Roadster 2.0

Roadster 2.0

What will be the 0-60 time with Maximum plaid?

J.T. | 02. Juni 2017

Try Tesla Motors Club.

They don't play over there.

vp09 | 02. Juni 2017

Yes, Tesla Motors Club. It's a whole different feel. I'm there with my photo.

Tropopause | 02. Juni 2017

Nice name change, OP! I saw what you did there.

Tropopause | 02. Juni 2017

As I said to the other guy on the other thread- impersonating Elon just might be a crime of some sort. Be careful.

Orthopod | 02. Juni 2017

It's weird, I was trying to change my info and did some test and it changed my account name. I luv that

ReD eXiLe ms us | 05. Juni 2017

Less than 2.3 seconds.


Shesmyne2 | 16. November 2017

1.9 apparently....

Awesome! And beautiful!

Still Grinning ;-)

mgutierrezmd | 16. November 2017

Dang! This one looks incredible. Definitely got my attention!!

jordanrichard | 16. November 2017

600 mile range, 4 seats, 3 motors, top speed 250 mph. 1.9 0-60 in the non performance version, no less.

dortor | 16. November 2017

gonna need one of these - and yes the word is "need".

dortor | 16. November 2017

however - it better be a good track car - which means completing a Nuremberg lap and being able to run flat out for more than 3/4 of lap at thunderhill for example - the current Model S is a terrible track car...but if it's good for all that they will get my money.

carlk | 16. November 2017

dortor you're killing me. Please don't buy it.

rstrouts | 16. November 2017

Why get a red/white 0-60 in 1.9 in 2020 when you can get a Leaf... *taday*!?!?!


dortor | 17. November 2017

why Carlk - because I have actual requirements for the car to be able to run full out for more than 30 seconds? It's well knows EV's are great daily driver but horrible track cars due to:

a) high consumption rates
b) thermal problems with the batteries under high continuous load

I'm hoping that with the announcement of the Roadseter Elon feels he can over come these problems - we'll see.

I'm also hoping with Formula-E and other car manufactures involvement the industry as a whole can move forward in this space and move EV's to being as reliable/high-performance as ICE's under heavy use scenarios.

carlk | 17. November 2017

You race driver?

dortor | 17. November 2017

yes - yes I am - PCA Club racing license and Certified National PCA Driving Instructor - I use my sports cars at the track - and expect them to demonstrate stamina - i.e. being able to run "flat out" for more than 1 or 2 minutes under stressful and heavy use…

if Tesla is "gunning" for the title of "best" sports car it better be able to do better than a 1/4 mile - say complete a lap at the Nürburg ring - or heavy forbid complete a 25 minute HPDE session @ thunderhill without completely neutering itself due to battery thermals…

I _LOVE_ my model S around town - took it to the track - attempted to do a 20 minute session - was Neutered by battery thermals in 3/4 of lap 1 - and it was slower than a $5000 used Mazda Miata …

great daily driver and I mean GREAT daily driver, horrible track car!

the current Model S and get 1 Roadsters are slower than a Chevy Bolt at the track…check the logs

but when competing against ICE the lap times are embarrassingly slow…

the current lap times at Laguna coming in around 1:52.xx put you @ 138 out of 145 cars - slower than a Minicooper S Mk II, but faster than Z05 corvette

for $250,000 you'll need to do better than 138 of 145 cars…

a $150,000 Porsche GT3 does a lap at laguna around 1:33.1 - and can do that lap time for over 40 minutes straight during a PCA Club sprint race - lap times are a little slower (but not by much) during a 90 minute enduro…with a 5 minute pit stop for fuel once during the race.

if you are going to say you're better than the other $250,000++++ exotic super cars - you'll need to be able to run fast for more than 1,320 feet - otherwise it doesn't matter

8.8 second quarter mile is one thing...

a 1:31'ish lap time for 40 minutes straight @ Laguna is completely different.

dortor | 17. November 2017

when the Roadster comes out - I'll be happy to bring my $154,000 Porsche 911 GT3 to Laguna Seca and run it for a 20 minute session against any EV - I'll even spot you an entire 1 lap lead - and at the end of 20 minutes the 911 will finish before you by at least an entire lap…

Because at 1:52 vs. 1:31 - that's 21 seconds per lap faster - and I lap you in your EV on your lap #7 approximately 14 minutes in to the "race" - and proceed in the next 6 minutes to open up another 126 second lead - or nearly a 2 minute lead time - or about 1.5 lap advantage…having started a lap behind.

It's also worth noting that while a Model S can do a 1:52.425 it can't do it more than once - after that "hot lap" due to battery thermals - it's lap time drops down to well over 2:15 or 2:20 - it's a one lap wonder - best case....I know Cameron Rodgers - I've raced with Cameron - he's one of the biggest EV fans on the planet - working hard on a full electric radical race car (radical is the type/brand of race car - google it they are awesome track toys) - but even though he owns the track record for EV's he will tell you EV's have a long long long long way to go before they equal what can be accomplished with an ICE car…

now you can pooh pooh this all you want - but _IF_ you are going to claim world "best" performance car for $250,000 you better be able to outperform a $60,000 Porsche Cayman or a $300,000 Ferarri 488/458 - both cars run literally for hours on a track circuit and will not neuter themselves performance wise…and you best not be embarrassed by a beater $5,000 Mazda Miata (which can do like mid 1:40's at Laguna…and do it back to back to back to back to back…

Tropopause | 17. November 2017

Ah, the last of the goal posts in the "BEV can't compare with ICE" arguments. And if the Roadster CAN do these track events, will the pessimists finally admit defeat? Elon thrives on people telling him it can't be done. I don't think he would create a 250+ mph Roadster and not think of these challenges. Model S is a family sedan and never intended for racing. Obviously a Roadster has a different purpose.

Haggy | 17. November 2017

Best at what? It's still years too early to tell if or how Tesla will overcome the thermal issues. If they don't, it would make no more sense than saying that Usain Bolt isn't the best runner because he can't do marathons. We know what the car is expected to be good at. Now we need to see the big picture. | 17. November 2017

I'd venture to say most sports sold cars are never taken to the track. Most are used to enjoy everyday driving. Most cars set up for the track are not very good for everyday drivers. I have no idea if the new Roadster will work on the track - my guess (like others) is the Roadster is designed for everyday driving fun and not for the track. Nothing wrong with that as it will likely sell a lot more Roadsters and make a lot more owners happy.

carlgo2 | 17. November 2017

Should the gods wish to gift me a new Roadster, as they should (hopefully without stipulations), it would only be used for rather brief thrills and short and safe exhibitions of speed. I would have to work up to being comfortable with a full 1/4 mile of full power.

There will likely be some race-prep sorts of upgrades available to make the Roadster suitable for track events. Perhaps huge cooling radiators, pumps and such, along with maybe lighter specialized racing batteries good for typical racing events. Endurance racing seems totally out of the question unless swappable batteries are used.

flyfr8 | 17. November 2017

wow ... a rocket for the it!
cannot be judged by WW2 race tracks that cater to ICE
Its a whole new world !!

jordanrichard | 17. November 2017

dortor, Tesla didn't say they were gunning for the "best sports car", only the fastest accelerating production cars on the planet. I am a former member of the PCA and I get it, an EV can't be tossed around a track like a Porsche, but outside the PCA bubble, no one cares........... I mean, people talk about the miniscule number of EVs on the road compared to the total number of cars, the number of people who track their street cars is even smaller.

So again, I get it, but in the scheme of things, nobody cares about tractability.

dortor | 17. November 2017

the point is Tesla is playing in a new "league" if they are calling it a supercar

I expect my 1/4 million $$$ super car to be driven at/near it's limits for 20-30 minutes at time - a really really low standard by the way to ask that your awesome car can actually be used for what it's intended. Every other car in this price range can do that.

If it can't do that - please don't tell me it's will embarrass other Exotics "at the track" - a quote from a Tesla won't.

If all Elon is interested in is a 1/4 mile drag race, then have at it - but if he wants it to actually be a sports car then there are some reasonable asks for what it should be able to handle.

Model_D | 17. November 2017

Multiple Tesla’s were faster than the Bolt. It was a track record for production class. Tesla’s compete in production GT. Any experienced racer would know lap times are more about driver skill than the vehicle. Refuel TT is not a valid data set.

carlk | 17. November 2017

TT Don't wast your time on dortor. He's a short and a lier, not a very good one too.

dortor | 17. November 2017

And Carlk is a clueless fanboy

dortor | 17. November 2017

And now we are ignoring data if if doesn’t forward our position

Tropopause | 17. November 2017

200 kWh battery will not sweat that kind of power output. If there is a transmission (2-speed, etc) that will keep the motors at optimal RPM and prevent excessive heat. A 250+ mph Roadster has probably been vetted for high-speed operation. This is a purpose built car, not a family sedan. Stop assuming the worst.

NKYTA | 17. November 2017

@dortor, the fact that they were running all night from the guy who drove the Drag Times guy is encouraging. But that wasn’t max power at high speeds for long times.

It sure appears there is a paddle shifter on the steering colum implying more than just R & D. ;-)

Here is to hoping they have some extra battery cooling tech so that you can take it to the track.

A single lap around Laguna Seca would be depressing. Though, that said, a Formula 4 with slicks is going to eat your Porsche for lunch, at that track.

dortor | 17. November 2017

I agree anything with slicks will eat a street car - I've driven on slicks at Laguna it's an awesome thing....I've raced/won and know what a real race car can do - I also know what most of the $250,000 sports cars can do (driven most of them) and they certainly don't neuter themselves after a few minutes at max performance.

I just think a $250,000 sports car should be able to run laguna or any other track for a 25 minute Hooked on Driving HPDE session without going into limp mode...that is currently not the case for any car Tesla produces.

The full EV radical being developed by Cameron and others is wicked fast and a serious race car - however they aren't managing battery thermals and don't have an 8 year unlimited mile warranty on the battery - they consider the battery a consumable like tires and are going for unrestricted performance ;-)

There is actually _NO_ problem letting an LiON battery heat up during long high demand discharge cycles, you do however accelerate the batteries degradation and it very quickly loses capacity for the next charge cycle - but it will fully discharge at high rates and high temps - no problem....but you're not going to have it last very long.

If you don't care about longevity you can run a LiON battery to virtually any temp. you want it will be fine for that charge've just lowered the max capacity for the next charge cycle.

inconel | 18. November 2017

carlk don't be clueless! You would not expect the icenosaur to "lie" down and die after a hard smack down, would you? You have to expect some fight back. It must have hurt badly.

carlk | 18. November 2017

inconel Didn't you see that I've been ignoring that perennial Tesla basher. The basher who first came to the X froum when the car was unveiled, and then to the 3 and now the Roadster forum. What good Roadsters folks have done to deserve this?

Tesla2018 | 18. November 2017

The new roadster will probably weigh over 4000 pounds so it wont handle as well as lighter cars but will have more power in the straight sections of the track. I have never seen a current roadster on a track so I dont know if they die out after running at maximum speed or if the range is severly reduced.
If range it shortened it would require having to trailer the csr to the track since you would be out of juice and not be able to recharge to drive home. A lot of people just want to be able to drive to the track and not have to have a truck and trailer to bring the car there. But if you can afford 250K for a track toy then money is probably no object. Also when the first rosdster came out a guy brought one to a car show. Initial accelation was fast but from 60 to 100 was slow according to someone who took it for a ride. Would a GT3 or McLaren be faster from 100 to 175 than a Roadster?

carlk | 18. November 2017

The low COG will help a lot. People may not aware of it but even the Model S managed to have a slightly lower COG than the track ready 911 GT3. Its weight and those pretty weak tires hurt the cornering ability but the Roadster would have none of that. 4000 lb is not that bad it's about the same as some supercars, for example Lamborghini Aventador. From the video I also saw it's wearing beefy Pilot Sports CUP II tires. It indeed means serious business.

One thing the Roadster has that no ICE cars could match is the torque steering mentioned in Elon's presentation. Some supercars have it but you can never match the quick response of individually controlled electric motors with brake or mechanical differential. I know there are some hybrids made partially for that reason but still you can't beat a full fledged electric car with that. I have a high confidence the Roadster will not disappoint in the handling department too.

dortor | 18. November 2017

range don't care about - my GT3 gets like 8 mpg at the track - but I run it for 25-30 minutes solid - and when I was racing 90 minute enduros with one 5 min. pit stop

the current Roadster does neuter itself after 1-2 laps - it's better than the Model S - but still not good enough to run flat out for 20 minutes - which would be about 8-9 laps @ laguna seca…

and despite carlk's assertions I"m not bashing the roadster - I'm simply suggesting that a 1/4 million $$$ super char should be able to be driven hard for more than 2-3 minutes (current EV's don't last very long before reducing power) - I'm simply laying out an expectation that since we all know it won't meet it - relegates it to street only - and will NOT embarrass other high end supercars at the track if it can only do 1 or 2 laps.

handling should be spectacular…

GT3 and McLarens are certainly faster after 100 mph in acceleration - even P100D's start to lose badly once you're over 100 mph - fortunately that's not a requirement for most people and driving over 100 mph is a rare occurrence

I'm simply stating my hope (and desire to purchase) a roadster, but not if it's only a drag racers - it needs some stamina

Range be dammed in this application -and that NOT a requirement/expectation.

will this car be able to complete 5 laps at a decent race track at full power without neutering itself, 10 laps? 15 laps?

Most street sports cars aren't driven for more than 30 minutes in these applications because brakes, tires, cooling have their limits even in ICE cars, also most drivers can't maintain mental discipline for that long (it's stressful driving fast at your car's limits).

race cars in enduro go longer, but they are street cars, and there is a driver change after 45 minutes. I don't expect _ANY_ street car to do an enduro of 90 minutes of maximum performance driving..and very few street sports cars would hold up to that sort of usage.

But I routinely attend track days (have for 7-8 years) where we field 100-120 cars for a track day and they all can run full blast for 20-25 minute HPDE sessions - come in cool down and do it again for 4-6 sessions at a typical track day.

Will the roadster be able to run with comparable 1/4 million $$$ supercars on track? Seems a reasonable requirement - and one or two laps doesn't count.

dortor | 18. November 2017

clarification - when I do enduros I DO NOT use a street car - a full race prep'd race car is what is required for that - with full safety gear - again I don't expect Roadster 2.0 to match a purpose built race car

but I'm looking forward to buying one if I can use it on the street or the track like any of it's ICE sport car cousins.

inconel | 19. November 2017

I was very disappointed when the very first ICE sports cars were introduced in the early 1920s (if my memory serves me well, I am getting old...). Those gasoline cars should not have been called "sports" as I could not take them to jumping competition that I had been doing with my horses.

inconel | 19. November 2017

I was really looking forward to buying that "sports" car if I could use it on the jumping tracks like any of the horses that car was advertised to replace because it was better.

carlk | 19. November 2017

Lol...There is nothing sporty about running laps unless you're doing it in running shoes.

Tesla2018 | 19. November 2017

I hope they can make tires than can hold up at 250mph.

Bugatti Veyron tyres are 17K!

NKYTA | 19. November 2017

@calrk, disagree.

I learned a lot at Laguna Seca.