Free long distance charging for Model 3

Free long distance charging for Model 3

mntlvr23 | 18. September 2017

Unfortunately, that article is 10 months old and is not thought to be correct

slasher0016 | 18. September 2017

Very old news, and the simple answer is that we just don't know. Nothing has been announced as it pertains to model 3. I suspect the Model 3 will have some allowance of free supercharging; just no telling how much. Probably slightly less than the S/X.

mntlvr23 | 18. September 2017

In this article from yesterday in CleanTechnica - they just updated it to say "Update: Tesla just confirmed that there will not be any free Supercharging for the Model 3"

mntlvr23 | 18. September 2017

unfortunately, the article does not expand with any additional information about their "Update"

johnmann | 18. September 2017

Whoops, sorry about that, I hadn't noticed the date and I had even read the article mntlvr23 posted. The shame.

My real question is why was I able to post a link without any problem when others have such difficulty doing so? I'm not a Tesla owner... yet.

mntlvr23 | 18. September 2017

@johnmann - The forum somehow doesn't have a problem with people posting links in the OP, but many have difficulty posting them in the replies.

For me, I am never able to post a youtube link in a reply - and it is around a 50/50 proposition for posting non-youtube links in replies

Frank99 | 18. September 2017

Mollom likes some websites better than others. For example, everyone can post links to, and some other websites.
Then there are sites like Youtube where you have to be a personal friend of EM to be able to post them.

noleaf4me | 18. September 2017

SamO seems to be able to post them (he's a current ownes) -- but for some reason all my attempts have been blocked (hopeful soon-to-be owner of a Model 3)

noleaf4me | 18. September 2017

Oh - and another minor comment -- I'm betting as part of the fairly high $9k up-charge for the larger battery - those who choose that option will get some (so-called) free supercharging as part of that fee.

(and I meant "owner" not "ownes" in the previous post)

sroh | 18. September 2017

Of course whether the up-charge is fairly high or not is up to the individual buyer to decide. But compared to the MS or MX, which charges I think $19,500 and $16,500 for the larger battery, $9K doesn't seem high relative to it's bigger siblings. I will be pleasantly surprised if they offer any free SCing with the 3.

milesbb | 19. September 2017

It would be a disaster if Model 3 owners all got free supercharging. It is important that Superchargers are available when you need them. Availability is much more important then saving a couple of bucks on the occasional use. The average user will be charging at home or work most of the time, they will get very little from free supercharging except longer waiting periods and delayed vacation travel. For the folks that cannot charge elsewhere, supercharging is still a good deal, the fees paid are an incentive to find more convenient charging near home of work. For almost everyone, the sooner Tesla stops offering free supercharging the better.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 19. September 2017

The entire notion of a Supercharger Apocalypse caused by the coming of the Tesla Model 3 is completely wrong.

El Mirio | 19. September 2017

For folks which missed it, on the Model 3 spec sheet where it compares against Model S it highlights that Model 3 will get pay per use only. Who knows maybe they change their mind for higher priced Model 3 versions.

Haggy | 19. September 2017

The problem is that the Supercharger page says "Each year, owners receive 400 kWh of free Supercharger credit...."

It's possible for both to be true, but Tesla has confirmed that it isn't and will probably change the Supercharger web page before the car is released to the general public.

SP_H | 19. September 2017

Would it hurt them financially to give us free 400kWh a years? Some people don't use it and some will need more than that for road trip anyway.

garyjtate | 19. September 2017

“Pay per use supercharging” not “pay per use only”

Words mean something, just saying.

knightshade9 | 19. September 2017

"Would it hurt them financially to give us free 400kWh a years?"

I mean....literally yes it would. It's something they'd be getting $0 for instead of getting money for it.

And charging for any use prevents the M3 owner who never takes a roadtrip from just "topping off" because he happens to drive past one on his way home from work every few days or something- thus hogging up a spot for someone who really needs it.

And if a lot of M3 owners suddenly want to use them anyway they're gonna need to build a lot more- which also takes money.

Bighorn | 19. September 2017

There is no mention of the Model 3 on the Supercharger page, is there? Calculators exist for the Model S and Model X with the 3 conspicuously absent.

SP_H | 19. September 2017

That's true, but would the amount even out for those living in urban area where there's limited charger. They will need to charge too. Also, free charge doesn't have to be supercharged. As garyjtate stated, "pay per use only". This 400kWh would encourage people to travel with their EV car vs ICE car because it's cheaper. Also, if people are using model 3 for road trip they'll need to charge and eventually have to pay for that year because they are using it more. However, I do see what you mean by taking up space and increase need to use.

RSavage_92024 | 19. September 2017

"Would it hurt them financially to give us free 400kWh a years? Some people don't use it and some will need more than that for road trip anyway."

It's been stated numerous times in other threads that 400kWh is worth, depending on your location, around $80. Really? You're going to grovel over $80? How much 'free gas' do your get each year when you buy a new ICE vehicle....after all, would it really hurt Porsche financially?

SP_H | 20. September 2017

lol I'm not grovel over $80. I just didn't understand if the free 400kWh will hurt because currently model S & X is free unlimited. Also, I just thought 400kWh could encourage people to do road trip, and eventually they will pay for their use. Because when you gives people a discount they tend to use more than that discounted coupon lol. This is why I'm not a business major lol. Thanks for clarifying.

Carl Thompson | 20. September 2017

"... because currently model S & X is free unlimited."

From what I understand (not an owner) there is only free unlimited for new S and X customers if they have a referral. Regular S and X customers currently get just 400kWh/year.


SUN 2 DRV | 20. September 2017

SP_H: It's not about the $80 for Tesla, it's about enabling a business model that motivates people to only use a resource when they need it, and thus who see the benefit of paying for it.

Free 400 kWh (compared with paid SC usage) would simply result in more SC usage by people who don't really need it, and thus decrease SC availability for the folks who really need it and ARE willing to pay for it. Economics is the process of using Price to balance Supply and Demand. Free, is an artificial distortion...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20. September 2017

The grand majority of Supercharger usage has always been by 'those who really need it' and quite a few who have access still have never used it. The notion that a sudden influx of the unwashed masses, replete with freeloaders and uncouth mouth breathers would overwhelm the steadily growing network, leaving it unusable and inconvenient to all is ridiculous. The only real problem was people using Supercharger spaces as personal parking lots, without charging or beyond the point where charging had finished. Idle fees have been effective at eliminating that issue.

SUN 2 DRV | 22. September 2017

Remu: A neighbor (a doctor) who bought his Tesla about the same mime as I did (free SCing) has a garage wired to charge his Tesla. Nevertheless he frequently goes to the nearby supercharger in between shifts at the hospital for two reasons; the free supercharging and to socialize with other Tesla owners and store personnel. If the SCing wasn't free my guess is he'd go much less often and then he'd park in the customer parking area and not in a SC stall.

Many people who had a free 400 kWh allotment would be CERTAIN to use it. And what's the practical benefit of giving 400 kWh free? After all it's only about $80 value...

deemo | 22. September 2017

I have only used a SC twice while not on a road trip, partly because the SC in San Diego is always full. They have an attendant there during the day to manage those waiting.

I have never used the chargers at either of the Tesla stores, they are rarely available and are charge at home speed.

I do pick the parking structure that offers charging at the airport when on travel, although slow (120v for 6 hrs a day) it is better than nothing.

I am ok with paying for SC for Model 3.

SP_H | 22. September 2017

@ Carl, Sun, and Red,
That's totally makes sense. It's sad to see people abusing super charger and use charge space as their personal parking. I don't really care for free or not because either way I'm planing to charge at home. I'm just trying to understand it from a business point of view, and thank for explaining it nicely :)

Haggy | 22. September 2017

It might not hurt to give 400 kWh for free each year. Even literally, it's true that they would get less revenue that way, but the advertising value might be more than the revenue, making it worthwhile. The only catch is that they don't need advertising and stimulating sales won't bring in more revenue. But it were known that a typical owner could travel long distance for free, that could go far once they don't have a backlog. It would likely bring in more business than running ads, and car makers typically spend about $1000 per vehicle on advertising.

locnguyencalalum | 22. September 2017

Honestly, I put down 1k partly because of the free long distance charging. I will use this car a lot for national parks and outdoor activities. Kinda bump out when I found out Elon seem to went back on his words

Haggy | 22. September 2017

Elon was not as clear as he should have been at the reveal. He said the car would include supercharging but did not indicate the price. Within days, the website was adjusted to say supercharging capable.

But even if Tesla did give free supercharging with an allowance, in a state like California, that's only an $80/year difference. You also need to figure that the money you save during the year by charging at home instead of buying gasoline is a far bigger benefit, and compared to that, a supercharging allowance is a small detail. So if you are looking to save money, the big part of the savings will be there.

eandmjep | 22. September 2017

On the "My TESLA" page for model 3 reservation holders under charging it refers you to "learn more" next to charging which takes you to that page. No it does not list in any way a Model 3 for reference but why take you to that page which connects to the Supercharger page if the information was not relevant. Elon "So free long distance" fits in with the explanation from the webpage below how 400 kWh meets the needs etc. M3 will never get Lifetime free with referral.

Annual Roadtrip Credits
Each year, owners receive 400 kWh of free Supercharger credit, enough to drive about 1,000 miles. These credits cover the long distance driving needs of most owners, so road trips are completely free. Customers who travel beyond the annual credit pay a small fee to Supercharge—only a fraction of the cost of gas.

No mention of S3X ;)

locnguyencalalum | 22. September 2017

1000 miles are nothing. Last year I burned 40k miles traveling to 12 different states

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22. September 2017

$80 per $1,000 miles would be about the same as I spent for cross country trips in my Honda... 25 years ago.

phil | 23. September 2017

Loc_Nguyen | September 22, 2017 "1000 miles are nothing. Last year I burned 40k miles traveling to 12 different states"

This is what gasoline is made for.

carlk | 23. September 2017


In your case why you did not buy a Model S, new or CPO? Imaging how much money you would have saved from buying gases not to mention saved your kid's future?

phil | 23. September 2017

Would have saved $2,500, give or take. Enough to pay for maybe 3% of the cost of a Model S, so he'd have been down about $80,000 in cash at the end of the year.

But hey, the future would totally be saved. Can't put a price tag on that!

locnguyencalalum | 23. September 2017


I gave the Model S very serious consideration but the total cost overall per month is much higher than the Model 3 plus the price is more than my annual salary lol. So I'm leaning toward the Model 3.

SCCRENDO | 23. September 2017

@phil. Gas is meant to be left in the ground if you care about the planet. Travel costs money. But you do t have to harm the planet at the same time.

michael | 23. September 2017

So you pay for Supercharging - it's still (at worst) about half the equivalent cost of gas. For the majority of people they won't be using Superchargers regularly anyways.

Rocky_H | 26. September 2017

You're buying a $35K car instead of a $70K car, seriously. This sounds like, "I want to stay at Motel 6 because it's cheaper, but they should give me all the "free" extras that the Hilton offers."

NumberOne | 26. September 2017

Maybe someone said this already, but Elon never said Model 3 will 'include' Supercharging(SC). He said Model 3 owners would also be able to use the SC network. That does not mean it will be free. In fact it is no longer automatically included with Models S or X unless you participate in the referral program. It is all about marketing. Tesla knows that everyone who purchases an S or X will use a referral code and get the SC included. The idea is to sell as many Models S and X as possible, since the margin on those are significantly higher. That is also the reason why no one outside of Tesla has been able to configure their cars yet. Hopefully soon. Q3 ends in a few days.

Carl Thompson | 26. September 2017


Actually it's the cheap hotels that offer free extras. At the nice ones they charge you for everything! ;-)


SamO | 26. September 2017

Tesla has already said that Supercharging will "not be a profit center".

There's no more sustainable promise Tesla can make.

jefjes | 26. September 2017

Seems I read somewhere that the SC cost would be directly related to what the local utility charges when allowed. If I can SC at about the same cost as charging at home why would I avoid doing so with the exception of convenience? Of course things like solar panels and TOU rates will skew the equation but I really don't see the big deal while traveling. The issue of X/S owners getting a benefit I won't as being unfair, is kinda dumb too when you consider the price they paid for their cars and being risk takers with early adoption, which is even making the SC network available for the rest of us to use. The whining over this SC issue seems pretty lame IMHO.

KP in NPT | 26. September 2017

jefjes, Tesla has said they will base the price off the local rates, but that they will be slightly higher. This should discourage those at home from using it if they don't need to.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26. September 2017

I do hope that newcomers to Supercharging are made aware that they could just plug in and walk away. No need to babysit the car. Also, I hope no one develops the belief that because it is 'super' 'charging' that means the car would be done in seconds. Something like...

CLICK... bing... bing... bing... BONG!

Someday maybe, but not yet. No. Not yet.

jordanrichard | 26. September 2017

Ahhh the misinformation about what Tesla will charge continues. In some states, Tesla will charge by the actual kwh you get. In other states, due to local regulations, they have to charge by the minute. Yes, by the minute and that sucks because if you are paired up, for the same amount of time/cost, you get less range added.

JustSaying | 26. September 2017

CA supercharging rate is 20c per kWh. My SDGE costs are 22c for tier one (up to 351kWh) and 40c for tier 2.

Carl Thompson | 26. September 2017

"My SDGE costs are 22c for tier one (up to 351kWh) and 40c for tier 2."

Yikes! You are being robbed down there. And I though PGE's electric rates were high...


JustSaying | 26. September 2017

We were lucky to have put in solar panels 4 years ago and are grandfathered under SDGE's old net metering program. We have zero bill (actually a $200 credit). Not sure how the Model 3 is going to impact our bill. Hopefully we can stay in tier one and do some charging at our other place in Rancho Mirage (SCE 14c) and the new proposed Palm Desert and Dana Point superchargers