Anyone else not sure what version to buy?

Anyone else not sure what version to buy?

From the best data I can collect, it seems that Tesla is being conservative with the 0-60 time estimates (via software limitations) for both the SR and LR versions and that the 'hardware' of the M3 seems more powerful than the currently advertised specs. I was leaning toward the LR version and was a 3-31 pre-reveal reservation, so I could potentially have my M3 as soon as November, but I'm struggling to know whether I should snatch up the first production version or wait, and I'm wondering if any of you are too?

How confident can we be that the 'first production' M3 will get an software update for 0-60 acceleration down the line? I know that technology moves too quickly to always have the newest toy (unless you're filthy rich and can constantly upgrade) and I know I'll be waiting forever if I fear that the next version will be better. But I am the type of buyer who carefully weighs all options on big purchases. I'll say I sincerely think that any version of this car is an amazing value vs any other car on the market - it's still really hard to know what version will meet what I want (cost vs value) with such limited information about future versions and only being able to guess when the tax credit will start shrinking.

The primary option I'm willing to pay extra for is performance - I would be fine with a base model as far as the interior, but I'm willing to pay extra (within reason) to have a 0-60 time in the low 4 second range. I live in So Cal where AWD is totally unnecessary for stability, but if AWD makes the car much quicker I would be willing to pay/wait for it. However, it only decreases the Model S 75 0-60 by 0.1 seconds, which as much as I like to go fast is not worth roughly $4K IMO. Now, can I even afford a P80D? Probably not at the likely $50K+ price and the fact that the tax incentives will be gone or minimal by the time it's available. I personally can't substantiate spending over $45K (after whatever tax incentives are available) on a car no matter how cool it is. To be clear, I'm not asking Tesla to make the version I want first, and I totally understand them running the car in large similarly configured batches, but I think many of us would like to have some idea of what AWD/ the P version will cost and/or some estimated specs.

What are this boards' opinion on this? What are your guesses on the impact that AWD will have on acceleration? Can we contact Tesla to find out the likelihood of an OTA performance boost in the future? Is there any historical reference for this? I know the S 75 got a performance bump recently but that was so it would clearly outperforms the M3 - their hand was kind of forced there.

Again, I don't want to sound ungrateful, any offering of this car is a great deal - but I do wish that Tesla would be a bit more upfront with this information so we can make an informed choice on options. It seems they must some idea what the current versions of the SR and LR could do if not software limited (assuming they are at all). What do you guys think?

As for me, I'm now thinking about just buying the SR with minimal options while the tax credit is still $7.5K. That way I know I'm getting a great deal, optimizing what I get back from the government and then if the P80D proves very fast/not terribly expensive just 'trading up' for it when/if I can afford it.

getsolarizednow | 24. August 2017

At first I was completely sold on all wheel drive but, With a 0 to 60 performance of 5.1 and 310 mile range I'm going for the first production with the premium upgrades. I'm in Wisconsin and with the weight distribution like it is, I think the car will do just fine. I can't wait! I reserved before they put the M-3 on stage. I'm really proud to be part of the disruption of fossil fuel transport. I've had 3K of solar electric on my roof since 2004.

techdoc | 24. August 2017

Here's an opinion - take it or leave it. My MS70 performs similarly well to the longer range model 3 and I have no qualms - coming from two previous generations of BMW 335i and a Lexus GS 350. You won't be disappointed on the 0-60 and more importantly the responsiveness and speed you'll feel at anything above 20mph, when passing or needing a quick punch, kicks the pants off of any ICE car in a similar price point.

Could Tesla drop the 0-60 a few tenths - yeah. Will they? Maybe. It makes sense to do so to solidly stomp the BMW 3 series which has sub 5 times, but they may wait (or never do it) to leave MS as a clear differentiator.

In the end - who cares! If you are worried about possible future performance OTA improvements then why would you even consider a car that is a half second slower out of the gate. Leverage your option to get the full credit (I'm a Nov - Jan reservation holder and will be doing the same) and buy into many upgrades, great performance, and the possibility that you may already have a sub 5 car (reviews pending) and the reasonable likelihood that at some point TSLA will throw you a few tenths.

My two cents.

Tesla2018 | 24. August 2017

How often do you need to go to 60 in less than 5 seconds unless you are street racing? The torque on electric cars means there is no waiting for power to build up. You will have better low and mid range accelation than most other cars on the road. If you are going to be road racing on a track then a conventional car will beat you on the straightaway since they electric cars die out at really high speeds. A Tesla might be quicker than a Corvette to 100 but once you start going over that you will be passed a few seconds later. But I doubt many people will be tracking their cars.

Bpg4980 | 24. August 2017

Yeah I realize I'm in the minority caring so much about 0-60, power has just always been my obsession (I'm an avid weightlifter) and a few tenths means something to me for whatever reason. I guess I'll just go with the fastest version that's available for the time being with the first production run. I'd just feel more confident I'm making the best decision for my personal tastes if I knew about a potential OTA update or the cost/specs of the performance version or AWD versions. In any case, I will be thrilled to take delivery whenever the time comes. But if Elon's "something cool" was an OTA performance upgrade for the in store pre-reveal crowd, he would have a customer for life!

KP in NPT | 25. August 2017

I wouldn't assume the car will get faster with a software update.

If they follow the S/X, the P version of the 3 will also be AWD. While we have no indication on price, I would guess it will a significant jump in relation to the price of the car.

If 0-60 is that important to you, to the point you won't be happy with 5.1 then I would wait. BTW our 70D's 0-60 is 5.2 and it's plenty fast, but then I don't care about it being faster like you might.

AJPHL | 25. August 2017

I'm assuming no improvements to acceleration OTA for my own decision-making. If 0-60 is important and 5.1 of the LR isn't fast enough, there's not much of a choice to make--either wait for a P variant or get an S. The dual motor isn't going to reduce the 0-60 by more than a couple tenths else there's no room for the P variant, so my guess is the dual motor won't give you the 0-60 you're looking for. This is about marketing as much as the limitations of the tech. Tesla needs a clear performance gap between Model 3 and S to minimize cannibalization of S sales.

dave.m.mcdonough | 25. August 2017

I'm not so sure of Tesla holding back on it just to justify other models, they typically don't care much for trends of other auto makers. If it's convenient to make it faster, then they will.
That said.. I think the power output is limited by the battery pack, not the number of motors or the wheel traction. This is why the longer range has better performance, the power output is a factor of battery pack size. There's some corners of the power curve where the motor may be the limiting factor, probably lower rpms.. Another motor would probably help some, but I'm on board with those who think it'll just be a few tenths.

I also am of the opinion that the software battery output limitation is conservatively set. Once the batteries are more vetted with long term data, they might up the maximum current output via software. I feel the odds better than 50% on this.

With the 3 going "mainstream" people (such as myself) who understand power electronics and are also modern motorheads will have access to tinker with this thing. You can expect to see some mods that are better than just weight reduction. ;)
But don't expect magic, the P100D set the bar waaay up there.

PhillyGal | 25. August 2017

I'm battling which version to get too. I definitely won't wait for AWD, though I did initially plan on getting that for performance purposes. (Our S85 is the standard performance.)

Once I realized I wasn't going to wait for AWD (and thus not get the P should there ever be one) I decided on the base model, shorter range. But that not being available first really shocked me so now who knows. Hubs wants us to get the long range. I want to vomit over spending $9k when we don't need the range.

nadurse | 25. August 2017

I am having problems deciding as well. Right now I am leaning towards putting up the extra $14,000 and getting the first production ones, mostly because I dont think the standard range is enough for my situation, and I dont want to wait that long for AWD. I didnt expect that much of an upcharge but it is what it is.

I am very interested in the performance aspect so that is a huge plus, and I also think that the glass roof would be really cool but premium options are less important to me. Just comes down to if thats where i want to spend the money i guess. Ive owned lots of cars but never bought one brand new, always bought a couple years old or fixed up older ones. So even without the premium package it would be the most expensive car ive bought.

stevenroglen | 25. August 2017

@PG - You sound like my wife when I told her the price of the LR model, as I too want that one.

I'd ultimately go for the longer range without the PUP if that becomes an option, but i wouldn't mind both. It will really depend on how I see things going for those who get their cars before me.

JayInJapan | 25. August 2017

Keep in mind what what know about M3 ATM is it's built for range over performance. You may have to wait for a P version to get any more pick up out of it.

Sandy’s 3 | 25. August 2017

Being in Canada with 'Late 2018' I fully expect to have all options available when invited to configure perhaps even P. I'm leaning towards LR, Dual, PUP, EAP, 19" and paint.
Up here going from MS100D to MSP100D is $49,300 more. In the US the difference is $37,500 including PUP on both. Including PUP on the 100D as it's standard on the P. I would expect P to be a significant cost on the M3.

Sandy’s 3 | 25. August 2017

Even at HALF of the MS cost in the US, P would be $18,750.

Ehninger1212 | 25. August 2017


YES!! 310 miles sounds really good!! But I too puke in my mouth a bit at the extra $9000 lol

I'm sticking with the standard range pack. With PUP AP2 Paint. I would get the upgraded wheels but the aero wheels are looking more appealing each day. I may not even get the PUP Once I see the standard interior. Although I REALLY want the full glass roof. Not even sure if I will want to get a color besides black. If I get all black something has to happen with that dashboard for sure.