No MATTE BLACK/GREY Model 3 being offered??

No MATTE BLACK/GREY Model 3 being offered??

It will be a MAJOR disappointment if Tesla and Elon Musk don't offer the Model 3 in a Matte Black/Matte Grey color configuration with delete chrome option considering this is the same color vehicle Musk drove onto stage on 3/31/2016, it has been seen repeatedly over the past year. Musk even Tweeted this configuration is likely to make
it to production because of overwhelming interest. I will go so far as to say I am 90 percent certain I will cancel my Model 3 reservation from 5/12/2016 and buy a used Model S or BMW EV. I imagine there are tens of thousands of other reservation holders thinking the exact same thing. What do you guys think? I mean wth Tesla??? @ElonMusk

akgolf | 01. August 2017

You can always wrap it.

Or you can buy something else.

eagleeyeone | 01. August 2017

Do you seriously think I want to buy a brand new 40K vehicle jist so I can wrap it? If its not professionally painted from the factory I would much rather buy something else and so will many other. Market forces at work.

carlk | 01. August 2017

Yes you can always get your refund.

cdavis | 01. August 2017

If Elon made a Model 3 that had every option that all the 10's of thousands of reservation holders wanted, many would still be waiting for their Model 3 three years from now. Have you considered getting a vinyl wrap in the color you want?

I imagine there are probably thousands that are thinking like you. My guess is, there are more that are like me, who can't wait to get a Model 3 just the way Tesla is equipping them.

NKYTA | 01. August 2017

Best of luck.

akgolf | 01. August 2017

Lots of Tesla customers get there cars wrapped.

For protection and color choices.

eagleeyeone | 01. August 2017

Yes a wrap is an option but guys it is one more color and obviously they have the capability bc they have already produced it. They ought to make good on what people want and get it to production.

akgolf | 01. August 2017

They are making good on what most people want.

Others also expressed interest in green, orange, signature red. They can't do them all.

elephant in a bottle | 01. August 2017

Matte colors looks cool .. but so delicate .. extra careful when cleaning them otherwise they can be damage irreparably.

Shock | 01. August 2017

Agree with that paying a few grand (?) to color wrap a new $40k car is a bit silly.

Matte black car would look pretty nice.

lilbean | 01. August 2017


mntlvr23 | 01. August 2017

so ..... you are going to cancel your Model 3 reservation because it is not matte black, and instead you are going to buy a used Model S that is not matte black?

Me thinks that you really didn't want the Model 3 that bad ....

mntlvr23 | 01. August 2017

I like matte black - I can't deny ....
(don't get me started)

Ehninger1212 | 01. August 2017

If only people understand how big of a pain in the ass matte colors are to paint and maintain.

Even if they do come out with this it won't be for a while, they already had paint shop bottle neck. It would also likely be on S and X first as a high dollar paint option. Matte clear is more expensive than gloss, also can't buff out imperfections.

eagleeyeone | 01. August 2017

Hmmm sounds like a lot of res holders want to move up in the queue?? And the Model S is a superior vehicle if you can afford it and a used one makes a lot of sense...not to mention you will get higher priority for a 3.

NKYTA | 01. August 2017

I saw a rare Green getting washed in RWC today. Unicorn!!

eagleeyeone | 01. August 2017

Not cancelling guys...really just wanted to drum up support for Matte Black and see if anyone has any more information about what might be coming in the months ahead :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 01. August 2017

I just want those 20" 'MATCHBOX' wheels.

LA-Fohlen | 01. August 2017

These were just prototypes. Non of the colors that were shown back then made it into production. Even the silver now is different from what I can see.

topher | 01. August 2017

45 spray cans of plasti-dip black should do it.

or, BMW seems to want $5,000 for it.

Thank you kindly.

SamO | 01. August 2017

WRAP . . . it will protect the original paint and give you the look you desire. All for a few hundred dollars.

Xerogas | 01. August 2017

I predict there will be even more cancellations. In fact, I think hundreds of thousands of people are so incensed about this that they will all cancel. OP and I and our hundreds of thousands of friends will take our reservations and go home.



Now, leave me alone while I curl up in bed and stare lovingly at my key fob that I just can't do without, and dream of HUDs and hatchbacks and metal roofs and glovebox latches.

GetLib | 01. August 2017

@SamO link to wrap products/servicers? Looks great.

teslamodelx | 02. August 2017

I still don't see those tens of thousands of people joining you here!

eandmjep | 02. August 2017

This is almost Laughable, actually LMAO. Entitled maybe, just a little?

PhillyGal | 02. August 2017

If you aren't cancelling and just wanted to "drum up support" change your post title.

IPv6Freely | 02. August 2017

One less person in line in front of me. Bye bye.

DTsea | 02. August 2017

I have never seen mattr paint on a new car.... and never on a Tesla.

Bye bye OP enjoy your tuner.

cessna182 | 02. August 2017

earl scheib

MarlonBrown | 02. August 2017

Folks, please.
Wrap it up?! People can tell the difference.
Please wait few months or just buy yourself a BMW 330.

cessna182 | 02. August 2017

Does Tesla allow you to purchase someone else's reservation? I've heard refunds are slow...I'd buy a nitpicker's earlier res in a heartbeat!!!

Bryan M. | 02. August 2017

its possible Tesla could still offer a matte option, once they work out all the initial production details. Just a matter of willing to wait that long.

rxlawdude | 02. August 2017

Adios, OP. If you were a reservation holder, take your refund and find another brand that will wrap your car.

The triviality of some of the whiniest posts is amazing.

wsuschmitt | 02. August 2017

As much as I loved seeing the matte black and the cool orange colors, I'm not surprised that they aren't part of the initial ramp-up of color options. As far as I can tell, matte black isn't even an option from the factory for the S or X.

As cool as it looks... it seems like it is going to be an aftermarket update that you'll have to make on your own.

jordanrichard | 02. August 2017

So few people wanted a matte colored car that it makes no sense for Tesla to stop painting the standard colors to then send a select few cars through that want a color that looks like an unfinished paint job.

You want the matte look. Pep Boys, auto body section, black primer, have fun. | 02. August 2017

Matt cars can look cool when clean, but a matt car that hasn't been washed in a day - bad news. If it is not cleaned daily, you'll see every spot anyone touches the car. The area around the handles quickly looks oily from hands. Ugg. It's a car showroom nightmare - you need someone to be cleaning the car every five minutes from people touching it.

Matt paint is best reserved for a concept cars where no one is allowed to touch it.

eagleeyeone | 02. August 2017

Hahaha these are some hilarious posts. Yes, the wraps look cool but so does obsidian black metallic. This is suppossed to be a guys are a bunch of haters. Me thinks I will buy the superior Model S 75. Who wants an early res for 5K? Take delivery in May June July! Lol

Xerogas | 02. August 2017

OK, cool, the superior Model S 75 comes in matte black? Excellent choice, and all part of Tesla's master plan to anti-sell the 3.

eagleeyeone | 02. August 2017

Just can easily transfer your Model 3 reservation by simply updating (transfering) your My Tesla account (contact info, email, user name and password)

Garyeop | 02. August 2017

I am a future model 3 wrapper. Might change my ID to M.C. 3.

I would rather pay $1500 to a local artist and get any color I want. Also...I don't want to look like a half million other model 3's on the road by next year.

akgolf | 03. August 2017

Just can easily report someone trying to make money by transferring a reservation.

eagleeyeone | 03. August 2017

Ooooh im scared was a joke jakgof!!

Marctx | 03. August 2017

what is the cost to get it wrapped in the color you want?

Garyeop | 03. August 2017

In KC for a basic, $1500. Something special can be $3000. Lasts 3 to 8 years depending on product.

andy.connor.e | 03. August 2017

If the color of the car is the determining factor of whether you buy the Model 3 or not;

1. Your priorities need re-evaluation.
2. You're missing the point of the car.
3. Perhaps a puppy instead?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 03. August 2017

The good news is that if Tesla intended to build 3,000 units of the Model 3 per year at $5,833,333 each (instead of 500,000 units at $35,000 each), the Matte Black would definitely be an available option from the very outset. Happy?

Tesla Model S Brush Metallic Wrap
[ YouTube -- wJJIpjMx-5g ]

Carl Thompson | 03. August 2017

I'm with @Garyeop. Car wraps look great, you can get the color you want, they protect your factory paint and don't cost that much more than the $1,000 you'd have to pay Tesla for normal colors.


Steam613 | 07. August 2017

Wrap prices
The numbers you all are heralding for a wrap is WAY cheaper than what I got from a place in Cinci OH. Here's a cut and paste from the email:
Stealth paint protection is a thick clear film that comes in gloss or matte that protects the paint from rock chips and last longer than a wrap. It runs around $6,500 to do a whole car. As for a wrap, we can wrap it in the dark matte grey for around $3,800 and it has a life expectancy of 3-5 years compared to 10 years on the paint protection

tizianorecchi | 29. September 2017

I will for sure want the Matte Black Tesla 3 if it will be available.