Windshield glass morphing issue

Windshield glass morphing issue

Hey guys,
I bought my Model S last october.
Since that time i've noticed the front windscreen as about 4-5 cm diameter of optical morphing of some sort, at the base.
It refracts the light when driving and is very distracting at corners. It's worse from the passenger side and my wife has headaches because it is right in front of her.
Is this just me, or other owners have experienced it? If yes, what are the solutions offered by tesla yet?

I have tried to contact Tesla service since months, although polite, all i hear back is 'we are looking into this, and tesla is aware of this problem'.

Anyone else with this issue?


Silver2K | 05. Juli 2017

that's not an issue, it's normal. You will find that on bmws also. I had that on all my bmw m3s

Captain_Zap | 05. Juli 2017

Yes. It is done on purpose to control glare. | 05. Juli 2017

For your wife, try moving the seat to the highest position so she is looking though a higher part of the windshield.

porusshah | 05. Juli 2017

@silver I own BMW 3, and two Audis, never seen such a defect.
@Zap the distortation is the cause of the glare, i doubt it 'controls' glare.
Thanks for you input though.

Silver2K | 05. Juli 2017

Every BMW I've owned had it. I mentioned it to service and was told that's normal. He walked me around the lot and showed me.

croman | 05. Juli 2017

Maybe words are insufficient to describe the detect. Model X owners have a windshield issue with ghosting but maybe yours is the common refraction issue with all large panel windshields. Its basically a laminated glass sandwich, so distortions, especially at edges, are common.

lilbean | 05. Juli 2017

The S loaners I've had have that problem. My X does not.

Silver2K | 05. Juli 2017

bean, you have to move your head almost leveled with the dash while driving and you'll see it. I would be very surprised if you don't see it.

lilbean | 06. Juli 2017

I looked. It's not there.

Silver2K | 06. Juli 2017

your windshield is supposed to have it. Call service immediately and have them replace it while you drive the p100d loaner! ;-)

Bighorn | 06. Juli 2017

Some Xs have a ghosting issue per an employee. This is the normal edge transition for the S however.

jordanrichard | 06. Juli 2017

I know what the OP is talking about, but it is not in one's line of site, unless you are a 12 yr old that can just barely see over the dash.

lilbean | 06. Juli 2017

Lol, silver. Sorry for hijacking the thread. As Simply Red would say, "You've been beaned." :)

EVRider | 06. Juli 2017

I've seen the same issue in several cars that I've owned or driven, including my Model S. It's distracting at first, but I always get used to it pretty quickly and then don't notice it anymore. Try raising the seat to see if that helps.

If you think your distortion is worse than normal, check out another Model S at a store or service center and confirm that, then see if you can get Service to do anything for you.

T3SLA90D | 06. Juli 2017

I had a small distortion spot on the windshield on my Dec 2016 MS 90D. At one service visit they replaced my windshield because of camera angle issue that could not be fixed with shims and there are no distortion on the new one. At the same time I had and 2013 P85+ (or something like that) and there's was a big optical distortion area across the whole bottom width of the whinshield. My guess is that it is just manufacturing defect since it's not consistent. I've never seen it on other cars I've owned (I had a Pontiac and Infiniti) or rented.