Been emailed to configure model 3?

Been emailed to configure model 3?

Please list date of email
current owner or not

csmith476 | 21. September 2017

I assure you, when anyone is emailed to configure, and they are not under an NDA, the forum will erupt with them telling us.

hoffmannjames | 21. September 2017

Yeah, we don't need to worry that somehow people are getting their Model 3's who are not under NDA and still keeping it a secret.

kingcoin | 21. September 2017

any mar 31st guys been asked to configure yet?

NinjaChurch | 21. September 2017

I was 3rd in line at my particular store (East Coast US). I haven't heard anything yet, other than the delivery estimation.

KP in NPT | 21. September 2017

No one has been asked to configure, outside of employees. When that changes it will be a big deal.

rxlawdude | 21. September 2017

I have a feeling it will be the top thread when it happens!

chrisfish | 21. September 2017

Ordered Mar 31, 7:30PM located in Seattle. No email to configure YET, but I do expect it soon.

TheChad | 21. September 2017

I’ve actually received my car but am waiting until my hat contest date to say I did so I can get a free hat.*

bricha55 | 21. September 2017

I read an article on electreck today about them ramping up their design studio, so maybe soon?

Carl Thompson | 21. September 2017

It's been another 30 minutes so how about now? Has anyone been asked to configure yet?

dbfrohlich | 21. September 2017

I reserved on 3/24/2016 when I was working at SpaceX...any news on when I'll be able to get my Model3? I can't wait!

dsvick | 21. September 2017

I guarantee that the first person who gets an email to configure will create their own thread here and not go hunting for this one will the second, third, fourth, and probably fifth ....

bj | 22. September 2017

When this happens the internet will break and hence you won't know about it.

siddhu | 22. September 2017

First in line @seattle ...haven't received any communication from Tesla yet

tripplett | 22. September 2017

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it won't be for another two weeks. Look for news first week of October.

szietz | 22. September 2017

@Bricha55 thanks for posting that article. We reserved in Sept. 2016 and already own one Tesla; eagerly waiting.....

Captain_Zap | 22. September 2017


Your notifications should have come through your SpaceX e-mail... which it sounds like you don't have anymore.

route66man | 22. September 2017

I was 17th to sign up at Cincinnati on first day (about 40 minutes after 10AM EST start).
My Tesla Email estimated Feb-Apr 2017 delivery.

ac | 22. September 2017

I was in line in person in Houston, TX and put down my deposit around 11 CST on March 31st before the announcement. My expected delivery still says Nov-Jan. Interesting to see yours so far back, route66man.

Ubah Goobah | 23. September 2017

My heart jumped a beat this afternoon when I got an e-mail, which began, "We are contacting early reservation holders..."

It was a false alarm, but suggests we might be incrementally closer to 3 Day.

The e-mail was basically an invitation to visit the local showroom for a "special event" to explore the "Tesla experience." As if I didn't pop in the showroom frequently enough already.

I am not an employee and reserved 3/31/16 on the east coast (on a vacation planned before Tesla announced the unveiling), but will take delivery (and live) in California. Current delivery window is Oct-Dec 2017 for the First Production (long range RWD) I have picked for one reservation and Jul-Sep 2018 for the AWD long range version I have picked for the other reservation.

Ross1 | 24. September 2017

In AUS, it is October already (nearly)
What is it in Kentucky?

Jonathan | 24. September 2017

I have an MX and an MS, was able to reserve an M3 on line on 3/31 and live in the Bay Area, Sonoma County. Based on my understanding of the process, I believe I should get my email ahead of most. So far nothing but hoping to get it soon. Of course, when I receive the email, you all will hear from me immediately!

Frank99 | 24. September 2017

542 days since I reserved, and no configuration email yet. Waiting...but the next 60 days are going to be the hardest...

arieljoshua | 25. September 2017

I am a Nor Cal 2013 Model S Owner who reserved my 3 fairly early. Have not heard anything yet. Hope to soon.

john | 25. September 2017

Same here as Jonathan, Model S & X owner, 3/31 first 50 or so in line at the Fremont factory... no word yet... just an RN.