Canadian buyers for Model 3??

Canadian buyers for Model 3??

I know it's a dumb question, but I've been wondering how many people like myself from (Toronto) Canada have put down $1000 for the model 3, Out of the roughly 455,000? I won't see mine till at least late 2018 if everything goes according to Tesla's plan!

bernard.holbrook | 03. September 2017

I'm in Ottawa, stood in line at the Montreal dealer. My ETA is late 2018 as well.

There's a couple of Tesla websites with guesses as to how reservations are spread out but it's all speculation. I assume you know of Inside EV, Teslarati, and Electrek.

okko | 03. September 2017

Brantford here (about an hour west of Toronto). Same expected delivery dates which I've decided is ok. I leased a Volt in April for 3 years so I may wait until 2020 to configure my Model 3, keeping the Volt as mt wife's car. I don't plan on getting a refund for the deposit, just leave it alone.

r.beeshaw | 03. September 2017

East of Toronto checking in. Can't wait!

Kostie38 | 03. September 2017

I from Richmond Hill Ontario ( north of Toronto) my eta is the same, late 2018. Which is fine for me, awd version will be out by then.

cramellebal | 03. September 2017

I'm on the South Shore of Montréal. I've put down my 1000 $ on March 31 2016 and my date with a call from Tesla is late 2018 as well. So much for reserving early, eh!

I want the 4wd (the dual-motor), therefore I would have to wait till the end of 2018 since the dual-motor won't be available till then, from what I understand.

The fact that there is no lease option on the Model 3 is a major deception for me. I'll wait nonetheless for the call before I decide to cancel or not, in case Tesla changes its mind in the meantime and decides to offer the lease option.

Long life to EVs!

Red_Devil_24 | 03. September 2017

North shore of Montreal here, reserved mid august 2017 eta late 2018 as well.

Sandy’s 3 | 03. September 2017

Cobourg, Ontario. Pre reveal online.

HalliBee | 03. September 2017

Southern interior of BC, and estimated delivery is late 2018 as well.......

HalliBee | 03. September 2017

But I reserved in May....

w8ng4m3 | 04. September 2017

Vancouver here. Reserved on 2016/04/07 and my estimated delivery is...wait for it...late 2018.

Daniel S | 04. September 2017

I believe they won't be shipping out any Model 3's to non-US countries until mid 2018. (based on what they said - "international deliveries won't start until mid 2018")

Also regions near east coast will get theirs later too:(

farnzone | 04. September 2017

Three blocks away from the Toronto Lawrence Ave service centre. Reserved 2016.04.01

hussain.saleem | 26. Oktober 2017

Sama boat here, put a deposit on March 31st. Delivery is late 2018 according to MyTesla website. I am very hopeful but I doubt it that Tesla will start shipping to Canada earlier than Mid 2019

fgaucher | 26. Oktober 2017

I'm on the North Shore of Montréal. I've put down my 1000 $ on March 31 2016 and my date from the web site is late 2018.

kzodz | 27. Oktober 2017

Yup, these are just generic placeholders. The disappointing factor is that people who ordered in the states months after us line waiters will get their cars way before any of us. Could be a couple of bad winters ahead driving my 'summer' Fiat convertible. At least I just ordered snow tires for it.