30 day experience with 100D

30 day experience with 100D

Sorry for the long post . Just wanted to share my story and experience. Upgraded from a Toyota Corolla after waiting 3 years to get a tesla . First came close to ordering a S but always had the need for SUV . Thought about Audi Q7 and Acura MDX but then decided to wait patiently for a X and for initial kinks to be ironed . Ordered Dec 31 st 2016 to avail unlimited supercharging but upgraded January 5th to 100 D. Picked up delievery at Devon , PA on May 26 per my request. 100 D blue exterior with white interior, 6 seater. Pleasantly surprised by return of unlimited SC ,matte back seats and new switches for falcon wings at pick up. 4 K spent on Xpel wrap (front nose + doors+ rear bumper) and opticoat entire car. 400 $$ for 220 charger installation in garage. So far have put 3200 miles including a long distance trip to Niagara/Ontario. Overall just an ecstatic experience so far . Zero issues , no rattles and quirks . Finish is awesome . Autopilot works flawlessly on a daily basis and on the recent long trip . I drive anywhere between 100-125 miles everyday to work and feel that my driver fatigue is reduced by 70-80% . Tesla has already treated my recent right knee pain from daily driving and I am confident over the years will either delay or completely obviate the need for a right knee replacement. I now return home much refreshed to family and kids and feel like a better human and father after tesla ownership. Additional perks that came with ownership.
1. Horsepower can cure a lot of problems in life.
2. I am officially the coolest Dad (I think) and my 4 and 6 yr plead me everyday to drop them to school in Model X
3. Get to drive in a spaceship like experience every day.
4. Cannnot stop smiling and grinning
5. Enjoying the attention that comes with Tesla ownership and falcon wings. Might sign up for premium Uber X just for kicks one of these days. Don't know if Uber will allow.
6. Gas savings is a cherry on the top .

After Model X purchase have reserved a model 3 for my wife or might get her the Crossover version 'Y' . Apologies again for long lost. Anybody on fence should pull the trigger without a doubt assuming your finances are in order. Thanx for reading . Will copy the post on TMC with some pics.

wang5150 | 05. Juli 2017

Congratulations! I picked up my X75D back last August and yes, I've also found that long-term exposure to Model X will cause constant grinning and smiling.

mzero | 05. Juli 2017

Congrats! What an upgrade!

Tropopause | 05. Juli 2017

Great story! Thanks!

Triggerplz | 05. Juli 2017

@nrelia Congrats and enjoy, by the way this is not a very long post you should see some of my buddy Burdogg novels he writes :-)

OvrICE | 06. Juli 2017

@nrelia Congrats! Great post! It is never too long to read posts like this! My 13 year old daughter is the opposite of your kids. She is at the phase where she doesn't want to stand out and wants to blend in. She doesn't like it when the falcon wings go up. She says everyone stares at her when she gets out of the back seat. Personally, I love them...and so do her friends.

naikshubha | 06. Juli 2017

"Congratulations! I picked up my X75D back last August and yes, I've also found that long-term exposure to Model X will cause constant grinning and smiling."

Agree. I have the same experience !

burdogg | 06. Juli 2017

Alright! (That short enough Triggerplz :)

That is great to hear and welcome to the family - best color option by the way!

ggillies | 06. Juli 2017

You have my exact configuration; freaking wonderful, ain't it??

mzero | 07. Juli 2017

Love the blue & white color combo. We call ours Sonic!

bijlee | 07. Juli 2017

Great post! I picked up from Devon too in mid June - been flawless except for minor driver seat creak that will be looked at next wk - where did you get Xpel and OptiCoat from around here?

Triggerplz | 07. Juli 2017

I also picked mine up in Devon May 2016, they will be opening a new store and Service Center in Cherry Hill NJ before the end of the year, Yeaaaaa Just had my first year maintenance service hopefully my next SC visit will be in Cherry Hill as its closer

nrelia | 08. Juli 2017

@ bijlee

I got it done at signature detailing in hillsborough township NJ after doing plenty of research.

@ Triggerplz
Thanks for reminding about the cherry hill service center. I am really looking forward to it . The new location is exactly 4.5 miles from my home.

Is everybody getting tires rotated at 6250 miles and how is Tesla charging for rotation in between maintenance service appointments .With my kind of driving I would end up needing tire rotation rotation every 2-3 months !

Triggerplz | 08. Juli 2017

@nrelia I'm looking forward to the cherry hill opening btw since you live within 15 miles they will pick your car up and bring it back to you at no charge

inconel | 08. Juli 2017

Triggerplz I was not aware of this 15-mile policy, does it apply to all Service Centers?

Triggerplz | 08. Juli 2017

@inconel it applies to the one in Devon Pa so I'm pretty sure it applies to all of them

Triggerplz | 08. Juli 2017

@nrelia they don't rotate the tires on the MX

nrelia | 09. Juli 2017

what should be my reasonable expectation with the continentals on my Model X assuming I am an occasional spirited driver

cica3838 | 09. Juli 2017

How did you come to the decision of upgrading from a Corolla to a 100D? That's a very big jump! Just wondering.

nrelia | 09. Juli 2017

@ cica 3838

progression in life cycle (corolla was bought in 2008, have a 4 and 6 yr old now) , improved personal financial situation , was always a big fan of horsepower but felt guilty after flooring any of the gas powered vehicles, 7500 dollar tax credit , no sales tax on electric vehicle in NJ , cool factor , falcon wings , free long distance travel , Safest SUV is what immediately comes to mind. have no buyers remorse whatsoever.

Acura MDX would have been a likely purchase had Model X not existed.

speyerj | 11. Juli 2017

FYI, yes Uber will allow you to drive in an X. They qualify for UberX, Uber Select, and (if you have a 7 seater) UberXL. The ROI is pretty dismal though unless you're getting Select or XL rides. Your electricity may be free, but depreciation with mileage on the car TECHNICALLY eats up most of the profit.

vrykolas | 13. Juli 2017

Correct, driving Uber/Lyft is most likely not profitable for Tesla owners. I do Lyft periodically (for fun). I don't do it for the money, I do it so I have an excuse to DRIVE. I also do it to spread the word (awareness) of electric vehicles & Telsa.

"Most" people are intrigued and have questions... and I *love* to answer questions and give rides to people... so why not have some spare change while doing it?

Me personally: Uber vs Lyft -
-Neither are really profitable
-Lyft can restrict rides to 'Premier', but there aren't many requests. Honestly it's more fun to surprise people with a Tesla for regular UberX or regular Lyft.
-Lyft has MUCH better insurance coverage than Uber while driving (since most likely your personal insurance has NO COVERAGE while driving).

My main concern/blocking-point before driving was to make sure I had coverage while driving.

A few highlight rides I've had (which were VERY interesting):
1) picked up 5 Colombian exchange students in Dallas that were overly excited and couldn't stop asking questions. They repeatedly said I was blowing their minds and wanted to drive around with me all day).

2) One lazy Sunday morning (I was bored) I picked up a nice young woman (who was clearly a call-girl) from a man's home. Never met the man, he just called a ride for her. She had a little difficulty putting a (used) stripper-pole into the back seat. Needless to say that was memorable (and a fun story for friends/family)

cskzzz | 24. Juli 2017

amazing post! thanks for sharing the story.

Triggerplz | 24. Juli 2017

WOW a new reason for the seats to fold, just in case you need to put a stripper pole in it :)

nrelia | 22. Oktober 2017

11.5 K mile update.

Grin as big as it was on day one. Ownership experience thus far is without any issues, no trips to service center yet . Falcon wings have worked flawless. Kids still madly in love and above all my wife is now an avid Tesla fan . White seats look the same as on day one but I dont have pets and dont allow eating inside the car. Any stains wiped right off with damp cloth. According to rough calculations have saved 1200 USD in gas.

One question to forum members , I am nearing my 180 days deadline to buy the extended 2/4 yr warranty at the 500 dollar discounted price. Should I even bother for it or just pay for any breakdown on as needed basis. Even if I buy the 4 year extended warranty , its only going to last me two years since my annual mileage is about 25K/yr . thoughts?

Solarman004 | 23. Oktober 2017

The 180 day limit is only for the discount. You can still wait until you approach 4 years and buy the extended plan at full price. That's what we're doing. It gives us 3 more years of evaluating the car before we have to decide.

thomamike | 25. Oktober 2017

I've wanted a Model X for several years. I had some lung issues, ILD, a fatal hereditary disease, so I said if I survive the transplant I'm going to get one. Got 2 new, slightly used, lungs on April 30th and the Model X on September 20th. Don't remember being this happy in a long time.

bob | 25. Oktober 2017

@thomamike - sweet!! welcome to the smile club. Nice story.

markmd162 | 26. Oktober 2017

congrats on your model x experience. similar for me 34,000 miles no problems. kids love it...coolest car around for them. they love the slacker searchable song playing with great stereo. tires have at least 20,000 more highway miles left white seats still look new too. cheers

nrelia | 29. Dezember 2017

just had 1st service at 14K miles . Got a brand new 100 D VIN 75K as a lonaer which drove even better than mine. Felt like the ride quality /suspension was superiro, Service was handled painless with continuous text updates .

The driver shaft assembly was changed on my 40K VIN due to acceleration shudder and seems to have fixed the issue. Tires has even wear with 7 mm tread left, I am hoping this will last me another 10 K miles but not sure.

Also made a round trip to JFK airport from South NJ yesterday . Charged to 100 % 288 miles. Round trip was 206 miles with temperatures in 14-16 range. Used autopilot 80% of the time . speeds mostly 65-75 mph and while returning range mode was off and heating on. Also pay load included 2 adults , 2 kids and 4 cabin/check in bag in total. Made it home without needing to supercharge with 30 miles range left. never felt anxious about the range. Plenty of opportunities to supercharge on NJ turnpike if need be but didn't need