0-60: Main Determinant of Keep/Cancel Decision

0-60: Main Determinant of Keep/Cancel Decision

We know that the base M3 will do 0-60 in under 6 seconds, but is anyone able to make an educated guess on how far under 6 seconds we should expect for the most stripped down version? It sounds like most people are predicting that there won't be a P version of the RWD model, meaning in order to get any increase in performance we'll need to wait for the AWD and then pony up at least an additional 5-7.5k more plus risk at least part of the tax credit.

Am I the only one around here who plans to cancel my reservation if 0-60 comes in near the upper 5s?

I'm sure most others aren't weighing acceleration so strongly against other attributes, and I know that the electric motor should feel snappier up front than you would otherwise expect, but it wont feel remotely as punchy as a Mustang GT or Camaro SS if its more than a full second slower to 60. (Am I wrong?)

Woodsonpd | 12. Mai 2017

I'm sure you're not the only one. You can value whatever attributes how you like. Cancel if you want to cancel, or don't if you want the car. Posting about canceling won't make the car go faster.

SamO | 12. Mai 2017


I have the "slowest" ModelS60 which does 0-6- in 5.9 seconds (per Tesla) but has been Tested at 5.5 seconds and I can assure you that it is much quicker than the Mustang and Camaro.

The battery will be smaller than the S and Tesla has committed to ensure the Model S is always the highest performance vehicle.

***GUESSING HERE*** I think the Model 3 will be the same. However, the dual motor, performance version should go 0-60 in around 3 seconds. ***GUESS HERE***

Frank99 | 12. Mai 2017

I'd suggest driving a Model S 60 or 75 (I'm sure the local Tesla showroom could hook you up), and decide if it's "punchy" enough for you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The thing I hate about my ICE, and that I expect to disappear in the Tesla, is the lag. Going down the freeway at 65, if I decide to punch it in order to hit a hole in traffic or whatever, it's two seconds before my car accelerates - with no accelerator pumps anymore, there's no immediate throttle response, then once the acceleration starts, the transmission decide to shift down, and once it's done the engine has to spool back up. I expect that, even in the base model 3, stomping on the accelerator will be instantly rewarded with all the power it has to give. How's that for "punchy"?

FactDoc | 12. Mai 2017

It's not even a factor I'm going to consider.

carlgo2 | 12. Mai 2017

I continue to hope for a sort of one-motor semi-ludicrous performance option. Tesla would probably require the bigger battery option and charge more than they should for this, but it would add to the bottom line without messing with the assembly line.

mntlvr23 | 12. Mai 2017

Not a factor at all for me. I had never thought of it before, so when they announced 6.0, I tested out my Volvo S60 and Camry and neither can beat 6.0 and both have served me well.

carlk | 12. Mai 2017

Don't let the 0-60 number to fool you. A 6 sec Tesla likely will give you more push on your back than a 5 sec if not a 4 sec ICE car. I have driven them all. The instant torque rules. A friend who got a MX 75D (~6 sec 0-60) was overjoyed and kept thanking me when he got the car. He couldn't believe how easy it is to pass other cars on the mountain drive. He previously owned a 650i and still has his SL so he knew how fast cars are like. You can find it (the acceleration) out yourself by go test drive a MX 75D. It definitely will beat you SS on the stop light and feels even faster because there is no pedal lag.

M3forMe | 12. Mai 2017

Not a factor for me. My Corolla does 0-60 in 9.4 secs so under 6 secs will be a BIG improvement. :-)

Red Sage ca us | 12. Mai 2017

BMW claims the 340i with 320 HP and 330 lb-ft torque does 0-60 MPH in 4.8 seconds. Assuming the Tesla Model ☰ has a 60 kWh battery pack in base trim, and weighs perhaps 3,700 lbs, I think it should have a similar horsepower/torque profile, but due to its electric drivetrain would be quicker, despite weighing a bit more, and costing quite a bit less. That would be my target, and Elon has already confirmed that at 'less than six seconds' the car will certainly blow the doors off the claimed 7.1 seconds 0-60 MPH time of the 320i. To look at it another way? The BMW 530i ($51,200 and 248 HP with 258 lb-ft torque) is listed on their website with a 0-60 MPH time of exactly 6.0 seconds. So the Model ☰ will be priced like an entry level 3-Series, but will be sized like an entry level 5-Series, with better off-the-line Performance. That very well could be a winning combination and stuff.

lomunchi | 12. Mai 2017

5.9 would work for the baseline for me. My preferred options are the 75 battery and AWD. I'd 'expect' that would knock a second of the base and 4.9 sounds flipping terrific especially knowing that the torque will be there from 0 - 30 MPH as well as from 50 MPH to 70 MPH as well! Flat torque curve - gotta love it!

billstanton | 12. Mai 2017

"Am I the only one around here who plans to cancel my reservation if 0-60 comes in near the upper 5s?"

Yes. Please do. Bump me up.

JeffreyR | 12. Mai 2017

The AUDI A4, BMW 3-Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class all start around $35-37K and get around 6 seconds 0-60mph. That is why the Model 3 was aimed there.

Remember one of the many causes of the Tesla Grin is, "The god-like connection between intent and result. Instant torque is addictive."

Regardless of where the base version starts, it will feel very quick. Of course larger batteries, dual-motor AWD, and Performance + Ludicrous versions will be even quicker. Remember, "At Tesla we only make fast cars." --Elon.

There are many, many more advantages to driving a Tesla:

Sleepydoc1 | 12. Mai 2017

@pigeon If drag racing off the line is adolescent, why do the American makers put out 700hp muscle cars with 1 seat and dealers try to sell them for 2-3x the list price?

As for quick, I don't care how quickly it gets to 60. I'd get a ticket in my town for doing that. The car gets to 45-50 very fast and it takes everyone else a while to pass me, only to do it again at the next light.

tstolz | 13. Mai 2017

I like power so will hold off for a 4 second or less version. Power isn't exactly a Tesla short-coming :)

kaffine | 13. Mai 2017

My current car lists 10.2 and I doubt it still gets that at this point. It really isn't a concern for me. I have driven a few cars that are likely faster than the 3 but didn't have the skill set at the time to push them and I didn't own them so I took it easy. It would be nice to have great acceleration however I would only use it a few times not something I would wait or pay extra for.

Ehninger1212 | 13. Mai 2017

I have driven many very fast cars, mustang gt500, viper ACR, camaro zl1, challenger srt8, a few 1000hp+ cars, etc. And a dodge Cummings that could eat a zo6 for breakfast ( the d*** thing shredded a billet input shaft... twice) tons of hot rods. I can tell you that the first time a rode in a Tesla P85D (Not even with ludicrous mode) I was nothing short of amazed. I have never driven anything that could launch that hard. Not saying they don't exist. But not common on the streets at all. If my model three launches half that hard I will be more the happy. My Land Rover currently does about 12 second to 60mph HAHAH terrible. It's also about 1500lbs over stock.

Atlanta 09 It's not crazy to say performance is important in your buying decession, and people can call me "adolescent" all they want. IDGAF.. I like to have fun. Speed makes me happy.

(Keep it on the track)

JeffreyR | 13. Mai 2017

@Ehninger1212 +1
The other thing to remember is that launching a Tesla does not require special skills. You just need to know the routine for a true "launch" or you can just donkey stomp the go-pedal.

The difference between a traction-limited, totally controlled digital launch vs. a howling double clutch, pray-it-doesn't-blow-something ICE launch is amazing. One is composed and consistent and will only turn the heads of those inside it. The other will draw the attention (and ire) of every copy w/in a country mile.

flight505 | 13. Mai 2017

0-30 MPH is more important than 0-60 MPH. The Model 3 has an inherent advantage over gas cars - max torque off the line.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

Or I would say 0-1 second. No ICE car can match a Tesla the first second, or the moment, after you pressed the pedal. That's what driving a Tesla all about, even if you never drag race your car.

Ross1 | 14. Mai 2017

The first deliveries will be 'normal'specs, so take what you get, sell it 2 years down the track to a taxi operator, and buy your dream.

noleaf4me | 14. Mai 2017

I have a Nissan Leaf which has a 0-60 somewhere around 10 seconds. I can tell you, even with that crappy time - off the line I can pull away from just about any other vehicle. I expect the Model 3 to be really amazing off the line -- even the base model.

bedoig | 14. Mai 2017

Is 0-60 time really the only aspect of performance you care about? Seems odd. My S2000 couldn't do a great 0-60 (unless you want to dump the clutch at 6k RPM) but it was still a very fun car. Also agree with the poster above, even my Leaf feels torquey off the line and it is in no way fast. 0-60 is nice, but it's really just magazine/headline bragging rights.

joemar10 | 14. Mai 2017

I have had the pleasure of "launching" a P100D a couple of times. No special driving skill required. Just stomp it. It is so smooth and straight that I have no doubt I could have released the steering wheel with no ill effects.

Sleepydoc1 | 14. Mai 2017

I will be at 45 mph (as I cross rhe first line on the othe side of the intersection (3 lanes each way) in my 7 seater X90D. Can the M4 do that? In the couple of suped up beamers I've launched against, they were just crossing the near side of the intersection as I crossed the far side at 45mph.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

I totally agree with @noleaf4me. People who have never driven an EV do not have an idea of how they run. An older coworker who recently bought an i3 (7 or 8 second 0-60?) commented he's worried about car like that got into young people's hand. He does not say that about ICE BMW which he has owned before.

The performance, or instantaneous torque, is part of the reason why Elon said making the best car which happens to be an EV. This is the quality that makes EV the best car. Tesla is the first EV maker that fully utilized that quality too.

jlxjl | 14. Mai 2017

I had thought that 0-60 is a good metric to compare acceleration but after driving my X 75D, I think it is over rated. It is the initial quickness that gets your attention and makes a difference on how fast the car. To put it in another perspective, if two cars have the same 0-60 time, the BEV will be far ahead of an ICE by the time both cars reach 60 mph. So before you cancel, test drive one first.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

Sleepydoc1 As an owner of two Tesla and previous owner of Porsche and other fast cars I can tell you any Tesla will kill any ICE cars up to 45 mph.

jlxjl | 14. Mai 2017

Because of its lower weight, it wouldn't surprise me if a dual motor M3 would be on par with MS up to 45 mph. Might need performance tires, but without a doubt, it'll be scary quick off the line.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

"I had thought that 0-60 is a good metric to compare acceleration but after driving my X 75D, I think it is over rated."

Yes it's overrated and its also misleading. It does not give you any indication of acceleration off line, or in the first second or two at cruising speed. It should be very clear if you just consider this example. Let's say a Tesla and a BMW both have 6 second 0-60. The Tesla would gain so much in 0-30 and continues to gain until at end of 6 second when both cars have reached the same 60 mph speed. That large lead of Tesla would still be there. Like I said any "slower" Tesla will kill pretty much any ICE cars on stop light drag race if you stop at the common 45 speed limit. It's the same when passing at cruising speed too. Tesla would give you the instantaneous top acceleration the moment you punch the pedal. ICE cars need to sluggishly to switch gears and/or to build up rpm, even the dual clutch auto/manual trans is sluggish by Tesla's standard. The Tesla would be long gone by then.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

Yeah right get the M4 and to suffer from a car that struggles off line.

Frank99 | 14. Mai 2017

I'm guessing that a 2013 RWD P85's 3.9s 0-60 would be a lot more fun than the M4's 3.9s 0-60, would certainly stomp it from stoplight to stoplight, and would do it with Grandma and Grandpa in the back seat laughing. The M4 would certainly be a better choice if the Nurburgring or a local track day factor heavily into your enjoyment of a car, but the factors for me are a lot more utilitarian.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

Frank99 No matter what after you have driven a Tesla the M4 will always feel it's struggling off line or the moment you punched the pedal. There is no fix for that for an ICE engine.

jlxjl | 14. Mai 2017

Carlk, thanks for the good explanation illustrating Tesla acceleration. In youtube drag race videos, MS P100D outruns every ICE in the first 4 seconds. I don't like to race but if I need to maneuver quickly, I know I can do it without pissing off the driver I'm cutting off.

Sleepydoc1 | 14. Mai 2017

Thanks Carl. The instant torgue is just a blast the whole drive home from a long day at work. Peaceful, smooth, quiet, no shifting, no pollution. Going up hill, while every one struggles, I just float up to the top of I80 to Reno/Tahoe or up 5 to Oregon or Grapevine to LA. Just dangerous, since people change lanes quickly then take forever to get to speed and have no expectation you will come out of nowhere.

bj | 14. Mai 2017

I have managed to drag motorcyclists off the line. In a Nissan Leaf! I cant wait to see what Tesla Model 3 does!

LostInTx | 15. Mai 2017

I've been hauling teenagers around in a Tundra for the last decade. Getting to 60 in 6 seconds is all I need.

JayInJapan | 15. Mai 2017

I got caught 3 lanes over from a highway entrance yesterday in Osaka. I was first in my lane waiting for the green (青 here) light, with the entrance 75 meters away. The wife rarely comments on the good about the car (AP is her favorite complaint, and she's never driven the car), so she asked, "can you make it?" I told her I'd try. As we were heading up the on ramp, she said "no problem." Score another one in Tesla's column.

The funny thing is, I used less than ½ a pedal to get there. 0-60 in 6 will be plenty for most. I love my car.

eeb9 | 15. Mai 2017

So I'm of two minds here - first, for me driving is just plain *fun*. I drive and thoroughly enjoy a MINI Cooper Coupe. So while I look forward to all the benefits of driving a built-from-the-ground-up EV, I *also* expect it to be a "Driver's Car"

I plan to make full use of every bit of performance it has to offer, at every opportunity (weekend mountain drives - hell yes!).

And, because a large part of my ~100 mile daily commute is on crowded freeways, I also plan to make as much use of the auto-pilot as I can.

I plan to make full use of the boring-but-safe-and-efficient mode to get me back and forth to the job, and to likewise allow my freak flag to proudly fly whenever a break in traffic or curvy mountain road allows...

bernard.holbrook | 15. Mai 2017

I'm on the fence about my Model 3. I wanted a hatch, so the car already has one strike. If it's slower than my ICE, that's strike two. (2007 six speed Volvo S60R so 0-60 5.3 sec)

I'll buy my Model 3, drive it for awhile, and see what I want to do with it then.

ACDC 2GO | 15. Mai 2017

0-60 time will not effect my purchase at all. Just looking forward to getting an affordable option with Tesla. I will probably put a deposit down for model Y also when that happens.

Red Sage ca us | 15. Mai 2017

As noted above, even if Model 3 were rated 'slower' by the numbers on the track, in the REAL WORLD it would still scorch the Volvo and the Mini Cooper and pretty much everything else off the line during the Street Light Grand Prix.

Ross1 | 16. Mai 2017

The current BMW MINIs do 0-60 in 6s and 7s.
The old little MINI Cooper which was incredibly fast and furious were from 8 to 14 secs, and the MINI van was 28sec.

Classic MINIs took out the top 9 places once at Bathurst AUS against Porsches and Mustangs.

Ross1 | 16. Mai 2017
efodix | 16. Mai 2017

Cancel the order. Bump me up a spot. Tnx!

topher | 16. Mai 2017

I have needed full on 0-60, once in my life, I don't envision needing it again, as I am better able to avoid those situations. I do my crazy dangerous stuff, off away from any other people. I can't wait until autonomous driving replaces people who think of public roads as race tracks.

Thank you kindly.

COrich | 16. Mai 2017

I have no desire to purchase a drag racer. I'm not looking at the Model 3 as a race car, but instead as our second electric vehicle. My Model X 90D has plenty of acceleration for both cars.

carlk | 16. Mai 2017

I can't believe there are still posts from people who are trying to compare 0-60 of their ICE cars. Like I said you guys who are driving ~4~5 second ICE cars should go test drive the slowest Tesla (~6 second X 75D) and find out yourself why people say even car like that could take off faster than yours.

devensd | 16. Mai 2017

Everyone should cancel so I get mine more soon.

matt80206 | 16. Mai 2017

I think my ford fusion plug in is like 15sec 0-60 so can't get worse... but maybe you need to punch it because the seats aren't comfortable and hurt your back? The destination will still be there even if it's slow my friend, Life is about the journey not the destination...

Rocky_H | 16. Mai 2017

Heh, I'm beginning to see why I am about to hit 40,000 miles in three years on my original tires, and most of you probably aren't. Hybrid habits die hard.