Why does USB drive keep indexing!

Why does USB drive keep indexing!

I use a USB flash drive to play my itunes music. One really annoying thing is that the car keeps reindexing the drive - even though I've not made any changes to it or removed it from the port.

Why!!!! I have 23K files and it takes awhile to reindex each time, leaving me without the ability to listen to the music..

Anyone else have this issue? | 28. April 2017

I've had it index maybe once a month. A bit more often than pre-8.0 where the internal indexing scheme changed. You didn't say how often indexing occurs - every day? each time you get into the car? If fairly often, I suspect perhaps a problem with the USB drive - the Tesla may be encountering some kind of read errors that force a reindex (although it really shouldn't).

Try another USB drive. There are a lot of fake USB drives in the market. Almost any no-name drive or anything purchased on an auction site is fake. Scan down a few sections in the article for more about fake drives:

Solarfan | 14. August 2017

" . . . Anyone else have this issue?"
I have the exact same issue. At another forum member's suggestion, I bought a very expensive 2 TB Solid State Drive. I loaded only FLAC files. The reindex failure continues.

As soon as I move the car and leave it for a few minutes, it reindexes. Like you, there has been no change or disconnect of the drive. The tracks play flawlessly when the needless reindex completes -- until the next stop. It happened at 16:00 PDT today. This is a systematic system failure.

Like you, I cannot use the expensive HD audio system in our May '17 S100D v8.1(2017.28 c528869)

I have a case open with Tesla, and Tesla is non-responsive.

rxlawdude | 14. August 2017

It seems that the people having the most problems are using a 2.5" spinning disk or SSD. The people reporting the fewest issues are using USB flash memory.

akikiki | 14. August 2017

23,000 music files? Sorry, can't sympathize with you unless you doing regular drives to the moon and back. Someone needs to say it. One really does not need more than a few hundred at most on a single drive at a time.
Especially when its going to solve your long indexing issue with a shorter indexing time.

NKYTA | 14. August 2017

Way too sensible akikiki. ;-)


Solarfan | 14. August 2017

@akikiki & @rxlawdude,

It's difficult to understand how you, as apparent Tesla owners, are commenting on this in the manner you have. You bought a Tesla. The vast majority of people on the planet think you are nuts. Those folks are wrong.

Please allow us, who bought a Tesla, love music diversity, and hope to prolong human life on Earth, to want it all. What can possibly harm you if we want what we were promised by Tesla?

To provide some insight on the value of a large music library accessible in the Model S; it is enlightening to play various artist's versions of the same song, and changing versions of the same track back-to-back from the 45,000 tracks (not 23 000). Think Patti Smith's Horses or anything by Miles Davis, David Bowie or Classical works. You might also want to play by genre, yet there is no practical way to have everything organized to play both title and genre from one thumb drive. There are other interesting methods of listening. It would take approximately 50 128 GB thumb drives, costing many times more than the under $100 of a good 2TB drive to allow even a subset of that diversity. It would also cause reindexing each time you changed thumb drives.

Diversity and choice are why people use streaming services and suffer the lack of audio quality. If that works for you, good.

Our music collection cost nearly half the cost of the Tesla. We bought it to support the artists. It is important to us. That you think we are crazy is fine with us. You apparently do not have a dog in this fight from the technical point-of-view. Are you afraid that Tesla will look bad and your stock will suffer? We have Tesla stock, and want Tesla to provide the amazing experience that we all love and the stock to do well. Fixing this failure will help Tesla stock. Only by bringing shortcomings to light will Tesla know that some, obviously not you, care.

The failure is reindexing for no reason, not the size of the library. Get it?

akikiki | 14. August 2017

Solarfan, Wow, you read my mind. You were right on target when you said I was worried that the stock would suffer because of your indexing problem. I wake up every morning and check immediately but to my relief we have dodged that bullet yet one more time.

But I missed the place in the Tesla options and features that guaranteed indexing a library for the trip to Mars or slightly less distance.

chtazwinti | 15. August 2017

I can confirm that ever since I put all my 10,000+ flac songs on a Samsung 1TB SSD in my 2015 P85D (17.26.92), I experience no more problems such as re-indexing, re-loading, etc. I don't know why, but it finally works and I can seamlessly listen to my music.

Solarfan | 15. August 2017


I attempted to inform you what the problem is and why access to seamless music library access is worthwhile. You responded with your Mars trip story and sarchasm.

I understand that you do not want more than a few hundred tracks at at most. Enjoy.

Solarfan | 15. August 2017


Thanks for the feedback.

I purchased the Samsung 2-TB SSD (a beautiful and fast piece of hardware). It worked fine for playing music, but yesterday when I drove to town, listening to music, and parked for an appointment, I returned to the May '17 S100D v8.1(2017.28 c528869), it was reindexing. I could not listen to the music.

Maybe the needless reindex failure in my Model S has to do with the firmware-version difference.

Haggy | 18. August 2017

"23,000 music files? Sorry, can't sympathize with you unless you doing regular drives to the moon and back. Someone needs to say it. One really does not need more than a few hundred at most on a single drive at a time."

Somebody needs to say it, but nobody needs a $100,000 car or even a $60,000 car. If you want an EV, get a Leaf. It should have enough range for your daily commutes, and with the money you save, you can fly to places for your annual vacation and rent a car.

On the other hand, it might make no difference whether or not anybody can sympathize with you but whether you expect the car to work.

carlk | 18. August 2017

How is Leaf or any other cars handle 23,000 file USB drives? My previous car only takes CD's few tracks at time.