How will we pick up our M3 here in Utah?

How will we pick up our M3 here in Utah?

I know we have a store here in Salt Lake City, but as of this date they are not allow to sale a Tesla in the state of Utah. So I'm wondering how, and where we will be able to pick ours up when it is ready. Perhaps we can just go to the factory and pick it up there?


Red Sage ca us | 08. Mai 2017

Here is a video of someone receiving their Model S in Utah:

[ YouTube -- HMeCSyEL1Z0 ]

Bluesday Afternoon | 08. Mai 2017

Try this link to Red Sage's recommended video:

They will deliver to you but I heard they will be setting up additional delivery sites to help out owners. It's too bad that Utah is not receptive to Tesla sales model.

Rocky_H | 09. Mai 2017

I think that is the case in several states where they can't conduct selling. They can still deliver the cars if the purchase is already done online directly with Tesla in California.

Red Sage ca us | 09. Mai 2017

The problem, really, is that Tesla Employees are not allowed to conduct the Delivery. A third party, such as the driver with a load consignment, may do so.

Rocky_H | 10. Mai 2017

I don't really get why that is such a problem. Mine was dropped off by a car hauler, and I had still never seen a Tesla store or service center.

Red Sage ca us | 10. Mai 2017

Rocky_H: The problem is that it contributes to the narrative that the 'independent franchised dealerships' want to spin, without noting that they are the ones that orchestrated the so-called 'failing' of Tesla as a manufacturer to give 'a more personal touch' to the Delivery process. Tesla Enthusiasts such as ourselves are fully aware that is complete and total [BOLSHEVIK]. Unfortunately, with Model ☰ on the near horizon, those that prevent Tesla from proving their worth will claim they are correct, without direct evidence to the contrary. But no, there is no problem with getting your car, no matter who brings it to you.

Frank99 | 11. Mai 2017

OK, so I've got a new referral-type program to suggest.

In those states that make it difficult for Tesla to deliver to customers, have existing owners "volunteer" to deliver the cars to the new customers, including giving them a personalized introduction to the car. Anyone with 5 or more deliveries gets invited to the Model Y reveal.

At the very least, they'll be a lot more informed than a random transporter driver.

Red Sage ca us | 11. Mai 2017

Frank99: Unfortunately, Tesla cannot do that either... The 'optics' would be bad... Tesla Naysayers would see it as proof of their assertion that the 'Cult of Tesla' is a real phenomenon instead of mere hyperbole... Leading people to donate their time by volunteering to be 'willing slaves' of the company. Nah. As is the case with most things that seem like a good idea, you have to view them through the lens of someone who would attempt to twist the 'good idea' into an evil plot. Again, the 'independent franchised dealerships' managed to do away with the good ideas of the early Tesla Incentive programs -- something many owners had asked for -- by pointing out laws meant to prevent kickbacks to salespeople, and saying they would apply to owners that Tesla 'paid' with credits to purchase from their online or brick-and-mortar stores. Better for their to be no official ties between Tesla Deliveries and Tesla Enthusiasts. Those who are members of Tesla Owners Clubs will just have to do a better job of getting the word out for meetings and demonstrations.