Just curious...what's happening to all the cars being built from the "unveiling"until late October?

Just curious...what's happening to all the cars being built from the "unveiling"until late October?

Are all these cars going to employees? I'm surprised more has not been seen or the performance hasn't been discussed on this forum. I know, I'm just impatient to learn more about my Model 3.

hoffmannjames | 20. August 2017

Yes, the new cars went to employees. The fact that we have not gotten a lot of videos has been debated on this forum. It is likely that the employees had to sign NDAs preventing them from talking about the cars since the cars will probably be tweaked by the time the cars to non-employees go out.

hoffmannjames | 20. August 2017

But we do have plenty of info. I would suggest checking out this link that has a collection of all the pics and videos that we have on the Model 3 so far:

metzger.bob | 20. August 2017

Thanks, James, the link you shared is really great!

metzger.bob | 20. August 2017

I have 2 new questions. My wife and I will be sharing this car will we receive 2 "keys"? Does anyone know what the time lag will be from once the car is configured to when it is delivered to WA state?

Darkon | 20. August 2017

I saw some picture or video where it looked like an owner was being given something that looked like an envelope that held two of the rfid cards, so my expectations is that we get two of them. Also makes sense since a couple would each need their own card as a backup when their phone doesn't work. It is also pretty standard that every car comes with two "keys".

Haggy | 21. August 2017

Cars should go to employees during the ramp up. Once they are up to speed and catch up with employees, they can do whatever they want. Since they are making a single design, they could simply keep the lines running and paint the cars a good variety of colors, and wheels are easy enough to deal with. Ideally, they will want to get the cars to owners as soon as they can, since it benefits them as much as it benefits customers. They don't want to hold onto cars instead of getting paid. and since the car has been released, the only possible reason for a delay that would allow an inventory to build up would be if they don't have people in place or trained to deliver the cars to customers.

Nexxus | 21. August 2017

Supposedly, there were up to 10,000 employees that put deposits down to buy. This, I was told, covers not only the two factories, but also all the Stores and Service Centers.

Carl Thompson | 21. August 2017


I suspect most of those employees won't opt for the long range + premium package first run cars because of the substantial cost increase for it and will wait for the base model.


forkee420 | 22. August 2017

First dibs definitely going to employees, then they stockpile the rest. Once they open the flood gates, I think they will almost immediately reach the 200,000 sold milestone, meaning the clock starts ticking on the incentives. If they don't have enough to supply many of the first day reservers (hence them missing out on at least 3750 extra off), they might flat out cancel and be pissed. I think they are making as many as they can so when they do release it, they can fulfill as many orders as possible and make people happy, as more will be able to take advantage of incentives.

deemo | 22. August 2017

I believe Tesla has only delivered the 30 cars and the plan was to deliver somewhere around another 150 this month. There are not very many cars yet

dsvick | 23. August 2017


It's too early for them to be stock piling anything. There is wide speculation that they may do that when they come close to the 200,000th US sale but most estimates have them hitting it somewhere very late in Q4 or early in Q1. If it's late in Q4 they may delay some deliveries in order to push it to Q1 and maximize the number of people getting the full credit. As for first day reservationists getting any credit that should be pretty easy. If they hit 200K in Q1 the full credit would last until the end of June and the half until the end of the year. With the anticipated ramp up, that should be plenty of production to get most people with a reservation into at least the half credit, then the quarter credit lasts another 6 months so that should take care of just about everyone that currently has a reservation.