Should I upgrade to 100D - Is it worth 20,000 Dollars

Should I upgrade to 100D - Is it worth 20,000 Dollars

Hello Guys,

Need some suggestions. I did order my Model X with 75D option. Now i am little bit scared with the winter driving conditions and less mileage compared to 100D. I still have time to modify the order. But i am backing up due to Price. With the more mileage option for 100D is it really worth spending 20k extra just for a little longer range. Is there anything i can not do compared to 100D. My current order crossed more than 90K and if I upgrade to 100D then it will be 113k. Also i heard that cars worth more thak 100k price need to pay more insurance. I am not sure about that but thinking about that also. I live in Michigan and winter days are more compared to sunny days. Are super charges placed every 100 miles? Can i go for very long trips on my 75D?

Bparekh19 | 26. August 2017

I would not spend the extra 20k. My brother in law has the75d and is more than happy and that's what I ordered. Ofcourse if you hVe the 20 extra k to spend you will obviously get a better car but is the 20k extra worth to get the 58 more miles? My answer would be no but whoever is buying the 100 will obviously disagree so it's your personal choice at the end of the day. The new 75d goes from 0 to 60 in 4.9 secs, vs the 100 at 4.7 secs.

mathwhiz | 26. August 2017

Without more info, only you know your driving profile in detail enough to evaluate. But I would suggest you go to and feed it actual scenarios from your daily drives and trips you want to take...

colorczar | 26. August 2017

The 100D accumulates range more rapidly at superchargers & requires fewer supercharger stops. I can do a 450mile actual trip (for me, Disneyland) with a single 40min supercharge enroute and no soft speed limits.

Most often I find the 100D affords me substantial day trips to arbitrary locations without being bound to charging routes.

In my circumstance it substantially changes what the car offers.

bob | 26. August 2017

We have a MS 60 and are anxiously awaiting deliver of our MX 100D. The 60 is great for around town stuff. We've taken it on long (1000 mile) road trips). If you don't think you'll take long road trips... I'd argue you are wrong. We've learned we'd much rather get in the car and take a road trip than deal with TSA and fly. Just my 2 cents.

JAnnen | 26. August 2017

@SURESHKUMARALLURI: I wish the 100D was available when I got my X90D. Think 5 years from now. Will you be like me and wish you had it, or more like the other posters that say "20k for 58 more miles is too much?" My guess is you will be in the $20K is too much group. Plus batteries are getting cheaper and Tesla is adding more SpC locations.

Either way, you will love it.

Foxy | 26. August 2017

When I order mine I am going to get the best miles available. I figure at some point I will need it because my family travels a bit for my mom's appointments. It's up to you. +1 for JAnnen. In the end you know what you need and you don't want to settle. If you want to wait for price decrease then I don't blame you because I am doing same thing. Yes it may take awhile to get it saved up but I know by the time I get it, I will be happy with the purchase I made. Good luck!

SJR | 27. August 2017

I traded in my Model S85 and bought a Model X 100D. Glad I went with the larger battery. My experience after 1200 miles is that the X is not as energy efficient as the S was. Larger vehicle, heavier, etc. While the rated range in the X100D with a full charge is close to 300 miles, in my experience you will not come close to getting that range. For the Model X, I am happy that I have the largest battery available.

omega | 27. August 2017

Yes totally worth it. If you don't believe me wait fir the winter...

SteveMost | 27. August 2017

Everything has a cost/value relationship. Only you can decide this one.
However, my advice would be to get as much battery as you can afford right now.
Many people reconsider other premium upgrades and put more money into their battery investment.
Good luck! -Steve

Silver2K | 27. August 2017

I know someone in buffalo that drives an x90d. He told me he wishes the 100d was out before he got his 90. The energy usage in the winder is high and would suggest the 100d.

cerjor | 27. August 2017

I had a 2012 Model S with the 85 kwhr battery and now have a 2017 Model X with the 75 kwhr battery. I have driven both of them back and forth between Seattle and Phoenix. No problem with either one of them. Along the path I take (either via I-5 to LA or through Boise and Salt Lake) there are many superchargers. When at home I really don't worry about range as I charge (to 80%) every night.

eric.zucker | 28. August 2017

The larger battery also charges faster and lasts longer. When you supercharge, you will save time over the 75D, and that alone is worth something.

If you can afford it, get the 100D. Your resale value also is better, it's not wasted money.

Vawlkus | 28. August 2017

I got the 100D, but where I am there are no super chargers at all, so I need that extra range.

ch.davis | 28. August 2017

I walked into the Tesla store intent on ordering a MX 100D. I wanted certain options (5 seater, all options except FSD, white on white, silver 22" wheels) and since silver wheels are not available anymore (bizarre), I was limited to existing inventory.

They found a car with the exact options I wanted but a 75D model. I went with it. That said, the extra range is already something for which I'm wishing.

dvanlier | 28. August 2017

Depends if you're doing long trips with the car.. my guess is you have an ICE car in the house you can use for long trips. Side note: Ive done long trips in a P85D model S and it was cool the first couple times.. but if you want to save an hour

Tâm | 28. August 2017


That's the cost for convenience.

People do fine with less range but with 100D I have an option to skip famous congested stations such as Tejon Ranch, Burbank, San Juan Capistrano, Barstow... in CA.

If you don't get out of town, you don't need 100D.

But if there's only one time that you need to get out of town, that's when you might ask why didn't you pay $20,000 more!

Ninefiveone | 28. August 2017

+1 on 100D if you foresee doing long road trips. 75D is more than enough for average around town driving.

Caveat being that we enjoy our X so much that we're doing a lot more road trips than we used to (or expected to).

IgnoranceBliss | 29. August 2017

Unless you plan on many long-distance road trips in areas that have spaced out SC's, I think it is not worth the extra cost. I do very well traveling North and east of Dallas with a 90D, and could easily get by in a 75D, although may not be able to go 80-85 MPH like I often do.

robrod11 | 29. August 2017

I bought a 100D to max out range, and I've still had some range challenges. I'm in the Pacific NW. There are some destinations in the region like Mt St Hellens (west side) that will take some planning. Winter here will be interesting. Bottom line: get as much battery as you can afford!

teslas3xy | 29. August 2017

I live in Wisconsin and have a Model X 75D, never had any issues with the cold climate or long trips (driven to Atl few times).

Uncle Paul | 29. August 2017

Battery size is dependent of your personal situation.
If you mostly take short trips, and stay withing your bubble of range, the smaller battery will save you some $.
If you travel long distances, but there are enough superchargers along your route, again the smaller battery will get the job done.

If you believe you will be taking longer trips, in areas with insufficient Superchargers along the way, then the bigger battery might be priceless. Longer legged, and faster charging will be well worth the cost.

It is Tesal's intent to roll out thousand of additional Superchargers, but no one knows for sure where they will be located, so it is still a roll of the dice as to wether it is "worth it"

I have a X75 that has worked out fine for me over the last 9,000 miles. Easily has enough range for me to do my daily driving with just pluging in every night, and waking up with a fresh charge in the morning.

Being in San Diego, there are enough Superchargers well within range, no matter which way I drive out of town on longer trips.

Smaller batteries take a bit more planning, with the computer doing most of the work, but running out of battery has not been a concern for me.

A second consideration is the personality of your travel companions. If your passenger would get upset with stopping along the way, or is the anxious type, a bigger battery might make your travels easier. Running low, yourself is one thing. Dealing with a low battery when loved ones are along for the ride is a whole different kettle of fish.

Thousands of Tesla owners get along fine with less than the biggest battery available.

Starlifter | 29. August 2017

Have the 100D as well. I guess it really depends on how far your average daily drive is and how cold it gets where you live. I can tell you the heaters dramatically reduce your range. If you're the kind of person who is perfectly comfortable with 40 miles or less showing on the gauge - you are probably fine with the smaller battery. If years of desperately looking for plugs to keep the iphone charge have conditioned you to have a panic attack when the battery inches below 50% - the 20k is likely money well spent. I found in the winter, my effective range on the 100D is around 170-180 miles. That's only one winter of data however. Will be interesting to see how I do this year after 18,000 miles put on the car.

Tdreamer | 03. September 2017


Curious to learn what you ended up going with. I was faced with the same dilemma two weeks ago. I initially ordered the X 75D as most of my driving is local. I ended up upgrading to the X 100D before the change window closed - my thinking was I wanted not to worry for local and medium range drives year round (I'm in the Boston area), and extend the time between stops on the few long drives I do annually (Boston<-->Richmond VA). I figured the larger battery would reduce range anxiety over the life of the car. Perhaps not a sound financial decision, but I'm very comfortable with the choice. Now... the wait for the end-of-September/early October delivery for my first Tesla!

Bparekh19 | 03. September 2017

With the new 75d taking 4.9 secs 0-60 and 4.7 for the 100d unless you get the P100d, really not justifiable in my mind to spend the extra 20k. It really just comes out to another 50odd extra miles. If you're going to have range anxiety it will happen for 100d also. It just depends on how you schedule your charges.

SURESHKUMARALLURI | 03. September 2017

@Tdreamer, I ended up ordering 75D. They did lower their 100D price to $3500 after my order was confirmed. Still I have time to change my order to upgrade to 100D with $500 in addition. So I have to pay $17K to modify my order. Still I am in dilemma whether to upgrade or not.

Tdreamer | 03. September 2017

I think you will be happy either way. As this is my first Tesla (and first EV), range anxiety got the better of me when faced with the choice (something I'm sure is way too common). To Tesla's credit, the Owner Advisor I spoke with when I was making my initial decision suggested the 75D would probably meet my needs). I may very well have over spent given my routine drive, but I'm comfortable with the decision I made and know I won't regret it. The only questionable decision I made was taking the X for a test drive in the first place...

jmoskwa6 | 11. September 2017

I got the Model X 100D for the range. I believe they lowered the P100D by $3500

SteveMost | 12. September 2017

@jmoskwa6 - all MX100Ds were lowered.

zanegler | 12. September 2017

These are all great comments. I suggest getting the 100D. Since range-anxiety is a big factor with electric vehicles, I suggest buying all the range available. The incremental difference in price is not huge.

I don't think you will regret it, and I do think you will regret not getting the extra range.

Related. Don't get the 22" wheels, especially if you don't go with the 100D.

sroh | 12. September 2017

'The incremental difference in price is not huge.'

I think $16,500 is huge.

Bparekh19 | 12. September 2017

Agreed. It's too much to justity 50 miles. But then again that's why it's a choice and people have different choices :)

inconel | 12. September 2017

I think the question could be: in a year would you remember the 16.5k as a painful extra expense? If you don't get the 100.

Tdreamer | 12. September 2017

Looking at the price tag for 50 miles of range, I agree it sounds small. But as part of my decision to uplift to the 100D, I also considered I live in the Northeast and winter weather will demand more energy for heating and that modest range boost might be useful - again, for piece of mind as much as range. And I don't look at this as a one year price bump - I'm assuming a 3-5 year [at least] period to spread that over if not longer. Over that timeframe, 20k is a little (only a little) easier to swallow.

Ddowns2050 | 13. September 2017

Get the 100D. Winter will cut the range drastically. If you live in the north it will only be worse. If you have the money 100D is the only way to go.

ghtrue | 17. September 2017

I chose 75d since I do not make long trip that often.
When I really do it, I still have option to rent a car.

17k is some amount of money. Think about how much money you can save by switching from gas to electricity. $3000 may be a reasonable value. To buy 100D, you are giving up 6 years of gas cost saving.

75D is good enough for in-town traffic in any US urban area.

Bubba2000 | 17. September 2017

MX sucks battery power, especially in cold weather and at highway legal speeds. No point getting a MX75 costing $90k with limited range and utility. I would get the MX100D. If I could not afford, I would wait till I got a discounted demo or loaner from Tesla.

LTO2 | 17. September 2017

@Bubba2000: I've been on 4 road trips in my X 75D since taking delivery mid-July. The longest was from Nashville (TN) to Columbus (OH) and back. Access to Superchargers (Bowling Green, KY; Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH; and Columbus, OH) made the trip no hassel in terms of charging, though I tended to charge longer than specified by the navigator just to provide more capacity and to relieve anxiety. LIkewise traveling through Tennessee to my home town in Mississippi: with destination chargers a hotels in my home town and Superchargers along the route to and from (Tupelo, MS; Jackson, TN), traveling is a pleasure, especially now that I know that I can trust the navigator's calculations of how much capacity will remain when I reach the next Supercharger, and at what time. Very, very accurate.

leifarneb | 18. September 2017

I think this comes down to whether you drive a lot at highway speeds (60mph+) or not. Since the model X is significantly bigger and heavier than the Model S consumption at high speeds takes a hit.

If most of your driving takes place around town, speeds between 50-70 the difference between the 100D and 75D is not worth the 20 grand.

I went for the 75D and Im happy with my decision.

zanegler | 18. September 2017

I stand by my comments. Get the 100. Once you get to 100K, the 17.5k is in-fact not a large incremental difference. That is the definition of incremental difference, not the absolute amount (now 17.5K) but the difference between what you are already spending and what you are considering spending.

If you were ever to sell the car, the resale value will make up for much of this difference.

Range is king. Skimp on something else. Every time I charge at a service center, I get a free bottle or two of water. I figure once I get a hundred thousand bottles, my car will be free.

Gert van Veen | 18. September 2017

Beside emotions you might be able to calculated it.
Your area is covered with SUC’s, so you can always charge if necessary.

A 75kWh-pack charges a few percent less fast then a 100kWh-pack, lets says 8%.
This means to charge 50kWh you need about 4 minutes extra.
If you need the SUC 50 times a year you will spend an extra 4 hours a year at the SUC with a 75kWh-pack.
If you keep the car 10 years this is about 40 hours.
If the extra investment is $16.000 and you earn around $400/hour you should definitely take a 100kWh-pack.

Ddowns2050 | 19. September 2017

If you have to charge more than 80% it takes a lot longer than 4 minutes difference. It takes about 40 minutes to get from 80 to 100%. I have a MX90 and a MS100. The 100KW battery is well worth it especially in the winter. If charging to 255 miles I would say the 100kw would be around 30 minutes quicker in the MX100 compared to the MX90. That's because it is 100% in the 90 and only about 80% in the 100. If you are going very far in the winter you will have to charge to this level and it does make a big difference.

Bparekh19 | 20. September 2017

The guy that started this thread already ordered a long time ago what he needed :)

SURESHKUMARALLURI | 20. September 2017


Since I was not able to modify my custom order, I went to an 100D Inventory vehicle. Thanks for all your valuable suggestions. I paid 15K more to get 100D, Since the 100D got reduced to 3500 + 1500 less for an Inventory vehicle. I saved 5K. But my Original Order is 7 seats, Since I am not able to find 7 seat Inventory vehicle I went to 6 seater and paid 3K more.

psusi | 20. September 2017

I drove my 75D from Florida to Maine for summer vacation. As we got into Maine late at night, the outside temperature got into the 60s and the heat came on. The estimated charge remaining when we got to the next supercharger started to drop from 13% to 9% and I got worried and turned off the heat. We probably would have been fine with the heat on if I had charged for 5 more minutes at the previous supercharger.

Having a 100 would have meant I could have skipped one or two superchargers entirely and spent maybe 5 minutes less time at each one. That would be nice, but I don't think it's worth 20 grand.

Silver2K | 20. September 2017

Keeping the heat at 68 or 69 would be my suggestion. This is my practice in syracuse,ny and it's very comfortable in the car.

The diff between 75 and 100 is huge.
1.charge speed is a big difference imo. My loaner is a 70d and my regular car was the p85+ and the charge speed to 80% difference is quite noticeable and painful if I might add!

2. Always get the most range you can comfortably afford to cut down how many stops you make on trip.

3. Quicker acceleration is important imo for that necessary lane changes that may come up.

4. Added value when trading the car in at a later time. Chances are when you're ready to trade the car in a 75 may no longer be sold and be obsolete.

psusi | 20. September 2017

How fast does a 90D or 100D charge? I was getting 92 kW before it starts slowing down.

Whether it is still sold or not isn't going to matter to someone buying one used. If you pay $20k more for the bigger battery today, then if you are lucky you will get $10k more on the resale in 3-4 years. You're still out $10k.

Personally, I plan on driving mine until the wheels fall off.

Silver2K | 21. September 2017

I know 85 hits 120kW when charging, not sure of 90 and 100.

reselling the 100 will be easier than the 75 because of the minor 10k difference in the future. the 75 will sell of course, but the decision from 75 to 100 will be a lot easier for folks that have the 10k

inconel | 22. September 2017

I have seen 117kW in the 100

zanegler | 22. September 2017

The battle is over. Team 100 won.

Vawlkus | 25. September 2017

Yay. ^.^