Will it have rain sensing wipers and remote start

Will it have rain sensing wipers and remote start

love rain sense wipers and being able to start ahead of time on hot or very cold day. | 24. August 2017

Unknown about rain sensing wipers. There is never a need to start the car remotely like an ICE car, but it will likely have the same feature as the Model S/X where you can turn on the HVAC and set the temperature remotely so it is comfy when you arrive at the car.

ron369 | 24. August 2017

No need to start the car, but you can remotely set a temperature for the car, and it will warm up / cool down before you get in. (unlike a non-electric car, the motor does not need to be running in order to power the climate control).

Not sure about the rain sense wipers, but I seem to remember reading that the M3 will have them.

hoffmannjames | 24. August 2017

EVs don't need remote start. You can turn on climate control from your phone without turning the engine on.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24. August 2017

I'm pretty sure that someone pointed out a rain sensor as being above the array of forward facing cameras for Autopilot at the top edge of the windshield where the rear view mirror assembly is located. Since there is only one switch stalk on the right side of the steering column, and that is for selecting your gear/driving mode... My guess is that rain sensing wipers are standard on Tesla Model 3.

If you opt for Autopilot, then the EAP will probably include the Summon feature, and I suppose the FSD version would allow you to summon the car from anywhere to your current location. So, a lot more advanced than a mere 'Remote Start' function for an ICE vehicle. And, while some may complain about the cost of FSD, it costs a lot less than hiring a Chauffeur.

stevenmaifert | 24. August 2017

In nearly 5 years of ownership, I've never been very happy with the rain sensing wipers on my MS. Even at maximum sensitivity, I find myself having to frequently push the single sweep button on the stalk because there was enough moisture on the windshield to impair my vision, but not enough for the sensor to trigger an auto sweep. Much prefer a user selected intermittent setting when it isn't raining hard enough for a continuous on.

ron369 | 24. August 2017

To add more speculation on rain sensing wipers, it appears that for Model S cars with auto-pilot 2 hardware (like that in the Model 3), the rain sensing wipers are supposed to work via the front facing cameras and not a dedicated rain sensor. The software to detect the rain is not ready yet, and so the feature is not yet available for AP2 cars. My guess is that the M3 probably works the same way, and so its rain sensing wipers will depend on the software update as well. Apparently in February, the software update was supposed to be available within a month, but it is still not ready yet 6 months later. Either the software team is overloaded trying to get all of the AP2 features ready and rain sensing is a low priority, or doing rain sensors with cameras is harder than Tesla anticipated. Hopefully it will be ready by the time I get my car.

Haggy | 25. August 2017

Tesla did at one point use the term "start" to mean "enable keyless driving." There was an article in the NY Times about how the app lets you start the engine remotely.