it's been since we've had a post like this. I was starting to think that our forum physics lessons were paying off.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 12. April 2017

Keep in mind that from a theoretical perspective, if there's EXTERNAL wind (not the apparent wind the car generates via its own motion), a car with a ground connection could capture some of it. Even a headwind. A wind turbine needs to be ground-coupled to make use of the delta between wind and ground, but it need not be stationary. Sailboats wouldn't work too well if they could only go downwind, but they demonstrate that it's possible to use the wind to go a different direction than the wind is blowing.

Now that doesn't make it useful in the real world, and it's not going to work at all in still ambient air (nothing to capture), but it is actually possible for a specialized demonstration vehicle to be wind-powered under certain limited conditions, the most important of which is there needs to be real ambient wind, not just apparent wind.

Capturing ambient wind certainly doesn't give "unlimited energy" per the post's title, unless you have "unlimited wind" and an "unlimited" means to harvest it. Nor does the car speeding up capture more energy, since it's the delta between the ambient wind and the ground that's available for capture. So this post seems to qualify as a perpetual motion attempt. But we often discount 100% of what a turbine could generate as coming from the vehicle's kinetic energy. In reality, it's probably closer to 99%, depending on how windy a particular area is.

Bottom line is we do NOT want wind turbines on our Teslas, but we tend to be a tiny bit simplistic in our explanations of why they should be written off. There is a meaningful difference between ambient and apparent winds, even if neither of them is practical for powering a production car.

SUN 2 DRV | 12. April 2017

This is truly a revolutionary idea that's sure to become a BIG money maker.

Please do whatever it takes to move this forward even if you need to sell the family house, borrow from your brother-in-law or ask your wife to work evenings and weekends, especially when conventions are in town.

The world needs this kind of advanced will be a rich man soon.... please hurry.

reed_lewis | 12. April 2017

@SUN 2 DRV - You need to make sure you put smiley emoticons on your post. I am worried that the OP might take it literally.

SUN 2 DRV | 12. April 2017

Hi Reed... I figure there are 10 kinds of people... and half of them will know what it means and the other half should follow my advice... :-)

PV_Dave @US-PA | 12. April 2017

@SUN 2 DRV: The 10 kinds of people in the world are those who understand binary, and those who do not. But if all those who do not understand binary follow your advice, I think we'll be in trouble.

SUN 2 DRV | 12. April 2017

PV: True, I should have said "baskets" instead of "half". Opps that phraseology got someone else into big trouble forget the "baskets" idea... :-)