What are your must haves on your configure list?

What are your must haves on your configure list?

OK, what are your must haves, and what are your would be great to have but could live without items on your configure lists?

My #1 must have would be super charging, if I don't get that it would be the deal breaker. Need having the ability to charge quick if needed since the whole point is getting to go to more places that I couldn't before because of limited range and charging possibilities.

I was thinking that AWD would be one, but RWD wouldn't be a deal breaker. Sure it may be annoying if the tires will spin if I hit the accelerator to fast from the line, but my RAV4 did that, and I could deal with it.

Another really big wish item would be a bigger battery for increased range, but depending on cost I could deal with the 200+ miles with super charging, my RAV had around half that, but no super charging and for most things except long trips did fine.

Pie in the sky items:
Panoramic roof, color, sound system, maybe that air suspension? LOL.

Ehninger1212 | 11. April 2017

I'll probably be getting a pretty bare bones model 3. Ful glass roof, RWD, smaller battery. Hopefully they have a basic white otherwise I will get black. I can do without a lot of the other stuff. I MIGHT get autopilot and upgrade later to full self driving. But I'm on the fence. I will also definitely get the most basic wheels as I would like to get a nice set of aftermarket wheels to set my model 3 apart. Of course this could all change depending on what options are actually available and how much upgrades end up costing.

dbasler | 11. April 2017

It's not clear yet what options will come standard and which will add the price. Even at $35K, this will be the most expensive car I've purchased. Provided that the energy tax credit is still available (fingers crossed), I will go for the AWD, enhanced auto-pilot (summon feature) and heated seats in order of preference. I only drive about 15K miles per year, so the battery size is not important to me.

mntlvr23 | 11. April 2017

Color, upgraded seats and AWD.
Will forgo AWD if it may delay to lose some of the incentive

M3forMe | 11. April 2017

EAP, Silver or White color.

M3forMe | 11. April 2017

+ Supercharging.

tas | 11. April 2017

HUD .... ^o)

burdogg | 11. April 2017

Don't believe a word said about the prices
In fact AWD for S is $5,000 - someone actually tweeted Elon if AWD would be available and if it would be 5,000 he said yes on available and that it would be LESS than $5,000 which then just destroys all of Eagles pricing abobe.

Bluesday Afternoon | 11. April 2017


But he is willing to pay $ to NOT get something!

accentcreate | 11. April 2017

Plain white, roof-rack mounts and fun to drive.

Nexxus | 12. April 2017

AWD and the Cold Weather Package.

KP in NPT | 12. April 2017

EAP is my only must-have. Second would be bigger battery.

sbeggs | 12. April 2017

Largest battery and enhanced autopilot are essentials.

Color will be only option.
Would like to have cold weather package, possibly, or AWD.

Captain_Zap | 12. April 2017

#1 The 72A AC Charger
#2 The largest battery

AWD is a strong "like to have" but not a "must have"..

silvermaxd | 12. April 2017

silver or gray in color....RWD...all leather seats...biggest battery...maybe upgrade sound system...bigger wheels(if upgraded brakes come with)..don't care about autopilot or summon.

polaris | 12. April 2017

... if affordable

1. Largest battery
2. Roof rack
3. AWD

scarface | 12. April 2017

- All glass roof

dsvick | 12. April 2017

Panoramic roof

After that I'll see how much money I have left ....
maybe navigation or a tech package if it isn't standard.

Gen3Joe | 12. April 2017

All wheel drive performance with ludicrous and a minimum 270 mile range

Elizabets07 | 12. April 2017

1. EAP
2. Paint (silver, white, or candy apple red)
3. Air suspension

4fishtankz | 12. April 2017

Hmmm, that summoning feature may make me change my color choices. I may get black with a little red light strip in front that goes back and forth...
KIT come pick me up, LOL

LostInTx | 12. April 2017

Houston has potholes that can be seen from space. My Tundra handled these reasonably well but my wife's Lexus bounces around like a pinball. I've love to have a beefed up suspension to handle our moon craters.

If hitting potholes rattle the car, I want a sound system that blocks out the creaks.

RWD is fine - color isn't important and the base battery is sufficient for my commuting needs.

So yea, a suspension system akin to a hovercraft and sound that'll drown out my bad singing.

TASANB | 12. April 2017

Only Must Have: EAP

Really-want-but-not-bad-enough-to-delay-delivery: 75kWh, AWD, "P"

The latter is subject to change when the configuration options are announced.

CC396 | 12. April 2017

I think we all want a bit of everything??? Air suspension, glass roof, Performance, AWD, large battery, but all depends on the pricing huh? Hopefully everything will be topped of around 50,000, not 60,000+.

Frank99 | 12. April 2017

Must haves:
EAP, 250 mile range.
Nice to haves based on cost:
Glass roof, FSD (when it works!),
Not needed:
AWD, Air suspension, P, Ludicrous, big wheels, big sound, cold weather, Leather

millsdmb | 12. April 2017

Full Self Driving. The reason I pre-ordered one.

millsdmb | 12. April 2017

Full Self Driving. The reason I pre-ordered one.

Carl Thompson | 12. April 2017

No "must haves." I could live with a base Model 3.

But I will likely purchase:
1. EAP
2. Bigger battery
3. AWD (if available)
4. Ultra High Fidelity Sound (if available)
5. Tech Package (if available)
6. Autonomous driving (when available)

I might also purchase depending on the price:
1. Leather (depending on the price)
2. glass roof (should make getting the car wrapped cheaper but chipped window more expensive to fix)


Mapowing | 12. April 2017

When my wife and I test drove the Model S, the "Summon" feature sold us right away...our Tesla rep told me to let my hands off the steering wheel while driving on the freeway, the car simply drove us for a 2 mile stretch; I was sold on it...So yeah, EAP is definitely a must have feature for me and my wife...color and AWD not a deal breaker...larger battery definitely consider dependent upon pricing.

Big1matt | 12. April 2017

Supercharging is already included. Hopefully we will be able to fully configure our cars, as apposed to the pre set versions that will supposedly be how they let us order model 3.

geglsede | 12. April 2017

RWD, NoGlassRoof!, No options, but silver!

4fishtankz | 12. April 2017

Went on Model3Tracker just to play and they had the color Titanium as an option. I don't see it as an option on the S anymore so googled and see it was a color on the S before. YES, that's the color I want! Wonder if they'll bring it back or why it was discontinued?

sosmerc | 12. April 2017

1. AWD
2.Tow Package
3. Large Battery
4. Back seats that fold FLAT
5. LIftback or Hatch....maybe on the Model Y ?

socaldave | 12. April 2017

1. Range
2. EAP
3. Range
4. Range
5. Maybe range? =)

ftm3 | 12. April 2017

1. Largest battery possible
2. EAP
3. Tow package/air suspension

I drive between Phoenix, L.A. and Las Vegas and want to blast the heat or A/C as necessary without any worries.

graham.balch | 12. April 2017

1. EAP and self-driving
2. Panoramic roof
3. Mid-battery (not base, not highest end assuming all are available from get go

I am one of the earliest in the queue for a M3 and I may have to adjust order based on what is available. I am sure EAP and self-driving will be available and that is my highest priority. The others are nice to haves.

Itrnhds | 12. April 2017

whatever 60k gets me,
musts would be biggest battery
would likes, awd, eap, tech package, panoramic roof, leather, sound and air suspension

SoFlaModel3 | 13. April 2017

This is what I'm hoping for at $48,700 or better...

- Metallic paint ($700)
- Autopilot ($3,500)
- 20" Rims ($3,000)
- Leather Seats ($2,400)
- Premium Sound ($1,750)
- Best roof option ($1,400)
- Sub Zero ($700)

SoFlaModel3 | 13. April 2017

Sorry I hit post to fast.... those prices are my pure assumptions on options.

mirken65 | 13. April 2017

Would REALLY like:
Leather seats
Seat warmers
Blind-spot notification on side mirrors
Folding side mirrors, preferably automatically
Retracting door handles
Twin sun-visors, to block driver's side window and front windscreen simultaneously
Towing capability, or at least the ability to fit a bike carrier
Sufficient ground clearance/suspension to handle average speed-humps without scraping

Would be NICE to have:
450km battery range
Cruise-control "resume" feature
17/18" wheels would do me fine. The smaller the wheels, the less expensive the tyres are to replace.
Air adjustable suspension
Aunger-style side windshields as an extra, so in hot weather the windows can be left open a little, without it being visible

Couldn't care LESS about:
Ludicrous mode

Ross1 | 13. April 2017

A service Centre near me.
A 7 year warranty.
A Supercharger or two in my state
Voice recognition

Wimpy ti | 13. April 2017

1.) Heated Seats
2.) Red Paint
3.) EAP

That's probably about it! maybe a premium internet accessibility option if there is one. I spend hours each day in the car, so this would be ideal.