How long does it take to receive a lease contract?

How long does it take to receive a lease contract?

Ok, maybe a strange title, but maybe my description will help.

How long is typical from deposit on a vehicle to hear from the credit team and receive a payment contract from them? Last Mon (6 days ago), I put $2500 down to lock in a floor/demo 90D that had been discounted recently. Credit application had already been submitted for a new lease and I was told everything was fine before putting down the deposit.

Now MyTesla account show the car/VIN on my account, but I have not heard received an actual contract detailing the financials of the lease and MyTesla account doesn't show my credit application as complete or attached to my account. I've spoke to my OA about daily and he tells me this is nothing to worry about. I'm wondering if this is typical for Tesla or if the recent price drops/configuration changes have delayed completion of my contract.

I was told 2-3 weeks for delivery, I'm starting to wonder if my car will get here before my lease contact does. I've been given an estimate of my payment, but not an actual concrete number, which seems atypical.

EVRider | 23. Juli 2017

When I submitted a lease application for my new custom-ordered Model S, I received an e-mail response from the financing team on the same day detailing what my monthly payments would be. That's not really a contract -- you'll get that when you take delivery. Maybe the process is different for inventory cars?

barrybaird | 23. Juli 2017

I have the same in the UK. It has not pulled it through onto my tesla but they have it in the backend of the system. I spoke to our service centre and delivery team and both confirmed all was in place. Nothing to do until the car arrives and then you sign the lease contract when you pick it up.

dckl | 26. Juli 2017

Same situation here. I put a deposit down on Monday, got approved for the lease Tuesday, and now waiting for a date when I can pick up the car. They said 2-3 weeks since it needs to be delivered from another state.

I also noticed that the trade-in quote is good for 2 weeks, but the delivery of the S takes 2 to 3 weeks. They should really make the trade-in offer good for the time it takes to actually deliver the car.

TeslaKU | 27. Juli 2017

Pick up on 8/1.

Review copy of lease posted to MyTesla on 7/26 after getting my DS to escalate it with the contract's department. I was trying to send in the payment and did not have a final amount. Who ever heard of a company not anxious to take money? Now I have to wire the money to Tesla since an ACH transfer will post after my pick-up date.

This has been the worst car buying experience in my life.

However, I know how they work now. If I buy another one in 3 years, I am prepared for the bad system they have in place.

BigD0g | 27. Juli 2017

@kevinun69 in three years they'll have a "new" horrible system in place, lol!!!

TeslaKU | 27. Juli 2017

Tesla's model is get that $2500. Once the customer has paid the $2500, they are not likely to back out of the deal should they become dissatisfied with the sale/service. Tesla focuses on getting the money and then moving on to acquiring the next customer. After they have your $2500, you are at THEIR MERCY.

Once another company gives them some real competition, they will have to change their business model of F the customer, "we do it when we are good and ready" with no repercussions.

naseemra | 21. April 2020

I am leasing an inventory from my local service center thinking delivery time will be less per Tesla web site.
It’s been 2weeks I hav not heard anything from my DS yet. Frustrated and helpless. Don’t know the leading dept phone to check status.