I am an one year X owner. Love this amazing car! Few things that bother me and should be easily fixed via software. 1) The doors control screen appeared whenever the car is at a stop which is perfect. But once placed in drive, it should disappear so I can now see the Nav, sound system, climate, etc. 2) The seat heaters/coolers should always go back to default (off) position when car is exited. Hate having to always remember to turn off all seats. Also wastes some juice if left on for empty seats.

Leli001 | 19. Juni 2017

1) Once I select D, the door screen disappears in my MX and will show the screens that I have below it. Try rebooting your screens to see if it will work properly in your MX.
2) I prefer having the seat heaters/ventilators stay in the last position. I hate cars that turn them off after every drive cycle (cough...Ford). Turning them off in non-occupied seats then would not work to pre-heat the cabin. Their electric energy use is minimal compared to other high energy consuming devices such as the heater. Also, the seat heater screen has a 'Turn off all' button.

travis010 | 20. Juni 2017

+1 for Leli001 on both points

jessehntr | 18. Juli 2017

RE: The Boring Company
Could a version of this technology be used for long distance HVDC transmission, and the undergrounding of transmission to avoid NIMBYism, fire risk, EMF impacts, etc. An integrated grid seems necessary for a 100% renewables economy?

martinhliss | 22. Juli 2017

We are new model S owners and when I asked our dealer how the car would know who was driving if we both had our fobs with us in the car, I was told "that's a problem". Surely the car can sense there's more than one fob present so in that situation why not have a window open up showing the names associated with each fob and let us pick the driver.

lilbean | 22. Juli 2017

That's why I didn't program the fobs and I just select the driver profile.

burdogg | 22. Juli 2017

there is a simple spot marinhliss - at the top, just tap and you can select which driver, just as easy as a window opening up and selecting one :)

burdogg | 22. Juli 2017

To be more precise if you have not been taught this - at the top, you will see a name - whoever is the current "driver" profile. tap the name and it shows all the profiles, and you can select from there which one you want to switch to - just as easy as a window popping up.

Vawlkus | 24. Juli 2017

I remember reading that the first fob detected sets the profile, but I don't know if is accurate.

scabello800 | 25. Juli 2017

First fob detected will set the profile and that is the proper design. Having someone come into the car afterwards with another fob and therefore it pops up a screen "select drive profile" would be improper.

Hickcc11 | 21. August 2017

I think tesla owners who are considering autopilot sofware should be able to try it out for a couple weeks to see if they really want to spend the money on it rather than just watch demos online or go for a short ride with a tesla salesperson

Hickcc11 | 21. August 2017

I think tesla owners who are considering autopilot sofware should be able to try it out for a couple weeks to see if they really want to spend the money on it rather than just watch demos online or go for a short ride with a tesla salesperson

poloX | 21. August 2017

@scabello800, what if you are the driver but your spouse enters the car first with her keyfob?
@hickcc11, that's what test drives are for

@OP, Deancwang, my door control window always goes away when I put the car in drive or has been since day 1, since last X'mas 8+ months ago.

adam91210 | 13. September 2017

I have a suggestion for future models and EV vehicles in general. Rather than having to plug in and charge would it be possible to have the batteries on a removable plate so you can drive into a service station and a machine removes your battery pack (from underneath by driving over it) and replaces it with a fully charged pack. No more waiting for batteries to charge.

This also keeps service stations in business as they can handle the recharging of packs and sending back battery packs at the end of their service life for recycling.

Car owners would either pay a subscription or on demand payment with each battery swap and would mean owners wouldn't have to worry about the life expectancy of the batteries in their vehicle as they would get a different battery pack at each swap.

I assume for this to work battery technology would have stabilize and all EV companies agree on a standard.

Vawlkus | 14. September 2017

Tesla has already prototyped that, and abandoned it as not feasible.

Andersen.schuck | 12. Oktober 2017

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while and it has the potential to lead / change / affect all electric cars in the future. First off I have a M3 reservation and have been driving a Fiat 500e for the last 3 years.

All electric cars currently have variable speed a/c systems. Most cabin heating requirements are done in mildly cold weather (30-40 degree plus). Upgrading a/c systems to heat pumps would be super cheap as all you need is some hardware about the size of your hand to change refrigerant paths on heat and software to know which heater to use. As outside air gets below around 30 degrees F depending on efficiency resistive heat would be used instead. For those who don’t know heat pumps can use 3x less energy than resistive elements! Thus on long trips where it’s 40 or 50 outside you could save 15+ miles per charge. “Huge” (hello Trump)

Further, cabin preheating could be far more efficient as heat pumps take longer to heat but do so with far less electricity. So it could be staged earlier and the heat would not be as dry as with resistive heating. To be clear we need both. But a great working system in most climates would likely cover 60-80% of heating requirements.

Finally, I’m not exactly sure how you all heat the battery, but this same system could support that as well. Again greatly reducing latent energy charges. If this system was used on the pack, it could be used all the time. With the heat pump coming on just slightly to give the pack heat at all times. In this case, it’s efficiency would likely be good down to 20 degrees or less depending on target temp for pack. Heat pumps work great at 30 degree differential even 40 but 50 and above differential they start to dramatically loose capability. But if sized for the cabin and only serving the pack, it could do wider spreads.

What do you think???

Vawlkus | 12. Oktober 2017

My house has a heat pump. I honestly would not want one in my car, it just can’t do the job as well as the current system can. IMHO of course. YMMV.

Andersen.schuck | 12. Oktober 2017

If you’re house had what the cars have, you’re electricity bill for the heat used would triple! I installed a dual fuel system in Massachusetts on our house there so below 25 degrees it’d be oil burner and above heat pump. In the first winter we went from from about 250 gallons of fuel to around 50-70.

All a heat pump is an air conditioner. Backwards. With outside condenser inside and inside evaporator outside. Genius.

washington.k | 15. Oktober 2017

Is there any plan to put GPS locator in the key fob?! It seems like that would be a no brainer-people lose those key fobs more than they lose their car-but you can locate the car on the phone app. Why not the my fob?

sp_tesla | 15. Oktober 2017

washington.k | October 15, 2017
GPS locator in the key fob"

No thank you for additional Microwave radiation emissions

khanhvn | 15. Oktober 2017

"GPS locator in the key fob"

GPS is passive receiver, so no emission.

But to send its location, the key fob would need (1) a cellular/wifi connection, and (2) a bigger battery :(

mhgross | 16. Oktober 2017

(1) Strap assists on entering/exiting 2nd and 3rd row seats.
(2) Brighter back-up lights. Existing lights indicate that you are in reverse but don't light the way.
(3) Option to open passenger-side door on first double-click of the key fob. Combined with the drivers-side door opening on approach option, this offers better flexibility.

vvalentin18 | 16. Oktober 2017

How about adding adjustable suspension height similar to the old Citroen DS?
Would love to get the X, but ground clearance is too low for CO back-roads usage...

vvalentin18 | 16. Oktober 2017

To be clear, the suggestion is for an option to maintain the high setting at speeds > 20mph | 16. Oktober 2017

@Andersen.schuck - Yep a heat pump was suggested more than 2 years ago:

My guess is the amount of range improvement is minimal when you have a large battery like the Tesla. Heating the tiny cabin of a car takes a lot less power than heating a home with 100 times the volume.

One concern Tesla may have had is there can be conditions where the battery should be cooled, but the cabin heated (or just the opposite). The current system handles these conditions easily.

With a heat pump design, it might mean two complete HVAC systems, far from a minor expense. You might get around this with a resistive cabin heater, but then you have the expense and complexity of additional valves of the heat pump.

Interestingly, the Leaf does use a heat pump. With the much smaller battery, a resistive heater in the Leaf would consume a greater percentage of the capacity than in the Tesla. In the past, the Leaf battery longevity has been a major issue. The Leaf battery is not temperature controlled like the Tesla battery, so they don't use the HVAC system to maintain battery temperature like the Tesla.

uaeloco69 | 16. Juni 2018

Dear Tesla Team
This suggestions will encourage more people to buy Tesla cars. Please consider this as innovation sustainable decision for the business:
1-Provide more colors such as orange, green, yellow.
2-Provide more interior decorations and colors that match the outside color.
3-Create Accessories center that will allow Tesla owners to modify their vehicles such as Body Kits, Rims, Carbon Fiber, and Interior.

hope you'll find this useful.

Triggerplz | 16. Juni 2018

I can relate to #2 and #3 now to #1 Green alright but a Orange or Yellow MX, ok for others but definitely not for me would I want a Orange or Yellow MX
Awww Hell Naw
They should ban the right to even have it wrapped in Orange or Yellow :-)

warren.harrison | 02. August 2018

On the NAV system, I always prefer Heading Up. When in use, it seems every time I make a turn, I have to select Heading Up again. The system should always show the Heading Up view, turn after turn. This needs to be fixed. Thanks

adlqb | 28. Dezember 2018

Just love the Tesla model 3, one suggestion, when the car close, it should checks all windows and roll all up before lock the car. That would give owner a peace of mind. Thanks. | 29. Dezember 2018

@adlqb - Unlikely to happen, as it's a major safety concern. For example, if a kid or a dog is left in the car, and the windows auto-roll up while hanging out the window, they could get choked. Tesla used to have a roll up all Windows with a triple fob press, but removed it years ago due to these safety concerns.

mbp11 | 30. Dezember 2018

I have a suggestion: Has anyone had problems with the right side passenger having difficulty getting out of the front seat of the car? I have a 2009 Mercury Mariner hybrid 4 wheel drive and it has a right front passenger handle in the A pillar that helps to "swing" the passenger out of the car door on the right. My girlfriend complains bitterly that for an expensive SUV, there is no passenger assist handle to help her get out of the car. I am going to get a similar color handle on eBay and see if I can install it on the A pillar to help her out of the car! | 30. Dezember 2018

@mbp11 - It's been a long running debate (for and against) grab handles since the Model S in 2012!

Ok, don't bother with trying to add one. The A pillar houses part of the side curtain airbag. There is no way you want to puncture or interfere with that. There are explosive charges for the airbag too, so drilling into that could blow up in your face!

The Mercury, while it does have an optional side airbag, it's coverage looks to be less than the Tesla, since the Mariner doesn't use the A pillar for the side airbag.

mbp11 | 30. Dezember 2018

Oops! I am glad you told me about this. How did you know?

I guess I will have to figure out something else!

PawelSokolowski | 05. Januar 2019

I would really like to have a suspension status on dashboard visible all the time.
If Tesla cannot manage to eliminate the acceleration vibrations, and I have to make sure I am in "very low" before I accelerate fully, they should at least make it easy.
Right now I have to keep eyes off the road to check the status. | 06. Januar 2019

@mbp11 - I've pulled apart the A pillar on multiple Tesla's to run wires for a rear dashcams. I recorded a video of how to do it properly. It requires special routing to not interfere with the airbag. If you're curious, the video is here: a little ways down (for the Model S, although the X is similar).

jamesrbrown | 07. Januar 2019

my suggestions would be:

- after the MX celebration mode performance is complete; the windows should close back up

- when 'muting' the audio system, the volume should increase/decrease over a 1 second period, not so abrupt. I heard this in a Fiat 500 (of all cars), much more polished.

mbp11 | 07. Januar 2019

Thanks for the followup, TeslaTap. I will check out the video. You have a very nice web site and there are a lot of resources there. I also liked your section on funny videos.

GaryD | 31. Dezember 2019

Suggestions for Tesla app

1) add capability to use garage door link to remotely close (only close, for security reasons)) garage door
2) add capability to see live view from Tesla cams through the remote

The idea is to be able to check to see if I forgot to close the garage door and use the Tesla camera and door opener features to check the status of the garage door and to be able to close it if is open.

GaryD | 31. Dezember 2019

@GaryD - The Homelink is only good for 50 feet or so. What I just did about a week ago is add a WiFi opener. There are a number of makes. What it does is connects to your opener, has a sensor for the door position. It includes a free app that allows you to check the state of the door (open or closed) from anywhere in the world. You can also command it to open or close the door. Very cool.

Here's the one I bought:

Agreed, would be cool for the app view of cameras, but the bandwidth required makes it unlikely to happen.