Swapping to new fold flat middle seats

Swapping to new fold flat middle seats

Has anyone had any experience with swapping their old middle seats to the new fold flat seats?
I'm looking to do this in my RHD Model X 7 seater to get more space.

eric.zucker | 23. August 2017

I don't think this can be retrofitted. It's a very different structure.

dortor | 23. August 2017

I doubt this is possible or practical or cost effective.

tylerhen | 23. August 2017

I had issues with the two side seats in the middle row of my 7 seater and they are replacing both of them. I found out about the new fold flat middle row and asked about it(since I'm replacing 2 out of 3 seats anyway) and they said a retrofit is not possible.

rossRallen | 24. August 2017

Hmmmm. I'd thought of swapping for fold flat, now I guess I'll have to live with them.

It seems that the original 3-seat second row is more comfortable than the fold flat version, so some consolation there.

SteveMost | 26. August 2017

I ordered the 5 seats, no 3rd row, for the fold down feature - maximizing storage space. Then the 7 seater with middle row fold was announced... oh well...

CriticalFan | 30. August 2017

I disagree about the comfort, as the folding 2nd row seats are far more comfortable than the pedestaled seats, primarily for the ability to recline the seatback, and not just tilt the seat back.
Plus the 60/40 folding bench is far more practical, and allows for the addition of an armrest, sorely missing in the original 6 and 7 seaters.

Ruizmeza | 24. September 2017

I actually like the previous pedestaled ones, it seemed to me that they are farm easier to fold while seating on the 3rd row. Maybe im mistaken. my observation is based on testing them at the store. Im currently waiting for my car to be manufactured. This will be my 3rd tesla, my first Model X

rob | 09. November 2017

I also enquired today about this, was told a retrofit is not possible, that was from Tesla West Drayton UK.