Media Player Questions and Recommendations

Media Player Questions and Recommendations

I've had my Model X for just over a month now and am just starting to settle in. There's an incredible amount of thought and engineering put into the vehicle and experience that seems strangely behind in regards to the media player.

I'm hoping someone on this thread can assist or Tesla engineers can address:

- The fact that the vehicle automatically resumes tracks on my phone or even worse, continues playing tracks off my phone after I exit the car is a real frustration. There should be a way to adjust this in settings to make it stop and/or ask for permission to resume playback

- The USB Media option is very poorly integrated... which is extremely frustrating given the phone issue above and the lack of alternative sources. I just left an Audi that ran all my media through SD cards and was perfectly integrated. The Tesla media source should be capable of auto resume upon entering. I'm lucky if I can even get the media player to recognize the device consistently, much less resume playing. The ability to highlight favorites on the USB is a cruel joke as they don't remain in the favorites list in the media player. I bought a 1TB USB drive hoping to access this for music and the car won't read it. I'm running a high capacity thumbdrive, which works, but is cumbersome and spotty.

- There should be a way to switch the streaming service to Spotify. Slacker radio is a joke as it seems incapable of playing albums, only streaming artist stations which I don't do. Given the internet capability in the dash, I'm sure there's a work around here, but it should be a setup settings question on the streaming tab.

Any help with above would be greatly appreciated | 09. August 2017

I'll try and help. First the phone app has a lot to do with how well it works. Some apps are far better than others. Some will autoplay, while others behave a bit better and will wait for you to ask for it to play. You might try a different player. I use Rocket Player on Android. Overall works well. There are many others. I never had it continue to play within the phone after leaving the car. This sounds like a bug in the player, not the Tesla.

Not sure what the problems you are having with USB. It works quite well, although recently a bug was introduced if you use Apple's m4a file formats causing a Loading Error. If a USB drive doesn't work at all, it sounds like the drive may be formatted in NTFS or eFAT some other incompatible format. Best to use FAT32, although some Linux formats work too. Here's a lot of details on making USB works well on the Tesla: Pay particular attention to the fake drive section - it's a huge problem in the industry, and not a fault of Tesla.

I also don't recommend hard drives or bargain basement (i.e. slow) flash drives, although a few owners do this. It's is painfully slow to rescan the drive, especially if you have a lot of music. Size of the drive is unimportant.

Tesla does use Spotify outside the USA, when the previous non-USA service died. I like Slacker, but never used Spotify, so I can't comment on it. I prefer to play genre to find new groups and songs. Use of Slacker could be a licensing issue and/or cost, since Tesla is paying for it. If they do switch, I imagine there will be cries of protest from those that prefer Slacker, and I doubt they are willing to pay for both services.

mathwhiz | 09. August 2017
tylerhen | 09. August 2017

If you want Slacker to play entire albums instead of artist stations you need to pay extra. Tesla gives you a free Plus membership which allows you to at least play music without any ads and play specific song. If you want to create playlists or play entire albums, you need a Premium subscription as opposed to the Plus subscription. It is $10/month. I recently signed up for it since I was going on a 6 week roadtrip. It was nice to create my own playlists on my phone or PC and then have them show up in the car and my kids loved listening to entire albums instead of random songs, but now that the trip is over, I'm going to cancel it. For me, the plus subscription is fine.

ir | 11. August 2017

The media player has been plagued with really annoying problems since the late 6.x firmware. I've worked with my service center to gather details and file tickets to no avail.

Audio never stays "paused" for long. Ending a phone call or returning to the car when it wakes from deep sleep would start the music blasting.

Heck at one point opening / closing the door would start playback. At least that was fixed but then they stopped caring anymore.

I'm not surprised it is messing with your phone if you last had Bluetooth playback setup.

Their play by folder option used to sort by file name which made total sense. Now it uses some weird criteria that screws up compilations.

Sometimes I wonder if they have anybody working on the media player at all!

Oh yeah, zeroing volume doesn't work either. After ending a phone call or Bluetooth audio prompt you hear a "blip" of audio playback. They can't even switch sources properly. | 11. August 2017

@ir - I agree there have been some problems, but most seem resolved, at least for Android. Never got a click switching from phone call to audio, and I hadn't heard of others with this issue. It may be your phone?

I wouldn't be super quick to entirely blame Tesla on working with the iPhone either. iOS tends to be a moving target with proprietary changes than can screw up connected non-Apple software. Not to let Tesla off the hook, as it could be all Tesla's issues, but it's not all that clear. Still, it will likely be Tesla that has to fix the issues, no matter who's to blame.

Play by folder still seems to work the same for me - you pick a folder and it plays the songs in that folder in the alpha order of the filenames. You need to select the Album mode if you want it to play in track order, as long as the track information is embedded in the songs (usually, but not not always).

ir | 12. August 2017

I just checked and the track info is there, the file names are prefixed with the track number too. But folder playback is alphabetical by title instead.

Playback by album is also screwed up. There are huge blank gaps in the album view. When I can actually find the album it only lists the last track.

If I change the "artist" field to be all the same, it seems to work in "play by artist" as long as it is the only album on the USB stick.

If you ever hear of a day like Apple's WWDC where we can bring our bugs to real Tesla engineers, I would totally reproduce all of these problems for them to debug!

Playlists, folders, albums stuff is what high school students build in computer class. These are embarrassing bugs to have.

carl.ashkin | 24. September 2017

Maybe it's me, but if your a Sirius XM user how do you display the list of available channels? I just traded in my original Model X P90D for a Model X P100D. and since the 8.0 update (improved media player) ability to direct select a Sirius XM channel seems to have disappeared. Just to be clear it really was not there before, my work around was to go to favorites and scroll down to the Category section and then choose from the list of channels in a category. The frustrating part is that now with a new car I have to press << or >> buttons to move to the channel I want and then select it as a favorite. While this works it is time consuming. Also it wreaks havoc on the recently played list as you go through each channel. I did ask about this yesterday when I took delivery of my new Model X but I was not able to resolve with the delivery team since i had not transferred my Sirius acct the the new Model X. | 24. September 2017

The failure to resume issue is an acknowledged bug by Tesla.

My USB drive is loaded with MP3 files that once worked flawlessly and now are not recognized by the media player that says my drive is empty. So far, despite some back and forth with Tesla about this, they still don't appear to recognize this as a problem.